How to make milk tea?

How to make milk tea? It means any tea drink with milk in it. Simple things like putting a little milk in a hot cup of tea or making a complicated drink like bubble tea can be made with milk. Milk tea is very simple to make. It just takes 7-10 minutes to ready. Take a saucepan, add a cup of milk to it, give it a boil, then add some tea and sugar. Give 2- 3 boils, then strain it in the cup and enjoy.

What is milk tea?

:small_blue_diamond: Milk tea is a hot beverage. It includes tea, milk, and sugar. Every person likes it. It is the basic part of the breakfast. It boosts us up for the full, busy day. Many people don’t know what thing is the basic booster in the tea, so I’ll tell you this, the main booster in the tea is called antioxidants or polyphenols.

:small_blue_diamond: Milk is nowadays in nit just hit beverage it also comes in chilled version these days called ice tea. People who are stressed often take milk tea to get some physical comfort. Milk tea empowers our enzymes activity and increases our metabolism.

:small_blue_diamond: Many of the world’s population love to have milk tea or a simple black tea at their family friend’s gatherings with tasty snacks. Some people take milk tea as an essential element of their daily diet. They take it as a good add-up to their routine diet. As fruits or vegetables are essential and people are used to having them, tea is also a vital part of our diet. Milk tea contains milk, so it also works as a strong way of calcium for our teeth and bones.

What is the preparation of tea needs?

:small_blue_diamond: The tea needs some basics, including water, milk, sugar, a saucepan according to the quantity, and a stove or electric kettle. The preparation takes 2-3 minutes to make tea, and to make it, the total turn is around 7-10 minutes, and then serve it.


  • Water

  • Tea

  • Milk (powdered or regular )

  • Sugar ( brown or white )

What are the easiest ways to make basic milk tea?

:small_blue_diamond: There are some different methods to make any type of milk tea. The simple Method which got huge popularity is the Desi method to make milk tea or black tea. It simply required a basic home stove, saucepan of water, tea sugar, and milk. People don’t like to have milky or creamy tea in many cases. They want light tea, so in that case, no milk is required for its preparation.

1- Desi Method to make tea

:small_blue_diamond: Firstly take a saucepan, add some water put it on the stove, and the flame. Boils the water first, then add some tea, and boil it until the color comes out nicely. Then add milk to it and cook it properly as the taste of water becomes faint and the milk gets the texture and appearance of the tea. Then add sugar according to the taste or maybe not. Now strain the tea in the cup with a strainer and serve it.

:small_blue_diamond: Now, this is the basic typical Desi method to make tea. We also make tea with other methods as the English peoples used those methods to make tea off course not like us, but most importantly they used to take tea as we are.

2-Mostly used Method to make tea

:small_blue_diamond: Mostly people like to have tea with powdered milk. The Method to make the powdered milk tea is pretty much different from the Traditional Method. Like the people who work in offices, schools, etc., they don’t have a stove with them, so they use tea bags and powdered milk or dry milk for making tea with the help of an electric kettle.

:small_blue_diamond: This Method has an electric kettle and adds some water to it. Warm the water, then pour the water into the mug or a cup. Then take a tea bag, dip it in the water, add some dry milk, and add some sugar until the tea is ready. This is the easiest way of making the milk tea with less or no effort.

How many types of tea are?

:small_blue_diamond: There are so many types of tea in the whole world. People used to take tea in their own ways. Here are the most famous and most loved types of tea which are mentioned below :

  • Plain basic traditional tea

  • Ginger honey tea

  • Masala tea

  • Black tea

  • Green tea

:small_blue_diamond: These are the most consumed types of tea. People take tea on daily bases. Some love to take it for breakfast, some take it in the evening with snacks like chips, cookies, crackers, sandwiches, momos, samosas, cakes, and many more. And some people are addicted to having tea after their dinner. So according to moods and timings people have it and enjoy it.

1- Plain Basic tea:

:small_blue_diamond: The plain basic traditional tea includes milk, tea, and sugar and people used the traditional (Desi ) way to make it. This Method is the 90% used Method of making tea in the world, most probably in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and many more.

2- Ginger honey tea:

:small_blue_diamond: The ginger honey tea includes water, milk, tea, ginger, and honey. This is also made traditionally. But it needs more boils than the plain regular tea. When the water starts boiling, add tea and some ginger in it with some sugar or honey, whatever you like. Give it 2-3 boils more until the taste of ginger completely mixes with the tea. Then strain it in the mug and enjoy.

:small_blue_diamond: This tea is useful for the cure of flu and cough. This was meant to be a traditional way to instantly cure the flu and cough at home.

3-Masala tea :

:small_blue_diamond: This is a different type of tea from regular and ginger tea. Some spices mix power includes clove, cumin seeds, black peppers, etc. Mix all the spices and grind them in the mixer. After that, we have the powdered form mix, which we use in tea. This tea type includes water, tea, masala, and milk. This tea is a mostly like hot beverage and is mostly used in winters and rainy seasons.

4- Black tea :

:small_blue_diamond: The common type of tea is black tea. It mostly doesn’t contain milk. Some people like it without milk, some like it with regular liquid milk, and some like to have it with Powdered milk. It simply contains tea, water, and sugar or honey according to the personal choice of taste.

5-Green tea:

:small_blue_diamond: Green tea is a light kind of tea. It doesn’t include milk in it. It is tea without milk. Warm the water and take it out in the cup or a mug. Add a teabag to it. Put the tea bag into the hot water until the yellowish color comes out and mix it with the water. Now add some sugar or honey to it and enjoy. Mostly people use honey in green tea. It enhances the taste of the tea.

:small_blue_diamond: Green tea is mostly used for weight loss. People who are surviving obesity or too much weight use to take green tea to overcome it. And it is truly a lifesaver in most cases.


Milk tea is a hot beverage. It includes tea, milk, and sugar. The preparation takes 2-3 minutes to make tea, and to make it. Some people take milk tea as an essential element of their daily diet. There are some different methods to make any type of milk tea.

milk tea

Creamy Tea

:small_blue_diamond: Some people like creamy white tea. We do variations according to our tastes and choices. If you want more creamy tea, then only add milk to it. There’s no water required in it. Directly add milk to the saucepan and add tea and sugar after it gets warm. Then leave it to cook on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes. Then strain it and enjoy.

Less Creamy Tea

:small_blue_diamond: Some people don’t like more creamy tea. They need both things water and milk for it. If you are one of them, you should take a pan and add water, give it a boil, and add tea. When the tea color comes out, add some sugar to it, add some milk, and cook it on medium to high flame for 4 -6 minutes. Then strain it and enjoy it for breakfast or in the evening with snacks.

No Creamy Tea

:small_blue_diamond: More often, people don’t like creamy or white texture tea. Some people don’t feel good after having milky products or dairy products. These people are not ok with lactose, so the tea includes water, tea, and sugar for these people. They need to boil the water and add tea or sugar to it. Give some boils, then strain it and have it.

Ice tea

:small_blue_diamond: These days a new kind of tea is consumed on a large scale worldwide. This tea is named ice tea. As we know, tea is a hot beverage, but this type of tea is a cold or chilled one. Its preparation doesn’t need any stove or kettle, and it doesn’t require any cooking or boiling.

It includes milk, tea powders with different flavors like mango, orange, peach, strawberry, leeches, etc., and ice. Put all these things in the blender or mixing jug mix them evenly. Pour it out in the glass, add some ice, and serve. Nowadays, this is the mostly consumed tea at houses and hotels, cafes, and Junk food places.

How does tea help us to maintain our bodies?

:small_blue_diamond: To maintain our body, there is a huge number of things we should have to do like exercise, having healthy food, take a meal on time, drink plenty of water, eat fruits, eat raw vegetables, have a good amount of dietary givers, have multivitamins or multi supplements, etc., etc.
But in all these things tea is also very good for maintaining our body balance. Milk tea is too healthy, something we should have in our daily routine.

Is tea good for the immune system?

:small_blue_diamond: Yes, tea is good for our immune system. Black tea, most importantly is a way too good for immunity. It is enriched with polyphenols which are well trained for fighting against bad bacteria. It is the energetic element for our immunity, and as fighting free radicals and supporting our immune system to work as best as possible. The Antioxidants Present in the black tea helps the immune system to work actively and rapidly.

Benefits of tea

:small_blue_diamond: If you need healthy, shiny, black hair, you should regularly take tea and mention it in your routine. The antioxidants present in the tea help to promote hair growth and makes the hair pores strong. These results in less to no hair fall, and you have strong, shiny black long hairs.
Tea also helps our skin to glow.

:small_blue_diamond: It lessens or reduces the redness and puffiness on the skin. The antioxidants and polyphenols present in tea help heal our skin, and blemishes vanish. It gives our skin a natural internal glow, which results in a glass clear soft, and beautiful skin. Tea is a great food for healthy hair and a glow on the skin. It helps the hairs and skin widely and in a very good manner.

Role of tea in our digestion

:small_blue_diamond: As we know, tea is full of antioxidants and polyphenols, most importantly the black tea, which helps us in our digestion very much. The antioxidants help create good bacteria and kill the bad bacteria present in the stomach or our intestines. It kills the bad ones and adds good ones, which allows our digestion process. It speeds up and maintains our stomach pH too. It reduces the cause of belly or stomach pain, most importantly.

Important benefits of Tea for Maintaining the Body Balance

  • Tea is an immunity booster.

  • Increases the strength of our immune system.

  • Lightens up our energy level.

  • Increases our body’s strength to fight against diseases.

  • Helps us with indigestion. Maintains our digestive system nicely.

  • Helps our hair and skin.

  • Increases our hair growth with strength and makes them strong, lightens up our skin, and gives it a glassy glow with freshness.

  • Produces good bacteria in the stomach and our intestine. These kill the bad one from the stomach and prevent us from acidity and soreness in the stomach internally.

Frequently asked question

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding how to make milk tea?

Q1. Is milk tea good for health?

Yes, milk tea is good for health for many reasons. As we read below, it helps us maintain our body balance and proper working of our body. It enhances our speed of doing work by adding the required energy.

Q2. What is milk tea mostly liked for?

Milk tea is mostly liked for its comforting nature and releasing effect. Most people take it as a sleepy comforting nutrient. But mostly, people describe its nature as a speed-up element in the body’s energy to do their daily routine tasks.

Q3. Is nicotine or Caffeine present in the tea is dangerous for health?

Nicotine and caffeine are the types of drugs. As we know, drugs are a source of relief if stress, for addicts likes this; people take tea as a source of comfort. It is not dangerous for health if it takes in the normal discussed amount as tea.

Q4. Nicotine In tea is dangerous to what extent?

Nicotine in the tea is in a small amount. But some people take tea as an addiction. They take it every minute that passes, so in this case, it is an alarming situation for that person. Then in that stage, people face insomnia if they don’t take tea as their addiction routine.

Q5. What kind of tea do most the people like to have?

About 60% of people like basic creamy milk tea with more sugar and milk. But these people also take black or green tea as their dietary supplements for their weight loss and obesity.

Q6. The people who don’t take milk tea, how are they different from the people who regularly take tea?

The people who don’t take tea or don’t like tea are as slow as those who take tea regularly as part of a routine diet. As the antioxidants present in tea boost us up for the work to do speedily, people who don’t take tea are way too slow compared to those who take milk tea daily.

Q7. Is milk tea becomes an addiction?

Yes, it may be. But if we take tea as a healthy thing in a balanced amount, it helps our body function nicely in a very good way, but if it takes as much as the daily routine or as an addiction, it leads to a permanent addiction that harms our stomach our skin too.

Q8. Is milk tea good for children?

Yes, milk is good for children too. But As a requirement of milk is necessary for children daily for their proper growth, tea is not as essential for children as milk. But yes, it is good if you give it to your children often.

Q9. Where the vast amount of tea is cultivated?

Tea is produced in most parts of the world. It is consumed on a very large scale daily throughout the whole world. Its main cultivation is in Darjeeling on a very large scale, or it is also cultivated in India mostly.

Q10. What is more good and healthy tea, milk tea or tea without milk?

Tea of any type is beneficial. But as a matter of fact, milk tea is much more effective than tea without milk or black tea. Milk has too many healthy elements, which are highly important for body growth. So for sure, milk is much better than tea without milk.

Q11. What is the basic thing is present in tea?

As we know, tea contains antioxidants and a huge amount of nicotine. Nicotine is the basic thing that is present in tea. Caffeine is also present in tea. Antioxidants and polyphenols are the energy Elements that boost us up for our work with full energy and strength.

Q12. Are nicotine and caffeine are vital elements in the tea?

Yes, nicotine is a Vital thing in the tea. It is present naturally in it. We can’t remove it from the tea. Nicotine is a mind comforting thing which most people are addicted to. Caffeine provides comfort to the brain and gives a positive vibe for carrying ourselves up for challenging tasks.


:small_blue_diamond: So comprehensively, we know that milk tea is much good for girls’ health. It is very easy to make. Making tea is very much simple and easy. Anybody can make it with less or no effort. Milk tea increases our metabolism and makes our body active. It levels up our energy and multiplies it with the actual one.

:small_blue_diamond: It is healthy compared then the cold beverages and the ready-made stuff. It helps us with indigestion, hair growth, skin healing, kills bad bacteria, maintains body balance, etc. So we must have tea and mention it as a necessary element in our daily routine diet.

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