How to educate and tackle kids with fun

Education with fun sounds interesting when it comes to kids who don’t want to do this. Every kid wants fun in his life. And if the fun is mixed with education results are awesome. First of all you have to learn about the psychology of kids. The energy level of kids is very different from us they want new each and every time. They want to do the same thing with different way they want fun on every step whether it’s about diedlt or it’s about learning process.

Montessori education system came into being for this purpose to educate the the things with fun with the help of different rhymes ,creative work, practical activities, playing games mind games colourful classes ,charts. And you can see the the successful results of Montessori learning system.

Kids psychology is very different

Psychology is very different from older ones they live in cartoons, have their own imagination, take the things lightly, love to remain active every time . Kids don’t want to stay silent and relax .They engage theiselves with activities. And they became more excited when their parents join them ine games or any other healthy activity

Kids are full of enthusiasm

Yes it’s true, their emotions are are very loud. they openly speaks about their likeness and unlikeness. You cannot force them to do things which they don’t like. And they can obey your impossible things easily. So we can say that kids are unpredictable.

Symptoms that indicates your kid is upset

Here we will discuss different symptoms that indicate that your kid might upset. Because you spend time with your kid when he behaves abnormal this is the time you should take this seriously.

Attention seeking activities

If your kid is behaving in the way that is different from normal. And he is doing the things like weeping, angry on small things. He is lacking your attention for seeking attention he is doing like that.


Little stubbornness is in kid’s nature but when it exceeds you have to take care about it. On little thing stubbornness shows that he is upset on anything but he hasitates to tell you.

Lack of energy

Sense we told earlier that kids are full of energy.
So if you feel lack of energy it might be reason of health issue or he is fearing . Mostly kids don’t want to sit idle.

Miss behave

If you kid is continuously misbehaving it also indicates that something is serious. Usually kids love their parents and don’t want to miss behave with them when your kid start misbehaving it’s time for counselling.

Decline in performance

Brilliant students always show good performance in classroom as well as in home but sometime brilliant students performance in the class continuously declines. You should take it seriously too.


When kids start isolation it means he is diverting from track because kids love friends and spend their time in schools mostly with friends. It also indicates someone may bullying your kid.

Taking advice negatively

When kids start taking advice negatively every time it means his behaviour is rebellious and something is pinching him. Moreover in case of girls they are mostly soft spoken. They usually don’t take advices negatively it so happened something is wrong.

Increasing absenties

If kids don’t want to go school or they are making lame excuses everyday. As a result their absenties increased. If you want to stay home instead of going school it’s another symptom of upsetness.

Stealing things

It is observed that many well of students start stealing when they are upset. They do it unnecessarily and don’t admitt it, also very serious situation.

School riots

When your kid start riots in school. His attention is school studies declines.snese of revenge develops in him.And when he is insulted by teachers and parents.he become more rebilious.

What to do…

Don’t be penic here are some simple steps that you can do…

Strategy for attention seekers kids

Some kids are attention seeker by nature, in case of sisters and brothers some kid feel Jealousy and for seeking attention they do wrong things for this you have to deal them according to their nature special behave is in its nature then you realise him oftenly by your actions . For example
Giving him extra chocolate hiding from other kids. In such way a kind friendship will develop between you and kid. He will obey you and will be good in education.

Adding fun in education will reduce element of stubbornness

If you are working parent make it possible that kid do his homework in your assistance. You will also involve in his school activities and he will feel free to tell you everything about school and gradually the stubbornness will come to an end.

Continuous encouragement method

And search methods you neglect little flaws and mistakes of kid.rather you will support him and encourage him frequently. This sense will develop confidence in kid next time we will try to prove him by doing something good.

Engage kids with household works

Kids love to be a part of households specially washing clothes with fun is their favourite activity. This habit in one side will develop a sense of responsibility in them on other side they will consider themselves a responsible person of family. Kids also love to work in kitchen specially making of fun items of their choices for example pizza chips.

Inducement of gifts

In such method you induce your kid with a gift. Gift will consider as a reward of any good deed whether it’s related to education or behave in good way. Four examples many parents from their kids to pass certain class and they will gift them anything of their choice. It is a very effective method for small ones too.

Little special surprises

Kids love to give surprise and get surprises keep in view their psychology and you will get the results for example any good test your kids deserve a cupcake. It will make kids bonding with you on the other hand educational difficulties will come to an end.

Boost their energy

Kids are charged by fun programs like hiking ,fishing, swimming… if you engage them such activities energy level will boost. Their mental and physical health will also improve.

Don’t scold them for misbehaving

Always behave like friends don’t scold them if they miss behave but you can limited your conversation with them to make them realise that they are on fault. In such way they will never repeat this. If you will scold them again naturally they will lose soft corner that come after misbehaving.

Have keen eyeon their performance

If you make this habit to question your kids daily about their studies ,test ,homeworks ,activities they will also take care about their performance.

Don’t leave them in isolation

If your kid want isolation suddenly so don’t let them do this try to make them busy in any activity.isolation leads to self pitiness.

Less advices more practicals

Often advises make kids rebilious. They Will not take care about your emotions in future.rather try to be more practical .be with them personally so a sense of friendship and company develop.

Make Daily attendance possible

Try to make sure daily attendance will help kid to be punctual in life and no lose of school work will be.he will be updated with the test , syllabus and activities.

Behave like hidden psychologist

Very silently observe him in various matters where there is need . discuss daily matters with him.try to open his/ her heart so in future he don’t hesitate to tell you any thing which is unusual.

Suggestions for parents

Here are some suggestions to tackle your kid smartly,having fun in life to educate home in better way…

Don’t be frustrated

If things are not going well don’t be frustrated and keep calm.try to find actual solution of problem rather than criticizing little ones on their mistakes.

Don’t be disappointed

Don’t be disappointed if in present things are not in your control,all will be set with little effort and stretegy.

Change is a slow process

Things take time to happen therefore don’t expect immediate results of your parenting.results will be slow but will be long lasting.

Spare time for your kids

Whether you are busiest person on earth or you are free it’s your duty and kids right to give them time, make this possible in any case.

Sudden actions

Some decisions are quick to made for the sake of your kids.when it comes to their education and concerns .

Both parents involment

In tackling kids mother and father both should be involve and distribute their responsibilities in such a way that balance the educational needs of kids.

Arouse kid in yourself

Unless you arouse kid in you,you can’t reach to the mentality of with kids behave like kids.

Recreational activities with kids

You have to make a strong relationship with your kids for this purpose you have to make ofently make plans of recreational activities.

Little celebrations of kids

Always remember about little kids celebrations for example their birthdays their results in this way kids will come near you mentally and you can mold them according to their needs.

Don’t hasitates to discuss

You should discuss matters that are necessary for them to be informed either they are sexual matters or behavioural.


At last we close our discussion reaching on this point that kids never should be ignored and to educate the kids is a complex process that can be made easy to add fun in it come closer to your kids mentally and physically to feel them secure and to make them a successful person in life

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Sometimes kids are psychologically disturbed due to some incident,mishap or some unbearable event happened in front of them.Mostly it happens when parents fight in front of their kids.Parents should avoid fighting or abusing in the presence of their kids as this creates a stressful mind for kids which leads to their mental illness.
Some kids are that sensitive that they can’t even bear a small fight or argument between parents, it’s become difficult for them to think which of their parents is doing wrong as they love mostly equally to both of them. However in most cases mothers are favoured by kids as in younger ages kids are more attached to mothers and being a soft gender mothers are mostly polite and understanding even during fights.
So both parents especially fathers should take care of this that their kids shouldn’t get hurt by their doings

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how to educate and tackle kids with fun.
If learning become fun its easier to acquire it for kids. Early ages are difficult and tough for parents to teach them. Certain behaviors and challenges are there for you but one thing can make this process easy for you and that is fun because their love for fun will never be ended. school is not a only place of learning you can make them learn anything at home with fun. there are some approaches where learning and fun both are possible together.

  • create a reading corner :
    Reading is crucial for entire learning process Reading corner improves their reading skills , give knowledge and sense to understand things better. you can design reading corner as per your child’ choice and taste. Reading corner should be full of colorful and different reading material for example newspapers, magazines , Recipe, story books , flash cards etc… reading corner automatically appeals kids and they will not stay away from it. there are multiple activities regards reading you can create for them for example riddles, spelling bee, word puzzle etc etc.
  • Visit garden.
    its a messy idea but worthy for learning perspective. Take them to garden its a great source to teach them about plantation and nutrition. Take them into garden and introduce them to greenry teach them about how plants grow, needs of plant , different patterns of leaves , types of leaves ,flowers and plants, colors of flower , about soil, insects etc etc design activities like plantation , measure plant length . They enjoyed these activities very much seemingly learn something with that environment.
  • Sports
    Sports are the bestest way to make them learn about decision making, leadership, teamwork, discipline, problem solving . These are the life skills and cannot be teach in classroom. It required real environment to nurture or inculcate these skill in kids.
  • Shopping
    Going for shopping is an outdoor activity or a chore but its also offer various learning opportunities for kids to learn new things for example making a list of grocery, selection of item, bargaining , knowledge of food groups , conversation with shopkeeper, total estimation , addition , subtraction, multiplication, division. now we can say it shopping can be a great source of learning .
    *Visit different places.
    kids are curious by nature they have curiosity to know each and everything don’t cage them let them allow to think outside the box and allow them to explore things by themselves. Through different places they are able to observe things and then understand them. for example visit natural places to develop nature love in them nature taught us many thing like patience, consistency , originality etc etc… visit to historical places so they can know about past events.
  • cooking.
    its quite complicated for moms to engage child in kitchen but its also helpful for kids to learn in a different way. cooking enlighten their sense of accomplishment, responsibility, decision making , confidence. Cooking teach them about measuring things, how to balance things , timing etc etc .
    learning can be possible anywhere but children wants to learn thing in a funful and exciting way. Boring and traditional way of learning are getting old we need more new ideas and temperament to apply new techniques and make learning more interesting for kids.

How to Educate and Tackle kids with fun

Tackling children’s education fun, appears to be out of question. Having knowledge about the kid’s symptoms of showing less or no interest in education and knowing the very basics steps to tackling them indeed is very important which have been already discussed.

As the socrates educationist view states that; educating kids is more honorable than producing them, because educating them enables them to differ living from ■■■■, but providing just knowledge will be enough?

In the highly rated reviews of psychologists states that a kid of 21st century is most likely in need of a innovation!

Now what does the word INNOVATION here indicates??

With the idea of innovation what I tend to build the schema for is the environment or surrounding for the child where he can have answers to all his; whys, whats, hows, whens. Which should be the priority of every learning facilitator.

In this era, where Google every minute posts thousands of study material the role of the course instructor is of Learning Facilitator and that’s exactly where our topics begins.

No stage of children be it of according to Jean Piaget:

  1. Sensorimotor stage

  2. Pre-operational stage

  3. Concrete operational stage

  4. Formal operational stage

All of them possesses their own criterion for instructing and educating kids with respect to their cognition level. Dealing with the kids of around 2 to 7 years of age demands a very essential element of both the instructor (teacher) and parents and that is TIME.

Time plays a very vital role in both the toddler’s and adolescent’s life when it is concerned about their LEARNING. As they’re to nurture their nature so what they mostly seek is reasoning but their reasoning skills can soon fade away if they are not backed by attention another important factor which is the leading symptom and reason in the indifference of students towards studies.

Why’s Kindergarten teaching considered more complex than Elementary or secondary teachings?

Or to put the question in another way…

Why’re Kids Hard to Handle?

Few of the reason that I as a Student-teacher noted in my research are mentioned below:

  1. They’re new to socializing; this includes that the teacher need to frame the student’s behavior with respect to his mates and teach him how to behave in a group.

  2. They don’t know how to communicate; as a kindergarten instructor it’s among your objectives to teach them the basics to language or speaking and tutting a child unaware of words, alphabets, symbols, their sounds, the phonics seems to be the impossible task to any instructor, imagine you talking to a deaf and dumb person brought right from the community different than yours and he starts telling you about himself in his native language, and you’re trying your hard to make him understand you… sounds pretty challenging right?

  3. Teaching kids be it of kindergarten, grade one or grade 3 can be quite challenging as they get separated from cozy home and their loving parents so the teacher ismost likely to behave like a second mother to them and the only pedagogy for teaching that can be applied is playing method that makes it even more challenging for the teacher to not only carry out pre-decided games for ; learning effectively but also to be innovative with her methods.

So you see why we consider the early grades as the most challenging one, now why did we needed to learn about these factors? Because having the insight into the difficulty of the teachers helps The Parents understand that tackling both their child and they themselves (parent’s factor) is not an easy job and they also need to understand their responsibility of child.

As we all are very well aware as to why children are hard to tackle; we will now observe few innovative teaching pedagogies but what’s the need of these innovative teaching pedadogies?

That brings us to another captivating term of lost Einstein who are they… ? Those children who lack the problem-solving skills and as our educational system is now following of producing The Memory Machines who have no thinking of themselves, they shortfall on critical thinking which leads them to be the follower and not the leader and this is Innovation that we don’t have to ride horse to our work. So what should be the Specific Teaching/ Learning Objectives for kids classrooms?

  1. Follow SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound ) Rule.
  2. Develop understanding of basics of defining their needs.
  3. Behavioral Development
  4. Social Development

Considering these objectives we’ll now design our innovative teaching pedagogies following are few of them;

  1. Gamification: Fun is always followed by gamification in a kids perspective. Make sure to find variety in choosing games for learning be it the teaching of how to properly sit in class or how to pronounce their first alphabet.
  2. Blended Learning. Children of 21st century are found more active during blended learning in the classrooms. They need interaction with the technology which requires the instructor to be updated about the creativity of technology while being in a traditional classroom.
  3. Computational Thinking: ICTs integration in the classroom proves to be more effective than any other literacy so far, kids can never be taught by he lecture, or discussion methods as they might get bored of it so what we can do to avoid any chaos from their side is to involve digital literacy in the classrooms but wouldn’t that be too secondary? Yes, it’ll be so what we can do is we can teach through Visual and Audio Aids that includes, speakers, tablets, video session, informational or moral based cartoons or animations watching.
  4. Experiential Learning: When students are actually made to feel what it is like to be SENTENCE they can understand it well. For that collaborative classroom should be created that includes interaction of teacher with the students.
  5. Be a Child Yourself: If you are planning to educate your child you have to be his more friend than his teacher. Play with them, listen to their emotions ‘attentively’ (analytics of emotions)… in short gain their trust, make them comfortable with you so they learn and not fear.
  6. Learning with social media, productive failure, learning from around, block chain for learning, learning through video games.

Teachers can also include activities for Reading and Writing in their methods that includes;

  1. Books and Babies
  2. Tot Talk
  3. R and R – repetition
  4. Poetry in motion
  5. Story Talk
  6. Write on/ Now here this
  7. P.S. I Love You
  8. Artful Artists
  9. What’s In the News?
  10. Shopping your way through words.

These are some of the US national reading experts suggestions for teachers to use with children ages birth to grade 6. This will develop great enthusiasm in children towards education. Teachers are the child’s cheerleader. It is less important as to how much the child learn but how well he learns. And if they comeback for more, you know you have accomplished your beginning goals.


When it’s about educating it should not follow any specific scientific method but it should have its own diverse pedagogies that is termed as flexible learning. First understand your child, then choose the method that its for your child, be innovative/ creative in your methodologies, focus more on development rather than their academic assessments. Learning is possible anywhere but how we teach makes it effective and that is the criterion for Learning in Children.