Are Hotel Gyms The Best Options to Stay Fit While Traveling?

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this community, and hopefully, it would be an excellent experience to be here. I know due to the coronavirus pandemic it’s been tough to travel from one place to another due sanctions and conditions of different countries. Still, we can’t say it is totally prohibited. Especially business-centric people even travelling in this pandemic and I am here to discuss how do you stay fit and healthy while travelling.

Do you think hotel gyms are the best options to stay healthy while travelling? If yes, then how we would analyze the hotel management is taking enough precautions to avoid the threat of coronavirus spread? I just read this article about the necessary measures that hotel managements must take before reopening their hotel associated gyms. But do you think hotel managements can ensure that gym machines and tools are always disinfected and clean from this deadly virus? Also, do you think air ventilation is enough to stay safe while doing a workout at the hotel gyms?

I know the hotel and workout industry is already facing many financial issues nowadays, but for sure, health is more important for every visitor there. I hope you would share your thoughts on this matter in detail.

Secondly, what would you pick to stay healthy while travelling from the following options:

Healthy Diet: According to many of my friends who usually go for business trips several times in a year suggest to have a healthy diet. Especially while staying in hotels, the use of healthy and organic breakfasts, lunch and dinner could be better than the use of fast food and carbonated drinks. However, in my opinion, it could be a little expensive and time taking activity to get all of these food items in a foreign place because I don’t think all hotels offer such healthy meals.

Take Stairs Instead of Elevators: Honestly, this is one of the best things that we can do to be fit and healthy while travelling abroad. I know many of us to need to attend seminars, meetings and business dinners at the time and we prefer to use elevators instead of stairs. But, don’t you think if we take stairs, then it can also offer us many health benefits in terms of fitness? I would like to hear your opinions about the pros and cons of using stairs for business tours.

Hotel Gyms: No doubt, hotel gyms are super easy to conduct routine workouts. Yes, I have already raised many questions about the use of hotel gyms in this current Covid-19 pandemic, but with the help of right precautionary measures, we can still use hotel gyms to stay fit and active while travelling. By the way, are you using hotel gyms nowadays? Or they are close in hotels where you stayed in this pandemic. Don’t forget to share your experiences because I would passionate to learn from your experiences, and yes, this community would also get benefit from it.

Walk Instead of A Ride: If you are on an informal tour, then there is no problem to go with walk option instead of taking a ride because it could be a risky idea to join any formal meeting without a ride on time. Have any of you tried this crazy idea? Especially for business tours? If yes, then I would like to hear your views.

In short, there could be several ideas to stay healthy while travelling but in my opinion hotel gyms are the most convenient ones. Withal, I would like to hear your suggestions, especially if you have some out of the box ideas.

Also, don’t forget to share your views about picking hotel gyms to stay fit regarding this coronavirus pandemic.

Waiting for your responses.