Definition of Keyword:

  1. Internet marketing: Words or phrases sold by the owner of a search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) to advertisers so that when a user specifies a keyword for a search the advertisers ad automatically appears on top of the searched (returned) pages.

  2. Database search: Word or phrase employed in narrowing down a database search. Keywords are central to a subject matter and, when used with Boolean search parameters (And, Not, Or) work like a filter to reduce the number of documents located (returned) by the search engine.

  3. Indexing: Main or oft-repeated word (usually a noun) that is closely linked to, or describes or defines, a particular subject.

  4. A word or concept of great significance.

How to use Keyword in a sentence?

  1. Homes and jobs are the keywords in the campaign.

Meaning of Keyword & Keyword Definition

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