Google's mountain view charge

The caption GOOGLE TEMPORARY HOLD indicates that the Google Mountain View Charge has been temporarily put on hold. Your bank statement might abbreviate it. $475 was one of the charges, and it was due in September of 2020. The second transaction, for $1250, happened in April 2021.

Bogus Google charges

  • Unauthorized charges discovered on debit and credit card accounts appear to be small-amount Google charges. They Are Little For a Reason, Says Joe Ducey. Scammers wish you were unware of them chase visa accounts are involved ,and its all for the exact same amount $13.01. Google Chrome and play are linked to her card, But The charges are not hers, She Said. and others accounts, all of which begin repeated google charges. Alex f $13.01.Preformatted text

  • However not all cards were linked to google accounts .We only saw two Charges that appeared to be related. Here a reason the charges are little as more scammers are hoping to sneak them though and a create fraud alerts for large amounts, they wont, notice we Reached out to chase, and one thing is for sure. Chase needs specific account information to comment on it, despite getting screen shots of the charges.

  • Unauthorized charges are not the customers liability. The Same is Stated by VISA. Google Failed to Respond to us by the deadline. Also have a Look At Previous Statement.


When you make a purchase from Google, a charge that begins with “GOOGLE*” and ends with the Google product or another descriptor will appear on your account.

The following are some typical Google purchases that might show up on your bank statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have a charge from Google Mountain View?

I found literally hundreds of people who all agreed on this after searching for it on Google. It was a scam. The cost varied from a few dollars to $1500. Call your bank or credit provider right away to cancel your card and dispute any charges made by GOOGLE MOUNTAIN VIEWCAU or its variations.

2. Why is my credit card being charged by Google services?

These authorizations take place so that Google can confirm the card’s legitimacy and determine whether you have sufficient cash in your account to cover the purchase.

3. Why does Google withdraw funds from my bank account?

There are usually multiple fake charges on your credit or debit card, all of which look to be from Google and Google Play.

4. How can I see what Google subscriptions I have?

  • Open the Google Settings app on your Android smartphone or tablet. your Google Account management.
  • Tap Payments & subscriptions at the top.
  • Choose Manage bookings, Manage subscriptions, or Manage transactions.
  • Choose an item to display more information.

5. Can banks refund Unauthorised transactions?

Even though not compelled by law, banks occasionally return the whole amount of false charges. A bank may, however, decline to refund portion of your money if enough time passes between the charge and the fraud report.


It’s possible that you’ll find a charge marked “GOOGLE *TEMPORARY HOLD” on your account. Your bank statement might abbreviate it. An unprocessed charge has been incurred for an incomplete business transaction. Immediately following the successful completion of the transaction, it will be deleted and you won’t be charged.

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