Zip code

Zip code,

Definition of Zip code:

  1. A group of five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail.

  2. A code which was established by the United States Postal Service, for the purposes of identifying a location and routing the mail to that location. A zip code was originally 5 digits long, and now has been expanded to 9 digits for more detailed identification. The 5 digit zip code is still sufficient for sending all items of mail; the 9 digit zip code is used primarily by businesses as they sometimes get a discount for doing so. Zip code stands for Zoning Improvement Plan code.

How to use Zip code in a sentence?

  1. Please look up the the nine digit zip code for the city of Piscataway in the state of New Jersey.
  2. One of the most well-known zip code s is 90210 which is the Beverly Hills designation, this famous number was the title of a popular 90s TV show set in that city.
  3. Despite being located in the same zip code , the two residences were nothing alike, one was located in the desired school district and had recent renovations and the other was in complete disrepair.
  4. Just type in your zip code, personalize and customize the prewritten message, and email or print and mail it to legislators.

Meaning of Zip code & Zip code Definition