Definition of Maker:

  1. A person or thing that does or creates something.

  2. The person who signs the check, money order, promotional note or other interchangeable and authorized instrument (and is therefore responsible for payment on maturity).

  3. God is the Creator.

Synonyms of Maker

Shoemaker, Realizer, Practitioner, Button maker, Agent, Bard, Fili, Balance maker, Prime Mover, Broom maker, Operator, Manufacturer, Belt maker, Minnesinger, Skald, Bag maker, Body maker, Minor poet, Generator, Watchmaker, Bottle maker, Wright, Bell maker, Introducer, Collar maker, Past master, Epic poet, Modernist, Catalyst, Librettist, Pastoral poet, Engenderer, Inaugurator, Bodice maker, Casemaker, Father, Actor, Executant, Balladmonger, Meistersinger, Ancestors, Door maker, Inspirer, Smith, Copyist, Builder, Jongleur, Precursor, Planner, Author, Brush maker, Master of the universe, God, Artisan, Bookmaker, Architect, Operative, Cart maker, Bridge maker, Bobbin maker, Industrialist, Carpet maker, Performer, Journeyman, Apprentice, Inventor, Conceiver, Elegist, Idyllist, Bolt maker, Satirist, Matchmaker, Grower, Initiator, Deviser, Artificer, Dauber, Cement maker, Daubster, Mover, Imagist, Old master, Barrel maker, Cloth maker, Fabricator, Master, Bread maker, Pastoralist, Author, Designer, Butter maker, Creator, Crate maker, Canvas maker, Couch maker, Executor, Dish maker, Combmaker, Brickmaker, Clockmaker, Cradle maker, Box maker, Beat poet, Bucoliast, Troubadour, Odist, Framer, Trovatore, Rhapsode, Rhapsodist, Fabricator, Bootmaker, Bow maker, Cabinetmaker, Manufacturer, Father, Coremaker, Brake maker, Minstrel, Founder, Producer, Dressmaker, Occasional poet, Basket maker, Creator, Cup maker, Bellows maker, Arch-poet, Inventor, Sonneteer, Worker, Diemaker, Doer, Chain maker, Originator, Chest maker, Organizer, Chisel maker, Subject, Architect, Institutor, Beginner, Map maker, Producer, Laureate, Executrix, Scop, Poet laureate, Parnassian, Causer, Sire, Hatmaker, Ballad maker, Bullet maker, Coach maker, Raiser, Master craftsman, Vers-librist, Shaper, Creator, Founder, Craftsman, Perpetrator, Doll maker, Major poet, Discoverer, Parent, Blanket maker, Poet, Constructor, Designer, Primum mobile, Clog maker, Symbolist, Prime mover, Engineer, Artist, Builder, Medium, Mother, Constructor, Beer maker, Patriarch, Block maker, Coffin maker, Effector, Originator, Cheese maker, Instigator, Begetter, Bed maker, Trouveur, Artiste, Vers libriste, Cord maker, Poetress, Operant

How to use Maker in a sentence?

  1. Filmmaker
  2. Our Creator wants us to succeed, to achieve our unique spiritual goals, and to discover and shape the life of our dreams.

Meaning of Maker & Maker Definition

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