Coffee Machine- Types/Features/pros/cons

Coffee is the most essential or brewed drink all over the world for drudges, prepared from the roasted coffee beans. It starts your day with full boost energy. Coffee is a potent source that shows more healthy antioxidants activities than other antioxidant superstars. Coffee** machines** are that electrical device used to brew coffee and help in cooking appliances.



Coffee makes you feel good, fresh or energized. It burns fat and improves your physical performance. Coffee machines are the electrical device used to brew coffee and help in cooking appliances. The technology of coffee maker often permits the choice of the size of the cup, brewed strength, and gives a cup of brewed coffee fast, usually only by touch. Coffee machines help in cooking appliances. The technology of coffee maker often permits the choice of the size of the cup, brewed strength, and gives a cup of brewed coffee fast, usually only by touch. The machine from which a person can make a cup of coffee with good amazing taste and quality.

There are a few factors to consider about the small coffee machine to set into a small area of a kitchen or even in your office. In your daily use, you might be satisfied with the small drip coffee maker but in offices, you may want a pod machine to give more choices of a drink to the visitors. There are also a variety of best small coffee machines for offices.
You are searching for a small coffee machine but it does not mean that you need to compromise or settlement on its quality, functions, or taste.

Small Coffee machine:

If we are looking for a coffee machine with the best features, there are so many products on the market. Small Coffee machines come in a wide range of different sizes, shapes, and styles. In this best small coffee machine buying guide, we will try to cover every single method of brewing coffee plus about the best machines which are available in the UK markets. There are a variety of brands available in the market.

Different tastes:

The people in the UK have different tastes of coffee with different requirements. You could simply be a casual coffee drinker and on the other hand, you may be a true lover of coffee and wants to try every type of coffee drink.

In this buying guide or article, we will focus on the features, benefits, quality, prices, different options that are available, and hopefully make sense of all machines of coffee that are present in the markets of the UK. Which coffee is best for you? It totally depends on several factors, including your budget, type of coffee, and how much control you want over the process

Types of a coffee machine:

The three main types of coffee machine are as following:
• Pod
• Bean to cup
• Ground coffee
The option you can choose has the biggest impact and beyond this, the frothing of milk will also affect what you can make.

Components to review:

You will focus on four main elements or factors to learn about the coffee machines before you can get them. You must be a coffee enthusiast when you start your day with coffee. Brewing a coffee is no time consuming when you get a good quality of the coffee machine. We will give you full information about the product that helps you to get the best small coffee maker and you can decide like a pro.

If you are a customer or buyer, just keep these points and factors in your mind to get the amazing product of your choice with good quality and get a great deal.


You must keep an eye on the size and capacity and size before getting the product. Capacity is the amount of storage and fills. Size and shapes do vary in 4 Cup Coffee Makers. Take the measurements and consult the dimension of the product while shopping online. It is not easy to tell which length or model will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

You must have a focus on the size and capacity that how much it carries water at one time and how much quantity it derives. Keep an observation at their height that not so tall and easily fix and open under the cabinets.

Another important thing is that according to American standards, the four coffee cups really make only two cups of coffee. There is no universally accepted standard. You may need to upgrade to the eight-cup model if you want the four cups of coffee.


The carafe is another factor that needs to be the focus which differs greatly. For the coffee lovers, the coffee maker is the sun around their kitchen orbits. If you are passionate about the coffee cup, you will focus on finding the best coffee grinder brewer that helps you to give the best mix coffee but also helps to keep coffee hot.
Some models come with a good quality of thermal carafe. It contains double-walled, vacuum-sealed carafes that maintain its hot temperature for hours, not compatible with hot plates. Some traditional are single-walled and can be used with a hot plate.

You need to focus on two points with both kinds of carafe:

• How much they are to clean
• How much they drop when poured.
Some models naturally repel dropping but some are good in this factor but you should find lightweight in both cases.

Easy to use:

Like every other equipment, these coffee makers also need proper maintenance and cleansing. The machine can be wipe or clean regularly so the rubber seals and pressure wands do not clog. Some auto machines come with an inbuilt cleansing system which makes things easier for customers.

Some models come with removable filter baskets, just through the filter paper, or wash off the reusable filter that makes the system clean and neat. It also comes with non-stick models, easy to clean hot plates that save your time.

The best element about the small coffee maker is that you can find models that just require you to turn it on, full options of brewing options, and easy to use when it comes to programming or operation.


First, choose your favorite best small coffee machine for home and offices and then tell them about your choice and ask them for a demo to get the required drink which you want. Quality coffee can be produced without spending a lot of money. The price alone may not indicate which model suits you and your taste. It is necessary that you must know what features of the best small coffee machines suit your needs and requirements. The expensive models sometimes work out and sometimes have a disaster to the recipe. It happens that you can get your all features at a lower price so keep an eye on price tags with the advantages and features.

Brewing Options:

There are different methods of brewing/mixing used to get the quality and best coffee. It falls into two general categories are as discussed below:

1. Filter/Pour Over

2. Espresso method

One of the oldest, simplest, fastest, or cheapest ways to brew the coffee is the drip method using the coffee cone or filter paper. Coffee cones are made up of glass, plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic. The filter or cone’s shape will influence the flavor. You will pour hot water over medium coffee grains and then allow the coffee to drip into the carafe or any type of container. The pour-over method is proof that you don’t need fancy gadgets or expensive equipment to brew the coffee cup.

The other method is espresso. It is quite different and more concentrated. It has a unique taste. The coffee machines heat the water in this method and then force that water through very fine coffee grounds. The espresso method of brewing is also famous because you have the option to make cappuccino and latte. Add fine grounds to the portafilter, run the preferred program and you will get a pure espresso coffee within a seconds. Use the water and steam milk for a café quality latte.

It is recommended to use the medium to dark roast for espresso coffee if you want to add milk. A filter machine or any other type of pour method will never make an espresso. There are two different methods with quite different tastes.

The Vacuum method:

This is another method. It operates as a siphon where the lower vessels cool and heat and change the vapor pressure of water in the lower and push the water into the upper vessel and then allow it to fall back. It brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure plus gravity produces coffee.

Different types of Coffee Machines in the market:

There are a lot of different types of small coffee machines in 2020 in the UK market. Each type of coffee machine is discussed briefly underneath.

Capsule or pod style coffee machine:

Capsule machines mean great taste with no mess. These machines used pre-prepared coffee pods for a quick, easy, and mess-free brew. This cup is for who wants the coffee cup the hassle freeway. You simply add a pod or capsule into the coffee machine then push the button and get your cup. Throw the used pod in the bin after using and you will get your results in the form of delicious coffee.

Capsule coffee is clearly convenient and can be recycled. It includes familiar brands like Bosch Tassimo, Nespresso, Lavazza, and Dualit. We are usually limited to the specific type of capsule and the pods can be pricey and hard to recycle.

We can buy this at an affordable price of around £50-100 but 200£ for the advanced types. The advanced types include the features of programming the machine through the application of mobiles.


• It is really good in price.

• It is efficient, fast, and easy to use.

• Ideal and suitable for 1-2 people.

• Best for the beginner’s coffee lovers.

• Small, compact and have low maintenance.

• Used frequently by single people.

With the pros, also have some cons discussed below:


• Only use the brand’s own type of pods.

• It can be expensive and limited to the available pods.

Bosch TASSIMO and Nescafe Dolce are two popular choices of pod coffee machines in the market of the UK. No models linked to these brands.

Espresso/ Cappuccino Coffee Machine:

This coffee machine is the best choice for you if you want to upgrade to this. Pod machines are limited to the types of coffee pods made by the manufacture of the machine. Now they provide a range of pods but still limited to the most popular drinks. You can get and buy pre-ground coffee and make any type of coffee. Not restricted to one brand.

Another function in this machine is that you can bring fresh whole coffee beans, use a grinder, and add them to your machine. Many types of coffee beans are used.


Its budget is around £75-150, and the more advanced ones cost £400-500 in the market in the UK.

It contains a milk steamer to get the good quality of the coffee.


• Latte or Cappuccino etc are made.

• Uses Ground coffee or pre-ground beans

• Fast, consistent and quality coffee

• Cheaper to buy grounds coffee

• Make a lot of brands.

Bean to cup coffee machine:**

It comes at a higher price. They are as fresh as it gets. Simple pour the beans into the maker and wait as they are whipped into the perfect delight cup and come out at the bottom. It has a built-in grinder that separates it from the above machines. Just pour beans into it, it grinds, and then the fresh coffee gets brewed.


Their budget is £300-400 and upwards of £1,000 at the high end. It is expensive.


• Having different features and programs.

• Different types and tastes without the limit.

• Self-cleaning.

• The Rolls Royce of the coffee machine world.

• Make two drinks at once.

Like pros, also have some disadvantage. You need to learn how they are used. It is time-consuming to give you a better cup and rates are high. It can be noisy during grinding.

Single Cup Coffee Machine:**

You can easily make in the morning and then put into the portable holder and take it with you outside. It has different styles and sizes. It is popular in the USA and Canada. The UK people use pod machines and then drop into the travel cups.

Filter coffee machines:

A filter coffee machine is a fantastic option. It works by pouring water into the warm jug through ground beans. It is time-consuming but gives you a great taste for the whole family with the controls on the grounds. It is inexpensive around £35-50.


• Classic method of mixing/brewing.

• Good for the people who like the simple solutions.

• It is convenient and easy to handle.

** Summary:

There are many pros to the types of coffee with the cons also. Different types of coffee deliver you an amazing taste with the different methods. Some coffee is made by adding capsules, some use grinder for coffee bean-like in espresso coffee machine and some have in-build grinder like in bean to cup coffee machine. All the methods deliver the great taste of coffee without going outside.

Coffee Machines: Key Feature to consider:**

There are key features to consider before buying any machine of coffee.

Milk Frothing:

If you like milky drinks like Cappuccinos, choose the machine with milk frothing functions. It aerates the milk and makes a thick foam. There are several options for this:

Steam Wand:

It is mostly found in ground coffee. They are the best at steaming milk and giving it texture. The steam pushes through the wand into the milk and makes a foam. It can customize your frothed milk for different coffee types.

Automatic frothing:

It is found in bean to cup machines but also in pod machines. Add the milk in a container, it can suck by built-in frothers and dispenses foamed milk into the cup directly.

Milk-frothing accessory: whisks and heat are used.

Milk pods:

It is found in Tassimo and Dolce Gusto pod coffee machines, using pre-prepared UHT and powdered milk pods dispense froth directly.

Memory function:

You can set the pre-set drink settings in some machines. It will automatically pass out the right amount of coffee with good quality at a time with perfect strength.


You have to focus on the size of the water tank. It is the main feature to consider before buying any type of coffee machine. You must have to see the capacity of how much it holds the water in the tank.


They need proper maintenance or cleansing like other equipment. Wipe and clean the parts regularly for this long use. Some automatic machines come with in-built cleaning systems.

Smart controls:

Now –a- days, the coffee machines have upgraded through programming systems. They can be connected to your smartphones via an app. It can also access troubleshooting advice and maintenance alerts.
To make the work quick, easy, and create a variety of drinks, TASSIMO AND SAGE THE BARISTA EXPRESS introduces their best coffee machine in the market.

Tassimo My Way 2:

TASSIMO My Way2 is a compact and modern coffee maker with perfect quality by using INTELLIBREW barcode technology. It means scanned by the laser, read the barcodes, and then interpreted. TASSIMO Bosch brews the perfect drink to save your time and make you more manageable.

All Bosch TASSIMO works with T Discs, the only compatible coffee pods for the machine. All TASSIMO Bosch is available in multiple colors and offers affordable, high quality, and easy to use machines. With the TASSIMO machine, we can make delicious drinks of our own choice at the touch of the button. TASSIMO Bosch My WAY2 always manufactures the finest and useful products used in daily use.

Sage the Barista Express:

To make the work quick, easy, and create a variety of drinks, Sage BES875UK introduces their best coffee machine with the control milk jug and its temperature and brushed stainless steel. It is the right choice for you if you are a fan of Heston Blumenthal’s avant-garde cooking and bean to cup coffee and give you the best results and quality with great functions and features with that develop your barista skills.
It feels you like a coffee pro with a personalized experience. It is best suited for those customers who are not afraid to test and play about the chasing of the delicious coffee. They are available in different colors with stunning looks and complement the look of any kitchen. They are easily and quickly poured to get quality coffee.

1.Is it worth getting a coffee machine?

A good personal coffee machine is well worth the cost. It is better to get the coffee at home and save your money whether you go to any coffee shop.

2.Are Coffee machines safe?**

Yes, they are safe and harmless but if it is properly clean and set and keep an eye on this maintenance.
3.What should I look for when buying a coffee maker?
we will focus on the features, designs, cost, maintenance, set-up before buying any coffee machine.


Keep an eye on all aspects before buying any coffee machine. It is comfortable, affordable, and easy to use. To extend the life of your machine, it is necessary to maintain it. The best coffee machine will make the best coffee in order to boost your energy. It is very effective in changing moods.


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