Definition of Deficiency:

  1. A lack or shortage.

  2. Characteristic or condition that fails to meet a standard, or is not in compliance with a requirement or specification. A close synonym of defect.

Synonyms of Deficiency

Absence, Adulteration, Arrearage, Arrestment, Baseness, Beggary, Blemish, Break, Bug, Callowness, Catch, Crack, Dearth, Defalcation, Default, Defect, Defectibility, Defection, Defectiveness, Deficit, Demerit, Deprivation, Dereliction, Destitution, Discontinuity, Drawback, Drought, Erroneousness, Failing, Failure, Fallibility, Famine, Fault, Faultiness, Faute, Fewness, Flaw, Foible, Frailty, Gap, Hiatus, Hole, Immaturity, Impairment, Imperfection, Impoverishment, Impurity, Inaccuracy, Inadequacy, Inadequateness, Incompetence, Incompleteness, Incompletion, Inexactitude, Inexactness, Infirmity, Insufficiency, Interval, Kink, Lack, Lacuna, Little problem, Littleness, Maladroitness, Meanness, Mediocrity, Miscarriage, Missing link, Need, Neglect, Omission, Outage, Patchiness, Pettiness, Privation, Problem, Rift, Scantiness, Scrappiness, Shabbiness, Short measure, Short weight, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shortfall, Sin, Sketchiness, Smallness, Snag, Something missing, Starvation, Subnormality, Taint, Triviality, Ullage, Underage, Underdevelopment, Undevelopment, Unevenness, Unperfectedness, Unskillfulness, Unsoundness, Vulgarity, Vulnerable place, Want, Wantage, Weak link, Weak point, Weakness, Insufficiency, Lack, Shortage, Want, Dearth, Inadequacy, Deficit, Shortfall

How to use Deficiency in a sentence?

  1. I think I may have a vitamin deficiency due to not eating correctly today or this past week, leading to me always being tired.
  2. If you feel that one area of your company is running at a deficiency you should add extra resources to make it run better.
  3. Vitamin A deficiency in children.
  4. I didnt want to draft the most popular player in college because I thought he would have a rebounding deficiency in his career.

Meaning of Deficiency & Deficiency Definition