How to reset frigidaire oven control board

Remove the fuse or switch the circuit breaker to the “OFF” position. To restore power to the unit, wait a minute, then install the fuse or put the circuit breaker back to the ON position. The wall oven or range’s electronic controls ought to be reset by doing this.

What Is The Frigidaire Gas Oven Control Board Reset Method

Most essential, if the Frigidaire gas oven control board is damaged or if there are any problems with how it functions, you must reset it. You must carry out the actions listed below in order to reset the control board:

  • First, disconnect your oven’s power source.
  • After unplugging an appliance, give it at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Then, press and hold the start button until you hear a single beep coming from the panel’s back.
  • When this occurs, take your finger off the button, wait four minutes, and then press the button once more.
  • Hold down this button once more, and keep holding it down until you hear another beep coming from the panel’s back.
  • After the beep, let go of the button and wait five seconds. It will show the time as 00:00:00.

Where Is The Frigidaire Oven’s Reset Button

On the rear of your oven, beneath the control panel, is the reset button.

  1. It is a tiny button that needs to be pushed in with a pin or similar object. The reset button is typically used to erase any error codes that your oven might have produced. It won’t fix any issues, but it will let you know if something isn’t functioning properly and provide you a place to start your investigation.

  2. While it is recessed, the reset button is usually found on the rear of the oven, directly above the handle. So, you must manually press it by reaching inside. Also, the precise location will change based on the model you own. When encountering the following problems, press the reset button:

  • The oven won’t bake or reach the proper temperature.
  • The timepiece is broken.
  • The keypad is broken.

How can I change the temperature on my Frigidaire oven?

You should specifically adhere to these actions.

For a Lower Base Temperature reset:

  • Hit the “Bake” button and keep your finger on it for around 6 seconds. When the six seconds have passed, you will see 0 on the monitor.
  • Enter the base temperature you wish to reset to next.
  • The “Self Clean” button is then pressed. Just be aware that doing this won’t start a self-cleaning cycle; rather, it is a signal to the appliance that says, "Hey. You are being reset to a lower temperature setting.
  • Click “Start.”
  • Just that. Your unit should now begin to cook more slowly than it did previously.

The Basic Temperature should be raised:

  • Hit the “Bake” button and then keep it down for another 6 seconds. After six seconds, 0 will appear on the screen.
  • Type the internal base temperature that you want to rise from next.
  • Click “Start.”
  • That should do it; after you hit “Start,” the manufacturer-set internal base temperature will be reprogrammed to the setting you entered.

Using a Frigidaire oven reset after a power outage

  • If you believe that your oven’s malfunction may have been caused by a power loss, you should try to reset it as follows:

  • Just unplug your oven for five minutes (or trip the breaker).

  • Restart your unit’s power supply once the five minutes have passed to determine if the issue has been fixed.

  • If nothing changes, it should be confirmed that more investigation into the oven’s problems is necessary.

Oven Control Board Dysfunction Warning Signs

  • Generally speaking, replacing an oven control board will burn a hole in your wallet. Costs for replacement range from $200 to $300.

Here are a few indicators:

  1. Oven won’t turn on at all costs
  2. Oven starts up but doesn’t heat food
  3. The oven displays an error code when it is turned on.
  4. Probably does not turn off the oven
  5. Ineffective display timer or clock is a clue that the oven temperature sensor is defective.
  6. Oven abruptly shuts off
  • We’ll explore some troubleshooting for the Frigidaire oven control board. But let’s address the issue at hand first.

Why Doesn’t The Oven Control Panel Work

You’ll notice that your food will cook at a different rate and temperature than it should if your oven’s control panel is malfunctioning. In actuality, the component that enables you to set the oven’s temperature is its control panel. You must set the temperature and time on your oven’s control panel in order to bake a cake or cook a pizza.

The following are the main causes of an oven’s control panel malfunctioning:

  • The fuse blowing is the most frequent cause. You need to remove the oven’s cover and turn the electricity off at the fuse box in order to inspect this. Two wires will emerge from a fuse, which you will see. If it blows, there won’t be continuity between these wires, and the oven won’t receive any power. If required, swap out the fuse for one with a higher rating and give it another go.

  • The display may be defective or have a loose connection as an additional factor. Since they are also rather complicated to fit correctly, these should also be replaced by a certified technician.

  • Your control panel may occasionally stop functioning properly as a result of a power surge. Lightning strikes and other weather-related incidents that disrupt the electricity in your house or apartment complex may be the cause of this. If this occurs, refrain from attempting to restart your oven until the storm has passed.


Knowing how to restore the Frigidaire gas oven control board to factory defaults is now essential if you want to use this new control panel effectively. Perhaps, the reset method from this article will also function with other gas oven brands and models.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQS ) :

1. Can a Gas Oven Be Reset?

A gas oven can indeed be reset. Make sure the oven is switched off before you begin. Next, find the oven’s reset button. Often, it is found behind the control panel. When you’ve located the reset button, push and hold it for a short period of time. Release the button, then start the oven. You might need to do this again if the oven won’t turn on.

2. What causes a malfunctioning oven control panel?

Power surge damage is one of the main reasons why an electronic oven control board fails. During an electric storm, a nearby lightning strike frequently results in an electrical power spike. Power outages, electrical system overloads, utility service provider load shifting, and windstorms can also result in power surges.

3. Can oven control board be repaired?

Yes, this is a service to repair the control board on your current oven. Call us at 800-547-2049 if you don’t find your board listed on our website.

4. How is a control board fixed?

  • A mass the equipment and supplies you’ll need.
  • Remove the harmed component or pad.
  • Remove the solder and clean the track.
  • Put your copper tape on the track and cover it.
  • Joinery is soldered.

5. Why is my circuit board not working?

Your electrical system contains flaws.

While being soldered into place, some important components, including as integrated circuits (ICs), diodes, and transistors, may sustain damage. The same is true for resistors and capacitors. These components overheat during the soldering process, which is why this occurs.

6. How do you start a circuit board?

  • Publish the schematic.
  • Publish a Blank PCB Layout.
  • Connecting to Your PCB Via Schematic Capture.
  • Your PCB Stackup Design.

7. How should my oven be calibrated?

  • In the middle of the rack, place an oven thermometer.
  • The oven should be set to 350°F (180°C).
  • Hold off until the oven has finished heating.
  • See what the thermometer says.


You often need to push and hold the start button for 10 to 20 seconds in order to reset the conventional oven control board. The oven is supposed to start working once it is released. For a fix if it still doesn’t function, get in touch with a reputable service.

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