Definition of Comprehensive:

  1. A secondary school catering to children of all abilities from a given area.

  2. Complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.

  3. Encompassing all or everything. Larry went to the hospital to receive a comprehensive check-up to ensure that his entire body was functioning properly..

  4. Relating to understanding.

Synonyms of Comprehensive

Diverse, Diversified, Wide, Broad, Broad-based, Eclectic, Indiscriminate, Absolute, Across-the-board, Aggregate, All, All-comprehensive, All-embracing, All-encompassing, All-inclusive, All-out, All-pervading, Ample, Blanket, Born, Broad, Broad-based, Capacious, Clean, Clear, Coincident, Compact, Compendious, Complete, Concurrent, Congenital, Conjoint, Conjugate, Conjunct, Consequential, Considerable, Consummate, Copious, Corporate, Deep, Deep-dyed, Downright, Dyed-in-the-wool, Egregious, Encompassing, Encyclopedic, Entire, Exhaustive, Expansive, Extensive, Full, Generous, Global, Grand, Grave, Great, Gross, Heavy, Holistic, Inclusive, Integral, Integrated, Intense, Intensive, Irresistible, Joined, Joint, Main, Maximum, Mighty, Omnibus, Omnipresent, One, One and indivisible, Out-and-out, Outright, Over-all, Overall, Panoramic, Perfect, Pervasive, Plain, Plenary, Plumb, Powerful, Pure, Radical, Regular, Serious, Sheer, Spacious, Straight, Strong, Sweeping, Synoptic, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Through-and-through, Total, Ubiquitous, Unconditional, Universal, Unmitigated, Unqualified, Unreserved, Unrestricted, Utter, Veritable, Voluminous, Whole, Wholesale, Wide, Without exception, Without omission

How to use Comprehensive in a sentence?

  1. A comprehensive list of sources.
  2. I took my car in to the automotive shop for a comprehensive work-up including tune-up, front-end alignment, oil change, and safety inspection.
  3. I took a comprehensive summer statistics class that taught me everything I needed to know about the subject of statistics.
  4. He trained as an accountant after leaving the local comprehensive.
  5. To make sure their experiment was flawless, the scientists did a comprehensive study of the variables that they needed to account for.

Meaning of Comprehensive & Comprehensive Definition