How to watch Olympics without cable

How to watch Olympics without cable? Olympic games action on-line since 2008 through its web site and apps. Peacock, NBC’s moving-picture show and TV streaming service is another place to seek out Olympic coverage, as well as highlights from multiple sports on The Olympic Show. If you’ve got a Roku device or Roku TV.

Watch the Tokyo Olympics without cable?

The Tokyo Olympics are going down a year late due to the continued pandemic. This summer’s games are going to be control without any spectators attending to undertake and stop the unfold of this deadly virus. And on high of that, the athletes are being forced to sleep on cardboard beds. If you continue to need to observe the athletics despite all of that, and you do not have cable, you’ll try this.

The games are, as always, the exclusive domain of NBC within the United States. You will need access to NBC’s broadcasting empire to catch all of the events. However, if you are simply here for how to observe the foremost in style sports, you’ll get those for considerably less cash than it’d price to buy cable or a streaming various.

How NBC arrived?

NBC has been streaming Olympics games freed from charge to subscribers of the network’s cable channels. Which isn’t very “free,” after all, as a result of one had to be a cable subscriber. There wasn’t any approach for cord-cutters to wrongfully access that coverage unless they borrowed somebody else’s account, and NBC eventually developed the technology to trace a number of that down.

Last summer, NBC broke off from that for the first time by putt coverage of some high-profile events in Tokyo on Peacock: sport and track and field on the free tier, and U.S. men’s basketball games on the paid tier. However there have been several complaints from viewers, as a result of events weren’t perpetually simple to access. The network additionally didn’t do the maximum amount promotion as was common of its traditional live-streaming of all events across the Games for documented pay-tv subscribers.

Which channels are airing Olympic sports?

A total of eight completely different TV channels from across NBC’s portfolio can air the tokyo Olympic Games beginning on July 21. In keeping with NBC’s Olympic web site, these are the channels you will need to get the foremost comprehensive Olympic Games coverage:
1: NBC with nightly ■■■■■■■■■ recaps of widespread sports and a few daytime programming.
2: NBC Sports Network with live and taped events all day beginning July 21.
3: USA Network with live and taped events all day beginning July 21.
4: CNBC with live and taped events all day beginning July 24.
5: Olympic Channel with a “heavy stress on tennis and wrestling” beginning July 21.
6: Golf Channel with, well, golf.
7: Tele undo and NBC Universal with Spanish-language broadcasts.

Olympic coverage from Peacock

As per usual, NBC owns the U.S. broadcasting rights to the Olympics. In previous years, that’s been kind of a pain as a result of NBC correct likes to air tape-delayed versions of standard events throughout evenings however doesn’t forever get to the great stuff — like that one wherever individuals ski and shoot guns at constant time. Further broadcasts can occur on cable networks USA and CNBC this year, per NBC’s web site. However, if you wish to observe everything whereas paying but the price of a sandwich, you’ll merely subscribe Peacock.
Peacock, just in case you’ve relegated it to the “other” section of your brain’s streaming place, is NBC’s streaming app that comes in each free and paid versions.

Don’t get too excited regarding the free one as a result of it won’t assist you watch the Olympics. You’ll want Peacock Premium, that is either $5 monthly or $10 monthly (for no ads), to examine the events.The good news is that each single NBC Olympics broadcast are out there to Peacock Premium subscribers. You won’t ought to worry regarding whether or not or not you’ve got CNBC in your cable subscription. Merely pay $5, watch the maximum amount Winter Olympic Games as you wish, so cancel the subscription if you don’t desire keeping it.

Olympic coverage from TV network

NBC Universal is that the exclusive official Olympic Games broadcaster, that means your native NBC station are going to be the sole place to observe the Games via network TV. Whereas actual details have nevertheless to be free, history tells us that NBC Universal’s competition coverage can begin on Wednesday, Feb. Two (two days before the gap ceremony). Given the time distinction, NBC can doubtless air the opening ceremony live from Beijing before rebroadcasting it throughout ■■■■■■■■■ within the US.

Streaming cable services

You probably don’t have cable as a result of cable is absolutely expensive. Luckily, there are some streaming services that provide similar channel line-ups to a cable subscription for a very little less money. Again, you must very think about going with Peacock. But if not, here are a number of choices that carry a minimum of 4 of the 5 channels you’ll need:

Hulu with Live TV: you’ll be able to get per week of free tokyo Games coverage through Hulu with Live TV if you’re sign language up for the service for the first time. Otherwise, expect to pay $65/month once your initial trial expires.
YouTube TV: You’ll get time period of free-trial Games coverage by sign language up for YouTube TV. Once your trial, expect to pay $65/month for the service of time according to the schedule.
fuboTV: like Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV is free for one week, that is enough to relish a touch over half the tokyo Games. Once the trial, you’ll be paying $65/month.
AT&T TV: (Ultimate Package): You’ll got to pay huge with AT&T ($95/month) to induce live coverage of the tokyo Games.
Sling TV: You’ll get your initial month of Sling TV for less than $10. That’s many time to catch the Games in their totality. Once your reduced month, costs go up to around $30.

As with Peacock, you’ll merely subscribe for a month then cancel once you not have would like of it. If you’re curious about paying quite ten times what it might value to urge Peacock Premium, these choices definitely exist.


NBC is the official Olympic games broadcasters. There are 8 different TV from cross the NBC’S can air the Olympic games. As we know cable is so expensive at that time so there are some stream services that provide same channels to a cable subscription for a little less money such as Hulu TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Olympic coverage from antenna

If streaming TV is just too new-fangled for you, you’ll merely purchase an antenna for your TV. Plug it in and you must be able to at least access your local NBC affiliate, although signal strength can vary depending on wherever you reside. The unhealthy news with this approach is that you simply won’t get USA or CNBC with an antenna. I will be able to restate that this is often more expensive and fewer helpful than Peacock, however it would work for a few of you.

How to watch if you do not have a cable login?

There are 2 major choices left for people who do not have access to cable in any means. The first is to shop for a TV antenna and hope you’ll obtain your native NBC affiliate over the airwaves to a minimum of see the popular sports via NBC’s ■■■■■■■■■ programming. It is not excellent, however it’s higher than nothing. Last however not least, NBC’s new Peacock streaming service can stream sport, and track and field at no cost.

You may even be ready to see the USA men’s basketball team, with a inadequate and not overpoweringly talented roll, try and win its fourth straight gold medal during a sport wherever the remainder of the globe is quickly catching up. The matter is Peacock is merely showing basketball games to those who acquire the $5 monthly package. Just keep in mind to cancel that subscription once you are done.
It would be nice and thematically applicable if the Olympics were easier to look at while not paying outrageous cable or streaming fees. After all, this can be supposed to represent the whole world returning along for a friendly contest even within the face of a once-in-a-century pandemic. Cash invariably triumphs over smart feelings, though, thus we’re curst a fragmented Olympics viewing expertise instead.

How to watch if you have got a cable login?

NBC can livestream the whole Olympics, from the opening and closing ceremonies to each single event, on and also the NBC Sports app, that is out there on most major streaming devices, in addition as iOS and robot. The football player here is that you just would like a sound login for a cable subscription to access this. Bummer. Still, if your folks or some other person in your life still hasn’t cut the twine, courteously raise if they’ll deliver their data and you will be all set to look at the Olympics this manner. If you do not have a cable login.

The Olympics event schedule

The opening Ceremony for Beijing is regular for Feb 4 at 6:00 a.m. EST on NBC, however a number of us are looking at hot curling action as early as 2 February. Below are some highlights for well-liked events throughout the opening weekend.

Friday Timing
Team Figure Skating 12 a.m. EDT on NBC
Curling 1 a.m. EDT on USA
Women snowboarding 10:00 p.m. EDT on USA
Saturday Timing
Men’s Ski Jumping 12:00 a.m. EDT on NBC
Women’s Cross-Country Skiing 2 a.m. EDT on NBC
Women’s Hockey 8:00 a.m. EDT on USA
Sunday Timing
Men’s Cross-Country Skiing 2:00 a.m. EDT on NBC
Women’s Freestyle Skiing 8:00 p.m. EDT on NBC
Men’s Snowboarding 11:00 p.m. EDT on NBC
Monday Timing
Olympic highlights 12:00 a.m. EDT on NBC
Women’s Biathlon 4:00 a.m. EDT on NBC
Women’s Luge 8:00 a.m. EDT on USA

Watching foreign Olympic coverage eith a VPN

NBC has within the past, return under criticism for too talkative, typically unwitting coverage of some Olympic events. Perhaps you are looking to avoid this type of issue, or even you come back from another country and simply wish to check the coverage in your home accent or language. you will additionally wish to observe events or earlier heats that NBC simply does not cover. Whatever the reason, your most realistic possibility is perhaps to stream coverage from a far off supplier, using one in all our top-rated VPNs (we’ve tested countless them) to form the streamer in question suppose you’re placed within the country during which it’s placed.

3 best VPNs for streaming the Olympic games

With all the VPNs out there, it may be hard to work out which of them are worth some time and money. This can be very true if you’re new VPNs. There are 3 best VPNs for Olympic games their names are Express VPN, Nord VPN and Wind scribe VPN. That 3 VPNs are those we’ve tested and have found to be the foremost in keeping with streaming services as a rule. Simply keep in mind that like any software system there aren’t any guarantees. Streaming services are perpetually working to block VPNs, thus you will notice that a VPN or specific server that works sooner or later doesn’t work future. The good news is that once a block will happen, it’s typically solely temporary. Our top tip is to manipulate with a couple of completely different servers, that typically solves the matter.

How to watch the Olympics free for on-line?

The next place to appear if you don’t have a digital antenna or gear to stream to your TV is your reliable laptop or smartphone. You’ll be able to watch hours of Olympic goodness on your laptop at, which has streaming of all NBC ■■■■■■■■■ broadcasts. If you can’t watch each moment live, check in for a free Peacock account and acquire access to the Olympic Spotlight channel, wherever you’ll be able to catch the most recent updates and highlights. Instead, you’ll be able to transfer the NBC Sports App (iOS, Android) to stream the Olympics on your phone. Simply watch out for huge knowledge prices if you’re streaming while not a Wi-Fi connection. While it’s not the intention of the free trials, you’ll actually “trial hop” on every of those trials to observe at least a number of the Olympic Games via streaming TV while not paying a dollar. However, you’ll notice the NBC Olympic Games web site and NBC Sports apps easier than signing up for multiple services so remembering to cancel.


Tokyo Olympics games can also watch with the help of VPN across the world. Some best VPNS are available for Olympics like Express VPN and Nord VPN. There are two options for people who don’t have access to cable in any way. Firstly, shop for antenna and then peacock so you can watch Olympics games free in any country.

What time will the Olympics be on TV

Date&Time Event TV& Streaming
Fri, 5:30 a.m. Pairs sports program USA Peacock
Sat, 6:00 a.m. Pairs free skate NBC Peacock
Sun, 11:00 p.m. Exhibition Gala NBS Peacock

Frequently asked questions

Some relevant questions regarding our topic are given below.

1: What is the oldest Winter Olympic sport?

Figure skating is that the oldest winter sport in Olympic history, at the start being else to the Summer Olympic Games in 1908 till its transition to the inaugural Olympics In 1924. ice skating Winter Olympic events embrace convenience singles, ladies’ singles, pairs, mixed team event and ice performing arts.

2: Are Olympics over?

The 2022 Olympics are nearing an finish as over period of intense competition culminates with the Closing Ceremony Sunday. Once all 109 award events are determined, the remaining Olympians in Beijing can move for a celebration to formally shut out the Games.

3: How am i able to watch the NZ Olympics for free?

Sky can provide six Olympic channels with live content from NZT 2pm through to 4am. you’ll be able to catch all the action on Sky Sport on your Sky Box and may conjointly stream Olympic coverage on Sky Go and Sky Sport currently. Highlights and best moments are offered on Sky Sport currently and liberal to access on Sky Sport’s YouTube channel.

4: What channels can air the 2022 Olympics?

This page offers an updated look day after day at that events at the Beijing Olympics are televised on the NBC family of networks. From CNBC to NBC to the USA Network - and do not forget all events square measure offered for streaming on Some need a premium subscription.

5: What is the distinction between Peacock free and premium?

Peacock TV Free: The free, ad-supported arrange permits users to access 13,000 hours of content. Peacock Premium with Ads: $4.99/month or $50/year. This paid arrange offers users full access to Peacock content (about 20,000 hours of TV and films and access to measure sports), however can embrace industrial breaks.

6: What do the five Olympic rings represent?

The Olympic flag contains a white background, with 5 reticulated rings within the centre: blue, yellow, black, inexperienced and red. This style is symbolic; it represents the 5 continents of the planet, united by Olympism, whereas the six colours are people who seem on all the national flags of the world at the current time.

7: Why are the Olympics each four years?

The Olympic Games are control each four to respect the traditional origins of the Olympic Games, that were control each four years at Olympia. The four-year interval between the traditional Games editions was named an “Olympiad”, and was used for dating functions. Time was counted in Olympiads instead of years at the time.

8: What is the most affordable way to watch the Olympics?

Peacock is going to be the foremost economical (and cheapest) method for many individuals to urge wall-to-wall Winter Olympic coverage. A subscription to Peacock Premium prices $4.99 per month with no contracts. On cable and live TV streaming services, CNBC can carry principally contact sport and curling.

9: How am i able to watch free sports on Roku?

Roku device users will access lots of live sports through ESPN+, that is accessible through the ESPN channel on the Roku Channel Store. Live sports on ESPN+ embody MLB and NHL action. There are CFL, MLS, NASCAR, UFC, WNBA, WWE, and NCAA events. However, it doesn’t show any live NBA or NFL games.

10: Is Peacock definitely worth the money?

Yes, Peacock Premium is worthwhile, because of its comparatively low value and wealth of content. that is our official finding. At just below $5 per month, Peacock Premium is one in all the most affordable streaming services on the block. And, with its wealth of painting content, it additionally provides a number of the most effective price we’ve seen.


The Olympic games are a piece of modern world history. The trendy Olympic games go back to 1896 and also the original games go back to the eighth century BC. NCB is the broadcaster that can air all Olympics games. And you can also watch Olympics games without cable all over the world. Some channels provide games without cable such as Sling TV, Hulu TV and YouTube TV. With help of VPNS you can watch Tokyo Olympics games in any state. You’ll see Olympic Games absolutely free everywhere in the globe. The games are larger than life, and a fun thanks to get pleasure from a friendly world competition. Even while not cable TV, you’ll get pleasure from watching the Olympic games while not cable by streaming at home, on your phone, or anyplace else with a quick internet connection. You’ll stream all of NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games from the NBC Sports channel or Peacock channel.

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