Definition of Enzymes:

  1. Natural proteins produced in tiny quantities by all living organisms (bacteria, plants, and animals) and functioning as highly selective biochemical catalysts in converting one molecule into another. Enzymes are essential to life because they speed up metabolic reactions to a very great extent, but do not undergo any change in themselves. In the industry they are used for degrading oil spills and wastes into harmless compounds, in cleaning fat (food) stains, and in fermentation processes to make alcoholic beverages. Enzymes are very sensitive to environmental conditions and function best only within a narrow range of temperature and acidity (pH) levels.

  2. A substance produced by a living organism which acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.

How to use Enzymes in a sentence?

  1. They can act as real enzymes and, by analogy to protein enzymes, are called ribozymes.
  2. The digestive enzymes of the salt water crocodile are so powerful that they are able to digest the very bones of their victims.
  3. Every morning I wake up and take natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes so I feel good throughout the day and my digestive system stays healthy.
  4. There is a new energy company that is researching the use of enzymes to not only break down toxic waste faster, but to also generate energy at the same time.

Meaning of Enzymes & Enzymes Definition

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