Definition of Duplex:

  1. A house divided into two apartments, with a separate entrance for each.

  2. (of paper or board) having two differently colored layers or sides.

  3. (of DNA) formed of two cross-linked polynucleotide strands.

  4. Having two principle elements, parts, functions, or states.

  5. A double-stranded polynucleotide molecule.

  6. (of a house) consisting of two apartments.

  7. (of a communications system, computer circuit, etc.) allowing the transmission of two signals simultaneously in opposite directions.

Synonyms of Duplex

Janus-like, Ambidextrous, Apartment house, Bifacial, Bifold, Biform, Bifurcated, Bilateral, Binary, Binate, Biparous, Bipartisan, Bipartite, Bivalent, Condominium, Conduplicate, Cooperative apartment house, Dichotomous, Disomatous, Double, Double-barreled, Double-faced, Duadic, Dual, Dualistic, Duple, Duplex house, Duplicate, Duplicated, Dyadic, Flats, Geminate, Geminated, High-rise apartment building, Identical, Matched, Second, Secondary, Tenement, Twain, Twin, Twinned, Two, Two-faced, Two-level, Two-ply, Two-sided, Two-story, Twofold

How to use Duplex in a sentence?

  1. In this work, the molar concentrations of the oligonucleotide duplexes are related to the double-stranded molecules 15-bp long.
  2. Finding an optimal schedule for general sheet sequences (e.g., with mixed simplex and duplex sheets in the same document) is still exponential.
  3. The development comprises a mix of three bedroom townhouses, four bedroom semi-detached and detached houses along with two bedroom apartments and three bedroom duplex houses.
  4. The property has full planning permission for 30 residential units comprising six three-bedroom townhouses, 12 two-bedroom duplexes and 12 one-bedroom apartments.
  5. The duplex circuit, developed in Germany, made it possible for messages to travel simultaneously in opposite directions on the same line.

Meaning of Duplex & Duplex Definition