Definition of Composition:

  1. Converts text to text.

  2. Prepare text for printing by arranging the letters.

  3. Ingredients used to make products and the degree or proportion of concentration, purity, strength, etc.

  4. A work of music, literature or art.

  5. In general, certain properties or components or compounds are formed.

  6. Legal provisions for repaying large sums of money in lieu of large loans or other obligations.

  7. An agreement by which a lender receives a payment for a portion of its credit as a final settlement.

Synonyms of Composition

Ensemble, Refining, Galley chase, Processing, Poem, Producing, Typesetting machine, Confection, Organization, Mobile, Centralization, Frame, Framing, Literary work, Verbiage, Phototypesetter, First draft, Forming, Fabric, Ecumenism, Package deal, Elaboration, Combo, Piece of writing, Outgrowth, Erection, Perspective, Stripe, Wedding, Sort, League, Interfusion, Descant, Structure, Surrender, Pasticcio, Parlance, Physique, Build, Piece, Choice of words, Literary power, Editorial-writing, Finished version, Opus, Admixture, Expiation, Line, Union, Kitsch, Getup, Trio, Layout, Satisfaction, Outcome, Configuration, Scrive, Fair copy, Evasion of responsibility, Composing, Grotesque, Expiatory offering, Cabal, Combination, Redress, Humors, Penscript, Blend, Crasis, Composite, Old master, Phrase, Creature, Piece, Interminglement, Accommodation, Tendency, Dummy, Phrasing, Skill with words, Handiwork, Structuring, Make, Alloy, New mintage, Literary artistry, Weave, Photocomposition, Brainchild, Restitution, Arrangement, Mining, Intermingling, Structure, Use of words, Conspiracy, Chinking, Grain, Formulation, Engrossment, Parchment, Constituents, Type, Photosetting, Interlarding, Syneresis, Stamp, Adaptation, Graphospasm, Raising, Second draft, Artifact, Fabric, Theme, Assembly, Short-story writing, Anatomy, Handicraft, Set-up, Constitution, Conjugation, Ethos, Understanding, Manuscript, String orchestra, Work of art, Formation, Authorship, Variation, Usage, Playwriting, Hue, Facility in writing, Transcript, Machining, Preparation, Aggregate, Ilk, Tissue, Absolute music, Merger, Confederacy, Elements, Recension, Manufacturing, Affiliation, Composing stick, Cold-type typesetting, Whole, Libretto-writing, Article, Assimilation, Atonement, Statue, Configuration, Quittance, Spackling compound, Propitiation, Disposition, Parts, Diathesis, Insides, Body-build, Mix, Census, Grammar, Conformation, Cop-out, Placing, Decoctum, Orchestration, Transcription, String quartet, Literary talent, Squaring, Conglomeration, Crafting, Classic, Harvesting, Tie-up, Consolidation, Compound, Way, Blending, Medley, Essence, Paste, Study, Wording, Literary artefact, Web, Syndication, Organism, Automatic writing, Warp and woof, Issue, Magma, Autograph, Flimsy, Concoction, Nachtmusik, Compensation, Still life, Shadow, Roughcast, Technical writing, Pastiche, Ingredients, Aleatory, Mingling, Layout, Devising, Grouping, Brushwork, Virtu, Patterning, Incorporation, Constitution, Genius, Mixture, Divisions, Scrip, Kind, Chamber music, Patching plaster, Amends, Association, Inditement, The written word, Typescript, Congeries, Pen, Unification, Expression, Offspring, Effect, Meld, Verse-writing, Locution, Character, Copy, Linotype, Treatment, Making amends, Abatement of differences, Literature, Integration, Cultivation, Making up, Property, Opus, Commixture, Federation, Letter, Cacoethes scribendi, Phototypesetting machine, Temperament, Screed, Opuscule, Technique, Sonatina, Version, Adobe, Format, Language, Literary production, Expository writing, Furniture, Fiber, Mortar, Quoin, Streak, Addition, Document, Story, Literary composition, Origination, Printed matter, Characteristics, Rewriting, Theme and variations, Concession, Amalgamation, Junta, Musical work, Coinage, Mastic, Product, Fiction, Nude, Make-up, Pencraft, Form, Oeuvre, Mold, Arrangement, Give-and-take, Cartel, Coalescence, Dharma, Index, Reclamation, Electronic music, Paper, Content, Construction, Innards, Proportion, Drama-writing, Stucco, Diction, Conversion, Museum piece, Parget, Smelting, Peace offering, Incidental music, Lucubration, Holograph, Amalgam, Agreement, Artistic work, Edited version, Contents, Inclusion, Invention, Original, Form, Fashion, Anschluss, Habit, Chamber orchestra, Construction, Speech, Script, Rhetoric, Extract, Harmony, Creation, Authorcraft, Aleatory music, Recompense, Novel-writing, Wordage, Fashioning, List, Compromise, Milling, Solidification, Work of art, Shading, Portland cement, Etude, Making good, Architecture, Score, Alloyage, Framework, Ready pen, Arrangement, Setup, Melding, Graphomania, Literae scriptae, Format, Clay, Harmonization, Printout, Nature, Pluralism, Encompassment, Crowning achievement, Alliance, Cement, Masterpiece, Bargain, Instrumental music, Distillation, Texture, Shaping, Architectonics, Anatomy, Placement, Fabrication, Graphorrhea, Work, Air varie, Hookup, Production, Spirit, Spackle, Extraction, Size, Mixing, Atmosphere, Inventory, Scroll, Balance, Craftsmanship, Indemnity, Draft, Art object, Design, Redemption, Complexion, Mutual concession, Casting, Settlement, Result, Guts, Matter, Junction, Commingling, Building, Items, Cast, Forging, Setting, Quality, Dialect, Sonata, Part, Painterliness, Plan, Color, End product, Fruit, Decoction, Deal, Marriage, Interlardment, Prefabrication, Tenor, Conjunction, Mintage, Enosis, Package, Computer printout, Line of type, Organization, Imposition, Temper, Bric-a-brac, Master, Artistry, Usus loquendi, Idiom, Monotype, Aggregation, Writing, Giving way, Opera, Growing, Makeup, Work, Computerized typesetting, Play, Hot-metal typesetting, Final draft, Stabile, Tone, Making right, Eclecticism, Molding, Confederation, Organic structure, Brand, Yielding, Intermixture, Coalition, Phraseology, Somatotype, Nocturne, Talk, Indemnification, Synthesis, Draftsmanship, Suchness, Desertion of principle, Piaculum, Essay-writing, Fusion, Nonfiction, Embodiment, Conformation, Formula, Masterwork, Essay, Immixture, Exercise, Formation, Shape, Comminglement, Creation, Federalization, Slug, Tectonics, Vein, Typesetting, Workmanship, Syncretism, Humor, Intertype, Pattern, Journalism, Adjustment, Brew, Agglomeration, Characteristic, Creative writing, Grout, Ricercar, Reparation, Program music, System, Melange, Piece of virtu, Feature-writing, Combine, Reading matter, Values, Manufacture, Child, Making, Justification

How to use Composition in a sentence?

  1. He was released on bail after entering into an agreement with a lender.
  2. The social structure of society.
  3. Cut out the most romantic compositions.

Meaning of Composition & Composition Definition

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