Hotel Beacon Review

7 Reasons Moms Will Love Hotel Beacon’s Two Bedroom Suite In NYC

From the moment I walked into Hotel Beacon, I felt at ease …

It was my first time ever checking in, and I was nervous. I mean, I’ve visit `Preformatted texted a ton of hotels here in NYC for events, but I’ve never actually stayed in one, so I had no clue what to expect. And with four other girls with me, three of whom weren’t mine, it was nerve wrecking.

I’m already a bit paranoid as it is, so I read a ton of reviews online before picking a hotel. But since my daughter’s Sunny Day Party was only three days away, I knew I had to choose quickly. I couldn’t read any more reviews, or wonder if there were bed bugs hidden under the sheets (there weren’t), or if the furniture would be up to par, I just needed to book something fast!

So I went with my gut and booked a two-bedroom suite at praying as I clicked “submit” that everything would be okay. But it was more than okay, it was great! Check in was a breeze, and he even laughed at my joke while we were talking as I filled out the paperwork. Then he gave us our key (two, just in case we needed an extra) and we were off!

When we walked into our room, the first thing we walked into was the kitchen, which was small, but we had a freaking kitchen! Lol So what if it was small? It had a fridge, a microwave, a stove, and to my surprise, even plates and cups! And everything looked great! It was like we had walked into our very own apartment. The living room had a coffee table, a dining table and a desk in the corner of the room, in case you needed to get some work done.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll notice the small walkway to the two bedrooms, but you’ll completely miss that there are also two bathrooms. Lol I don’t remember reading two bathrooms on the website, so I was pretty shocked when I got there.

But enough of my rambling here’s what you really came here for …

Here are 7 reasons you’ll love Hotel Beacon’s two bedroom suite in NYC if you’re a mom.
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1. Two bedrooms … need I say more?

C’mon now, you know what two bedrooms mean! Wait … hold on, what are you thinking? Because I’m thinking I can lock my door and sleep in peace for an extra hour since my kid can’t wake me up . Good Pillow most important for sleep . Lol (Of course she could just ■■■■ on the door until I open up, but that’s a whole different story!) That’s what you were thinking right? Okay, okay, and maybe that other thing too …

But the main thing here is that your kids will have their own room. My daughter and her friends loved it! The first thing they did when they walked into their room was hanged their jackets up in the closet and took their shoes off. Lol I kid you not! They were so happy they had a room all to themselves, they didn’t even remember to jump on the beds!

2. There are also two bathrooms.

Say what now? Yup! Not only do your kids get their own bedroom, but they also get their own bathroom (with a tub). How cool is that?

Now, I do have to mention that one of our bathrooms felt like an ice box so we didn’t actually use both. But since we were literally only there for a night, it didn’t really matter. If we were staying any longer, I would have taken the issue to the front desk, but we really didn’t need two bathrooms! Even with 2 adults and 4 kids, one bathroom was more than enough. Also …

3. Your kitchen has a Keurig.

Not your bedroom, your kitchen! I said what I said! You heard me. Lol Not only does having a Keurig mean you can have coffee whenever you want but having a kitchen means you don’t have to eat out. You can cook right in your room!

Now our stove may or may not have been working. I honestly tried to make it work, but it didn’t. So I don’t know if it was broken or if I was just doing something completely wrong. (It could be either one knowing me. Lol) But once again we were only staying for one night, so this wasn’t an actual issue. The only reason I even tried was so I could light the candle for my daughter’s birthday cake.

(Yup, we had a mini slumber party for her 6th birthday in our hotel suite, which you can read more about by clicking .) So once again, this didn’t dampen our stay because it wasn’t an actual issue. We had no need for a stove. It was just nice to know that we had one if we needed it. (And if we did need it, I would have totally told the front desk.)
But if you do wanna cook in your kitchen, then you’ll be overjoyed to hear that …

4. There’s a Fairway across the street!

OMG! The convenience! Now I’ve never actually stepped foot into a Fairway, especially since my friend went there, not me, since she was putting money into the meter. Lol But it was really great to have a supermarket right across the street from us. So if you do wanna cook, all you have to do is run across the street and pick a few things up! ■■■■! You can even grab some stuff to stock your fridge, so the kids don’t get hungry in between meals.

We actually bought my daughter’s birthday cake at Fairway and man was it good! Like, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a birthday cake that good before! I’m not even lying right now, and I usually hate birthday cake. Lol Something is always off! The icing don’t taste right, or the cake isn’t the way it should be, something. But this was perfect!

However, if you’re the “I’m on vacation, I’m not cooking a ■■■■ thing” type, then you’ll be happy to know that …

5. There’s a restaurant next door.

You’ll have to leave the hotel to get to the restaurant though. But since it’s literally right next door, you don’t really need your jacket. However, it can get a bit crowded in there since it is so close to the restaurant. Although I do believe there are a few more places to eat close by. I saw a Chipotle while we were walking to the train station which was like a block away.

So check out your surroundings if you have time, or just pull the area up on your map and you’ll be able to see what’s in the neighborhood. (Of course, you could also just ask the front desk for suggestions as well. They seem to be very helpful!)

6. The living room is perfect for your kids.

Especially if they want to watch tv or just hang out. I like the fact that there’s a tv in the living room because I can monitor what my kids are watching. They’re still young, so they’re not checking for anything other than Disney Jr or Nick Jr honestly, but I still need to make sure. Lol It’s also cool because the living room makes you feel more like you’re at home. And since we brought board games with us, it was the perfect spot for the girls to play.

Last, but not least …

7. There’s a safe in your closet.

Just in case you need to stash some valuables away when going out. I honestly didn’t even remember this when we went to breakfast, so I left my stuff out, but I didn’t once think it was unsafe. It’s not like we were staying in the shady parts of Brooklyn. Lol Plus, no one was going into our room, so there was no need to stash it away. However, it was nice to have one, just in case!

Bonus: The train station is only about a block away.

Wrapping Up

And for any mom that doesn’t have a car, you’ll know how amazing that is. Having public transportation close by is great because you don’t have to lug the kids far before they start asking “are we there yet”. Lol And it also makes it really easy to get to Times Square which is only a few blocks away from the hotel!

So there you have it. While there were a few “mishaps”, we had a wonderful time! The girls didn’t want to leave. On our last day, they kept asking if we were going back to the hotel. Girl, if you don’t take yo ■■■■ home! Lol But we did have a great time at Hotel Beacon, and I’d totally recommend it if you have kids! Ignore all of those other reviews online, and just trust me on this one, because every parent that walked into our hotel room was like ohhh, this is nice. Lol And if you have any other questions about our stay, feel free to email me or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as you can! Until then … I have a question for you.