Password Protect Google Drive Folder

Password protect Google drive folder is a way to keep your folder safe within Google drive and protect your sensitive data from curious eyes by securing through password.

Password protect Google drive folder- Tutorial:

Here is a video tutorial for protect your Google drive folder through password:

Google Drive- Introduction:

Google drive is a free storage and organization service of files and folders which is introduced by Google in 2012. It allows users to create, edit and share the document of any type i.e.doc files, slides or sheets for free.

All data which is created through Google drive is saved on cloud and can be access from any device and share which whomever you want.

Although data which is saved on cloud is secure and protected through your Google password but still you can password protect your Google drive files and folder through different security methods in order to provide an extra layer of security.

Data which we view on Google drive is free from virus and any malfunction.

Pros And Cons Of Google Drive:

Every technology has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dig into the pros and cons of Google drive:

Pros Cons
Google drive is the cloud storage system so you can access your file anywhere with a strong internet connection. Google drive does not have any password for itself. Although your data on cloud is secured but once you share the link of your document your data will not be secure any more.
Google drive has its own document processor so that you can edit your files anywhere with any device. Internet is necessary for Google drive. You can work offline but the changes or editing which you have made on your document will only be visible with an internet connection.
The best thing of Google drive is you can access your Google drive folder on any device. Google drive has the limit for uploading files per day. You cannot upload more than 750 GB in a day.
Google drive can view almost any type of files; it can be Photoshop, HD videos or type of documents. Google drive also has limits on file size. Images of documents should not be more the 2 megabits in size, doc file are limited to 1,024,000 characters while PowerPoint slides are restricted to 100 megabits which means 400 slides.
Google drive makes sharing easy you can easily share data with your team within no time. You can also set permission for who can view or edit your data.
You can also discuss with your team or group through Google drive comments.
Google drive UI is very simple and easy to use.
Although your Google account password is required to access Google drive but the document you saved on cloud is totally safe and secure.

Google one- introduction and benefits:

Google one is the subscription plan for Google storage space as Google drive offers only limited space for storage which is 15 GB. Google one let users to have more than free space which is from 100 GB to 2 TB.

It has different package plans and cost according to the package you want to avail. The benefits of using Google one is following:

  • You can have even unlimited storage space by paying $20/month.

  • You can get direct access with Google experts.

  • You can enjoy benefits on other Google products.

  • You can allocate separate storage space for your family (5 family members can be added).

How to password protect Google drive folder?

There are three ways to password protect Google drive folder:

1. Strong Password For Google Drive:

Although Google drive is protected automatically and no one can gain access without owner’s permission but still you can set a strong password for your Google drive.

Inside of Google drive such as Google doc, Google sheets and power point cannot protected through password individually, so in order keep your data secure make just make sure you have set a strong password for your account which fulfills all security fundamentals.

This is the simplest and the best way to secure your data on cloud.

2. Individual Password Protected Files:

Another way to protect your data is to password protect individual files of a folder before uploading on Google drive.

Following are the steps for password protect files before uploading:

  • Right click the file and choose PROPERTIES.

  • Click ADVANCED to proceed further.

  • In encrypt attributes select ENCRYPT CONTENTS TO SECURE DATA and click OK.


  • Now you have to back up your encryption certificate and key by clicking BACK UP NOW.

  • Then follow the wizard to set the password.

3. Encrypted Document:

You can also password protect your data through MS word by following these steps:

  • Open your document.

  • Select FILE.


  • Type your password.

  • Now you can upload your encrypted file to Google drive.


As we all know that Google is a secure and protected server and there is no doubt regarding their privacy policy but sometimes human error may occurs which allows your data to be in order to the enhancement of safety and security of data there are 3 ways for protection, either you can increase the safety of whole Google drive by set up a comparatively strong password or you can protect individual files of a particular folder and you can also password protect word files through MS word.

Password protect Google drive app- DOC, Sheets, Slides:

You can password protect Google drive by following these steps:

  • Open your Google drive.

  • Go to SETTINGS.


  • Turn passcode lock ON.

  • Enter and re-enter your password to confirm.

  • Now, your Google drive is password protected.

Here is the video tutorial for password protect Google drive app:

Password protect Google drive through app:

Another way to password protect Google drive is to protect Google drive through another application. There are number of security applications available of play store, one of them is APPLOCK.

You have to download and install applock from play store and set a strong password for the application then you need to select the applications from your android devices which you need to protect by the applock.

Password protect Google sheet:

The only way to protect Google sheets is to encrypt data, in order to password protect Google sheet you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open Google sheet.

  • In navigation bar click PROTECT FILES.


  • Enter password then click OK.


1. Can you password protect Google drive folder?

Google drive does not have such feature to password protect individual folder within the drive but it is secure through Google account password. You can also limit the permission of audience who can access, edit or change the document.

2. Is Google drive safe for confidential information?

Google drive overall a secure storage space where your data is safe and secure because Google encrypt your data while being uploaded. But your documents can be access by hackers or government offices with the encryption key provided by Google.

3. Which one is safer? iCloud or Google drive?

iCloud is comparatively safer then Google drive. Although Google drive has enhance their security but it does not provide end-to-end encryption which iCloud does.

4. What is the function of Google drive?

Google drive is a storage space on cloud which allows users to create, save, edit and share data without having original software in the system. Additionally user can access data from anywhere and on whatever device he currently has, you can share data with your colleagues as well by sharing the link.

5. Is Google drive free?

Some of the Google drive storage space is free. Google drive offers 15 GB storage space for free but if you want more space you can upgrade to Google one which is paid Google drive. Google one offers 100 GB storage space for $1.99 per month and 1 TB space for $9.99 only.

6. Is Google drive storage unlimited?

Google claims to provide as much space as you needed but you have to pay $20 per month and you can enjoy unlimited storage space.

7. What happened with Google drive when you have Google one?

Google one basically a membership or package plan by which you can get more space on cloud. Since this is not a separate application so when you will get Google one it’ll automatically replace Google drive.

8. How to pay for Google one?

Google provide a form in which you can add your payment details like credit or debit card number or account details.

9. What is the family storage plan of Google one?

While using Google one you can invite your 5 family members and share your membership with them. Everyone have their own storage space to store their own data.

10. What package plan Google drive offers?

Packages Cost Space Benefits
Initial Free 15 GB 15 GB storage
Basic PKR 209/month 100 GB 100 GB storage space, Google experts, Add your family, Membership benefits
Standard PKR 339/month 200 GB 200 GB storage space, Google experts, Add your family, Membership benefits
Premium PKR 1,049/month 2 TB 2 TB storage space, Google experts, Add your family, Membership benefits


As above study Google drive is a cloud based storage space in which you can create, edit, save and share your data with your colleague and team by sharing a link in no time. Google drive initially offers 15 GB of storage space for free but if you need more space you will have to pay for it. Although Google drive is totally secured and the data which you saved on cloud cannot be steal without its encryption key which is provided by Google itself but still you can add more security layers by protect Google drive through password. Unfortunately you cannot set password for individual data or document but you can password protect Google drive folders in 3 different ways: you can set strong password for your Google account or you can password protect individual files before uploading on cloud or you can encrypt your data through Microsoft word.

Google Drive is a very handy tool in many ways: it allows you to save all of your files in one location that you can access from any location and on any device. It also enables file and folder sharing with team members or partners a breeze. However, the simplicity with which Google makes your files accessible to you could be a significant disadvantage.

How to Password-Protect Your Folders?

If you’re concerned about sensitive data leaking to third parties or simply want to keep your information private, you may need to lock down your folders within a document management system. Password-protecting your folders is one of the finest practices to follow.

Why should I password-protect my folders?

Password-protecting your folders assures the confidentiality and security of your internal papers, as well as the protection of critical employee information from unauthorized third parties. Furthermore, it guards against the theft of company secrets or other sensitive information that you wish to keep hidden from inquisitive eyes.

How to password-protect a folder on Windows 10?

With a simple encryption process, Windows 10 gives you control over your papers and their security. The following are the procedures you must take to safeguard your files.

1. Find the folder

Open the file explorer application (there should be a folder icon on your toolbar; if not, just search for it in the search box on the toolbar). Right-click the folder you wish to protect and select “Protect.”

2. Open “Properties”

To open a new window, right-click on the folder to bring up a menu of options, and then click on “Properties” at the bottom.

3. Navigate to “Advanced” options

After you’ve opened this window, select the “General” tab, then the “Advanced” button at the bottom.

4. Check the box to encrypt the contents

A checkbox for “Encrypt contents to secure data” should appear. Simply check that box and hit “Apply.” Important: If you have the Home edition of Windows 10 rather than the Pro version, you will not have this choice, and the checkbox will be greyed out.

How to lock a folder on a Mac?

Locking a folder on a Mac is clearly more complicated than on a PC and takes additional steps, but it’s simple enough that you shouldn’t have any problems.

1. Open the “Applications” folder

To access the “Applications” folder, press “Command + Shift + A.”

2. Open the “Utilities” folder

After you’ve opened the “Applications” folder, go to the “Utilities” folder.

3. Open “Disk Utility” and then “File”

After opening “Utilities,” go to the “Disk Utility” folder and then the “File” folder.

4. Choose the folder to protect

The next step is to choose “New Image,” then “Image” from the “Folder” menu. Click “Open” after selecting the folder you want to secure.

5. Choose “128-bit AES encryption”

Pick the folder, then go to the “Image Format” option menu and select “read/write.” Then choose “128-bit AES encryption” from the “Encryption menu.”

6. Create password

After that, you’ll be asked to create a password. Select “Choose” once you’ve entered the password twice.

7. Save

Give the disc image a name and then click “Save” and “Done.”

Can I password-protect a Google Drive folder?

If you were the user who authored the data, you can protect a Google Drive folder with a password. Individual documents can be encrypted, but you can’t encrypt a Google Drive folder. The owner can manage permissions and grant them to users who have access to the files. This ensures that the folder and files are well-protected in terms of privacy and security.

Document management software will help boost security

The best method to ensure the protection and privacy of all of your papers and data is to use a reliable document management system and software. Choose from a number of the best software solutions and try out a couple. Then choose the one that best suits your company.

How to Password Protect Your Google Drive?

In many respects, Google Drive is a fantastic tool. It allows you to save all of your files and folders in one location that you can access from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Another advantage is that file and folder sharing is seamless on the platform, thanks to the app’s amazing capacity to get along with others. By granting the required permissions, you can allow the person to read, comment on, or change the file.

How Passwords Work for Google Drive?

We have some shocking news for you: Google Docs still lacks a proper password protection function. This means that all of your files and folders are insecure. While Google’s servers protect you, you must take steps to safeguard your primary Gmail account.

Google Drive Security Is Built on Sharing

You might be wondering why Google Drive is so popular if that is the situation with security. After all, Google Drive is used by distant teams, internal departments, and external partners to collaborate, share, and manage files and folders on a daily basis. That’s because not everything is lost.

How to Add Extra Protection to Your Devices?

You must keep your account as safe as possible if you do not want to be a victim of dangerous hackers. Yes, you’ll need a strong password (obviously!). You can also use a hardware security key or enable two-factor authentication at the same time.

Setting-up Two-Step Verification

As previously stated, your credentials pose the greatest risk to your data. However, adding two-step verification to a Google account can significantly increase its security.

Using a Hardware Security Key

Hardwood security keys, also known as UDF keys, provide an extra degree of protection for your online accounts. They use encryption to authenticate your identity and the URL of a login page to protect you against automated bots and targeted assaults. You can use any (reputable) brand, though we recommend YubiKey or Titan. With these three safeguards in place, it’s extremely unlikely that anyone will get unauthorized access to your account.


What About Third-Party Scripts and Extensions?

Yes, there are third-party scripts that indicate the ability to “hack“ the service’s password protection, but the security is still defective because the method is complex and not foolproof. There are browser extensions that can – or at least claim to – secure your files and folders.

How do you make a Google Drive folder private?

Open Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides from the home screen. Select or open a file or folder. Restricted is the option to choose. After that, click Done.

Can you put a password on a folder?

Click “Open” after finding and selecting the folder you want to secure. Select “read/write” from the Image Format drop-down menu. Select the encryption protocol you want to use from the Encryption option. Enter the password for the folder you want to utilize.

Is Google Drive safe for confidential information?

Google Drive is normally very secure since it encrypts your data as they are transferred and stored. Google, on the other hand, can decrypt your files using encryption keys, which means that hackers or government agencies might hypothetically access your data.


Upload the file you want to keep hidden from other users to Right-click the file in Drive and select Manage Versions after it has been uploaded. Select Upload New Version and add a new file, for as an unsuspecting snapshot of a structure. Rename the original file to something like picture.

Protect your OneDrive files in Personal Vault

Personal Vault is a secure location in OneDrive where you can keep your most essential or sensitive files and photographs while still having access from anywhere.

We walk you through the process of setting up your Personal Vault using a strong authentication technique or a second level of identity verification, such as your fingerprint, face, PIN, or a code delivered to you through email or SMS. This adds an extra layer of security to your locked files in Personal Vault, making them more secure in the event that someone gains access to your account or device.


Personal Vault is only accessible in the OneDrive home and personal plans; it is not available in the OneDrive for business, work, or student plans.

Encrypting Your Word Document for Google Drive

Others won’t be able to access your online Google Drive account unless they have your login credentials, but you may want to secure any sensitive documents you put there.

Because Google Drive saves documents to your hard drive, you may want to safeguard them as well. A security feature in Microsoft Word allows you to encrypt a document with a password. If you use this encryption before moving a document to your Google Drive folder, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that others won’t be able to read it unless they know the password.

Click “File” after opening a Word document you want to secure.

To see a menu with protection, go to “Info” and then “Protect Document.”

Preview password-protected files in Google Drive

We understand that you use Google Drive to work with a range of file formats. That’s why we’ve added the ability to preview password-protected Microsoft Office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in Drive starting today.

When you try to open one of these file types in Drive on the web in the future, you’ll be requested to enter the password, and if you do, you’ll see a read-only preview of the document.

This capability also works when you access password-protected Office files attached to Gmail messages.

Track to be released:

Both a Rapid and a Scheduled release are being launched.

Google Drive

Google Drive, a feature of Google Apps for Education, allows online storage for all types of files. Using Drive ensures that you have access to the files you need from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet. Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service.

Access to files from anywhere is tremendously convenient, but it’s also a little concerning in terms of data security. It’s critical to understand how Google Drive works, the sensitivity level of the files you save there, and to exercise caution.

What Is Google Drive and How Does It Work?

You have access to Google Drive, which is a file storage account, as part of your Allegheny Google Apps. There are files (uploaded documents or documents created) that are saved there.


How to lock down Google Drive files?

Here’s how to protect your Google Drive files from being copied, downloaded, or printed by others.

How to password-protect Google Drive files?

You can keep control of the content you share with others by knowing how to lock down Google Drive files. Although sharing and collaboration are key features of Google Drive, there are instances when you’ll want to keep your files safe even after they’ve been shared.

Perhaps you’ve emailed someone a document or spreadsheet containing private or sensitive information that you don’t want them to see, or you don’t trust them not to sell your information.

Is Google Drive secure and what steps can you take to improve it?

When using Google Drive online storage, one of the most important issues to consider is whether or not my files are secure and confidential. We take a closer look at Google Drive security and suggest some ways to make it better.

Is Google Drive a secure platform?

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular, and it is here to stay. Many people and businesses have become accustomed to using them.

Many websites provide both free and paid cloud storage options. One of them is Google Drive. Google Drive was launched in 2012 as a cloud-based file storage and syncing service by Google. Users can access the service via its website or mobile app.


Google Drive is designed for personal and business users to have simple access to, share, and manage files and folders. Over 90% of businesses store data on the cloud, and 60% use cloud file storage systems like Google Drive to collaborate with remote workers, internal departments, and external partners.

Because it’s so simple to use, many users overlook sharing permissions and other security features that keep business-critical data and files from leaking outside the company.

For the most part, people prioritize functionality. Help In February, Net Security published a report on how ordinary users interact with cloud-based products like Google Drive. Access is available to 73% of employees.

Google Drive is a popular online file storage service for both commercial and personal use. Many people are concerned about Google Drive security, despite the fact that it contains hundreds of valuable functions. After all, hackers have recently managed to breach some of the internet’s most powerful protection. What are the risks associated with using this internet service? Is it possible for anyone to see my Google Drive files?

Only individuals who have been granted permission on personal accounts can see Google Drive files. All data stored on the business edition of Google Drive is accessible to Google Workspace (G Suite) account administrators. Google is constantly improving its security to prevent illegal access.

When it comes to Google, a firm that makes money off of user data, it’s normal to be concerned about privacy. This is especially true when storing confidential personal or business documents. So, in 2021,

How safe is Google Drive? Is it also feasible to encrypt documents? How safe is Google Drive, and how can I encrypt information in Google Drive?

Google Drive is a service that allows you to save data on the cloud.

Of course, by “cloud,” we mean that your information is stored on Google servers all over the world.

When you keep your data on someone else’s servers, you should think about the level of protection they provide. If you’re planning a wedding, this becomes much more critical.