Mail Drop

Mail drop is a program on which you can send large email attachment over i- cloud thus by passing through email size limits. It is a program on your iPhone, Mac, and i- Pad. If you want to send email by iPhone’s mail drop, then it 5 GB is the maximum range, and you can’t exceed this limit.

Mail drop

It is also used as an address via transmitting a secret communications. For the deposit of mail, it is also a receptacle or a slot. It is also used as can other some services, drop box can also work directly with Yahoo and Gmail.

1. What is Apple mail drop?

Through i- Cloud you can send large files such as videos, presentations, and images, this is called mail drop. If you have shared links through mail drop and you might have exceeded one or more of the service limits, this link is no longer available. In size, mail drop is only available up to 5 GB.

:o: Does mail drop work with windows?

Mail drop can work on any device such as i-Phone, i-Pad, or i-Pod. Mail drop can work on any iOS powered device running iOS version 9.2 or later. The recipient of the email attachments can download the email by operating systems (OS X, iOS, Android, or Windows).

:o: How do I save an email drop?

By having the mail drop, you can save this mail drop by using following steps.

• With a large mail drop attachments, open the new email.
• There is a “click to download” option the click on it then the file size of the mail drop attachment will be shown. You can easily and quickly download this from Apple i- cloud servers.

:o: How do I check mail drop?

You should turn on mail drop for large attachments by using following steps:

  1. On i- Cloud, click on the side bar to choose preferences in mail. On i- Cloud if you don’t see the side bar see show or hide the side bar in mail.
  2. Select “use mail drops when sending large attachments” by click on composing.
  3. Then the final step is to click on done.

2. How do I open an attachment in mail drop?

Open a message that contains an email attachment, in mail on i- Click more on the far right if you don’t see the attached files listed above the message body. Locate and open the attachment, then click the file to download to your computer.

:o: How do I access i-Cloud?

You can access i- Cloud on a PC by using i- Cloud website as follows:

• First of all, open i- in a web browser.
• If necessary, sign in with your apple I’d.
• On your device, choose the app or service you want to use.
• Click on “Account Settings” under your account avatar to change your i- Cloud settings or to check your i- Cloud storage space.

:o: How does air drop work?

Without using Wi-Fi or data, air drops leads you an access to quickly transfer your files between iPhones, i- Pads and Macs. To broadcast, discover, and negotiate connections and point-to-point Wi-Fi to transfer information, Air Drop uses low energy service called Bluetooth.

3. How to send a video from my iPhone to email?

You can send large videos through i-Cloud by using following steps:

  1. First of all, select the video you want to send, from photos app, then tap on the share icon.
  2. Then tap the mail icon, ad wait while your phone prepares the video you have select.
  3. In part, compose and send your email then wait for a pop-up window saying, “this attachment may be too large and as an option, offering mail drop”.

:o: What is Outbox in email?

Where outgoing email messages are temporarily stored, an Outbox is there located. Before the message is successfully sent to the recipient, it is stored in the Outbox. Most email programs move the message to the “Sent Messages” folder, after the message has been sent.

:o: How do I recover an expired i-Cloud link?

You can recover an expired by using following steps:

• In any web browser, go to i-, and sign in this.
• Click on settings.
• At the bottom left, click on the Restores files Under Advanced.
• To the left side of the boxes, click to check off the boxes of the files you want to restore.
• Then if you really need to restore everything, then click Select All.
• Click on restore files.

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4. How do I save the mail drop video?

When you have to receive the video, and if you want to save it then go to your email account and log on this. Open the email message and file that includes the video. Then right click on the URL and select the save option on the video from the menu that pops up.
You can also see the video about How to use a mail drop;

:o: How do I backup my old pictures from i-Cloud?

You can get your old pictures from i-Cloud by using following steps:

• First of all, go in to your devices setting app.
• At the top of your settings menu on your setting device, tap your name.
• Select i-Cloud and tap on it on your apple I’d page.
• Select downloads and keep original.

:o: Why I cannot open an attachment in my email?

When your attachment in your email is not open, then it means that the necessary program is not installed in your device, by which the file format is opened. There is an example that “if someone sends you an Adobe PDF reader file and this file is just open with Adobe PDF, then if you didn’t have this software in your device then this attachment will not be opened”.

Mail drop box

5. How do I retrieve from the cloud?

Follow these steps, if you saved the file:

• Firstly, open the document you are working on.
• Click on your related file info.
• Click on the name of your file on which you are working, under “Managed Documents”.
• Just click on restore and the retrieve file will appear on your desktop.

:o: How do I print an email from i-Cloud?

You can print an email from i-Cloud by using following steps:

  1. Select or open the message you want to print, in mail on A short header will appear on the page, in which the name of email’s sender and Date is appeared on it.
  2. Choose print by clicking in the side bar.

:o: How can I email more than 25 MB?

You can go through Google Drive, if you want to send email more than 25 MB. You can do it by visiting Google Drive, but only then when you want to send email more than 25 MB. Click “compose” to create an email, once you are logged in to Gmail. Otherwise, only 5 GB is allowed to send via email.

:o: Is Drop box safe and secure?

Most valuable files are in drop box. Drop box is designed with multiple layers of protection to keep your files safe. Drop box is distributes across a scalable and secure infrastructure. Using 256 bit (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard Drop Box files are at rest. These are the layers of protection around Drop box.

:o: Does drop mean address?

Where fraudsters send goods purchased illegally, a drop box is the address. The means by which the goods shipped there were purchased, and the distinction for drop addresses falls under the purpose of the address, have the secondary address or P.O. Box which is entirely legal.

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:writing_hand: Summary

Mail drop is a program from which you can send large email attachments over i- Cloud, thus by passing through email size limits. Email size limit is 5 GB. It is the maximum range I your iPhone, i-Pad and Macs. But if you want to send your email attachment larger than 25 MB or 5 GB then you should go to Google Drive.

:aries: Frequently Asked Questions

Mail drop is the method or program in your mobile phones or other devices, from which you can send large mail attachments, videos etc. Drop Box can also work directly with Yahoo and Gmail.
People can also ask following questions about mail drop ad these are as follows:

:one: Is mail drop only for Apple?

Mac using OS X Yosemite or later and an i-Pad, iPhone or i-Pod touch with iOS 9.2 and a Mac or PC uses mail drop. The devices with updates browser should use mail drop. Mail drop has such system requirements. There are 30 days for recipient to download mail drop attachments, after you have sent.

:two: Do blue mailboxes still exist?

Depending on mail volumes, the iconic blue boxes are moved frequently. This week, after the removal of dozens of mail boxes, in several states, set off a social media panic and high profile blue back. All such operations are suspended by U.S Postal Service nationwide.

:three: How do I do Royal mail drop and go?

You can do mail drop and go by using following steps:
• Inform us that what you are sending, by completing a manifest form to tell us which services you want to use for your parcels.
• Top-up. On to your pre-paid Drop and Go account, load funds.
• Then you should drop off. At a participating Post Office, bring your parcels to a fast track counter like Local courier facility.
• Then, we will do the rest.

Social mail drop

:four: Can I drop a box in USPS mail box?

You may use postage stamps, if you package is less than one- half inch thick and weighs less than 10 oz. You should put it in your mail box for carrier pick up. In a blue collection box, or post office lobby mail slot, drop your mail in this mail box. Then, request a free pick up.

:five: How do I find a post office drop box?

To check it out the location of post office drop box, go to www.usps. Com/Po boxes, on the right hand side click on go under and “locate a Post Office Box”. You will receive a list of the closest post offices along with P.O box information for each office, when you enter a ZIP code or address to locate an available P.O box.

:six: How do I send an email that is stuck in my Outbox?

You can send your email that is stuck in your Outbox by following methods:

  1. Firstly try re-sending.
  2. Makes sure that Outlook is online.
  3. You should check your mail settings.
  4. Use the correct password.
  5. Directly from the Outbox, re-send directly.

:seven: Why can’t I download attachments from my email?

When you are fail to download your attachments from your email then it means that the antivirus or firewall protection, installed on your computer or any other device blocking your ability to download it. Add an exception for the antivirus or the firewall protection after downloading attachments from email.

:eight: How do I open an email file?

An email message, containing attachment has a paperclip symbol with it, in your message pane. Double click the file show in message itself, by selecting the message with an attachment. On your computer, using the appropriate program attachment will open automatically. Then you can view or edit the document. Or you can also open the document.

:nine: How do I do a mail drop in Outlook?

Click on the Drop-box icon to access on your Drop Box account when composing an email in Outlook. In your emails, select the files or folders you would like to select. When you click on choose, a link is generated for each file for each file and folder you select.

:trackball: Conclusion

Mail drop is a program from which you can send large email attachment over i- cloud, thus by passing through email size limits. It is a program on your iPhone, Mac, and i- Pad. 5 GB is the maximum range to send an email but if you want to exceed it, you should go to Google Drive. It is also used as an address via transmitting a secret communications. . It is also used as can other some services, drop box can also work directly with Yahoo and Gmail.

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Mail Drop allows you to transfer huge items like films, presentations, and photos using iCloud. The service restrictions may have been exceeded if you shared links using Mail Drop that are no longer accessible.

mail drop

What is Mail Drop?

It is possible to transfer huge files like films, slideshows, and photos straight from the Mail app using the Mail Drop functionality provided by Apple. The following devices may use this feature:

  • Apple’s iPhone

  • iPad

  • iPod touch

  • Mac

Make sure your Apple device is running iOS 9.2 or later or OS X Yosemite or later if you plan on sending a big email from it. The iCloud website also allows you to access Mail Drop from any computer.

Mail Drop on iPhone

There isn’t a shortcut to the Mail Drop function anywhere on the interface. When your iPhone detects that the file you’ve selected is too large to be delivered normally via the Mail app, it will ask you whether you want to use Mail Drop instead.

Sending huge files from your iPhone is easy with these instructions:

  • Log in to your iPhone’s mail application.

  • To begin a new email, tap the write new email symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  • Enter the recipient’s email address, type in your message, and attach any required attachments.

  • The arrow in the top right of the screen may be tapped to go up.

  • You’ll get a warning that the attachments are too big to distribute by email and that it’s preferable to use Mail Drop instead. Tap To send the email, go to Mail Drop and do so.

  • It’s done. For the following 30 days, your message will be accessible to the receiver through iCloud. The email will seem to be a normal one as if it had just been sent.

Mail Drop on Mac

The Mail Drop function on a Mac makes it easy to send an email with a huge attachment. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Begin by opening the e-mail application on your computer.

  • Create a new message by pressing Command + N on your keyboard or by clicking on the compose new message button.

  • Add an attachment to your message by clicking on the paperclip button. Click Choose File to open the files you’ve selected from your Mac’s library.

  • Click the paper aircraft symbol when you’re ready to deliver your message.

  • Sending big attachments will prompt the program to recommend using Mail Drop. Click Use Mail Drop in the resulting pop-up window.

  • That email will appear to the recipient as if it were any other. Simply clicking on the files will do the trick.

  • Sending a huge file using Mail Drop on your Mac may fail if this functionality isn’t activated by default.

To accomplish this, use the menu bar to go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts. Check the box next to Send big attachments with Mail Drop after selecting your desired email account on the left side of the page.

Mail Drop on Computer

mail drop iphone

You may use the Mail Drop function on any computer to deliver email attachments. Simply having an internet connection and the ability to upgrade your browser is all you need to get started.

What you need to know:

  • Go to in your favorite browser on your computer.

  • Sign in to your iCloud account and begin using your devices.

  • The Mail app will open after you’ve clicked the Mail app icon.

  • To write a new email, click the compose icon.

  • The recipient’s email address, subject line, and content should all be entered. To attach a file, click on the paperclip symbol. Click Choose once you’ve selected the files you wish to transmit.

  • Click Send when you’re finished.

From any computer, you may send an email with huge attachments. Check to see whether you’ve enabled the option to drop big attachments in the event of a problem. To use this feature, go to Preferences > Composing, select the box next to Use Mail Drop when sending huge files, and then click Done on the Show Actions Menu button.


It’s possible that this approach doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, but there are several excellent free file transfer tools that you may use instead. Storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive may be used to distribute data. However, they may seem to be overly restricting at times.

Mail Drop Working

You’ll need an iCloud account to get started. When using, Mail, or Mail on an iOS device or Mac, you have the option to use Mail Drop.

You may utilize Mail Drop if you have an attachment that is too big to send. The file is sent to the recipient through iCloud and may be downloaded using a link provided by the Mail app. Using this method, you may send a huge file without having to worry about email clients limiting attachment sizes.

There is no way to take back files you’ve sent to iCloud using Mail Drop. After 30 days, they are automatically deactivated. The good news is that Mail Drop doesn’t deplete your iCloud storage space. However, you are restricted in the amount of Mail Drop storage you may use.

Each user is limited to 1 terabyte of storage. As soon as one of your files expires, you will no longer be able to utilize Mail Drop until that storage space is restored.

Mail Drop Alternatives

If you want something less obnoxious, there are many options.

Alternatives Explanation
iCloud Drive Even with the free 5GB version, you may upload files and get a public URL to distribute them. Apple doesn’t mention sharing limitations, but I’m confident it discourages excessive downloads.
Dropbox Any file may be shared with a public URL using Dropbox’s free version. It has limitations as well, but they’re not unreasonable based on what I’ve read or heard or my own experience.
Cloud-Based Storage Accounts on Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, and Google Cloud only charge for active storage and downloads. Some providers also feature complimentary transfers. A modest storage cost

Mail Drop Limits

It’s possible to transmit attachments of up to 5 GB in size using the Mail Drop application. On your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you can use the built-in Mail software to email these attachments, and on your PC, you can use the iCloud website.

In addition, attachments do not count towards your iCloud storage. Mail will prompt you to use Mail Drop if a message, including attachments, exceeds your Internet Service Provider (ISP) limit.

These constraints may prevent attachments from being delivered using Mail Drop:

  • The mail and all of its attachments take up more than 5 GB of disk space.
    Compressing your files and sending them in numerous email messages might help you get your message across more quickly.

  • Attached to the mail is an uncompressed folder. Compress your attachments by following these procedures.

  • The maximum number of recipients has been reached or an excessive number of messages have been delivered to the specified recipients. Learn more about mailbox size and message sending constraints.

  • You have exceeded the 1 TB limit for Mail Drop storage. You may send new attachments once older ones have expired and extra storage space becomes available since each attachment expires after 30 days.

These limitations should also be reviewed:

  • It is possible to use Mail Drop on a Mac or PC with an updated browser and OS X Yosemite or later, as well as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9.2. Mail Drop’s specifications may be found here.

  • Mail Drop attachments are available to recipients for 30 days after they are sent.

  • Depending on the recipient’s email app, the attachment may not be able to be sent.

  • The speed of your Internet connection and the file size of your attachment will determine how long it takes to upload or download an attachment.

  • As a result, receivers may be unable to get to your file because of a large volume of downloads or high traffic.

Add an Attachment to an Email in Mail Drop

Any number of files may be attached to a message. You may utilize Mail Drop if you wish to attach files that are too big to transmit by email.

Add an Attachment

  • Add an attachment in Mail on by clicking the Attach button in the message window’s upper-right corner while composing a message.

  • Follow the on-screen directions to begin uploading your files when you’ve selected them.

  • Using Mail Drop is an option if your attachments are too big to transmit by email alone. The attachments are uploaded to iCloud if you consent and Mail Drop is enabled.

  • Depending on the size of the files, the upload may take a while to finish.

  • If you want to add additional files, follow the same instructions as before.

Remove an Attachment

  • When composing a message on’s Mail, hold the cursor over the attachment.

  • Right-click and choose “Remove”.

  • A file attachment may only be deleted before the message is sent.

  • No, you can’t delete files that have already been transmitted via Mail Drop. They’re only good for 30 days until they expire.

Turn on Mail Drop for Attachments

  • Sending huge files to iCloud may be done via the Mail Drop feature, which encrypts them. After sending the message, recipients get an attachment or a Mail Drop link, which they may access for 30 days. See Apple’s support page on the subject.

  • You may enter the Preferences pane in’s Mail by clicking the Settings button at the top of the list of mailboxes.

  • When sending huge attachments, choose “Use Mail Drop.”

  • To complete the process, press the Done button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to maildrop:

1. What exactly is the iPhone mail drop feature?

Large files including films, presentations, and photos may be transferred with iCloud Mail Drop. It’s possible to transmit attachments of up to 5 GB in size using the Mail Drop application. On your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you can use the built-in Mail software to email these attachments, and on your PC, you can use

2. A mail drop is referred to by what name?

Customers may place their mail-in collection box receptacles, which are either freestanding blue boxes, post-mounted boxes, or chutes built inside a structure. Drop-off facilities for mail and Collection Boxes may be found within or on the premises of a Post Office.

3. How can I get into my iCloud account?

The iCloud website may be accessed from any computer or mobile device by simply visiting You can control iCloud and the data it keeps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac using the Apple ID menu.

4. What is the iPad version of Maildrop?

You’ll need an iCloud account to utilize Mail Drop on an Apple device. Instead of delivering your file over email, Mail Drop uses iCloud to store it. If you use this function to send an email with an attachment, the receiver has 30 days to open the attachment.

5. How can I enable iPhone Maildrop?

Simply touch or click on the “Use Mail Drop” button to activate it. Finally, your file will be saved to your iCloud storage. Send the email as normal from here. An iCloud download link will be sent instead of a regular attachment to the email.

6. In what ways may I make use of the maildrop?

Large items including films, slideshows, and photos may be transmitted over iCloud’s Mail Drop service. The service restrictions may have been exceeded if you shared links using Mail Drop that are no longer accessible. It’s possible to transmit attachments of up to 5 GB in size using the Mail Drop application.

7. How can I use Gmail to transfer huge files?

Click on the Google Drive icon in the bottom toolbar to open a new Google Drive window while writing an email from the Gmail website. In this case, you may either upload the huge file or choose it from your Google Drive account.

8. In what way do blue USPS boxes operate?

You don’t have to make a special journey to the post office to use the blue box. If you’re referring to the street collection box, any mail that is dropped into them must have the proper postage applied; if not, it will be returned to you stamped inadequate postage.

9. Can packages be dropped off at a USPS box?

Yes, this is a valid question. It is possible to place parcels into USPS blue mailboxes if they fit and contains proper postage (either via stamps, or postage printed out from Amazon,, or Paypal).

10. Are Androids capable of receiving mail?

As of iOS 9.2, Mail Drop now works on all iOS-powered devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). The email attachments may be downloaded by the receivers of the email regardless of the device or operating system they are using (OS X, iOS, Android, or Windows).

11. Can you tell me what’s wrong with Maildrop?

In a word, the most common causes of issues include transmitting files that are too large, or miscommunications between email systems and operating systems. Only Macs running OS X Yosemite or later may use Mail Drop.


It is critical to choose a safe and trustworthy method of emailing files. You may utilize the Mail Drop function to transmit attachments of nearly any size since the Mail app and iCloud are regarded as trustworthy solutions. The Mail app, on the other hand, may sometimes have difficulty sending and receiving files. Keep an eye out for frequent problems with email attachments so you can prevent them from occurring in the future.

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