How many types of Coffees are there?

Do you know how many types of coffee exist in the world? Would you like to know how to prepare them?

There are more and more people in the world who become true coffee fans.

And the thing is, coffee is the most popular drink in the world after water.

In fact, a whole culture has emerged around this ingredient that has given rise to a large community that competes to create the best variety of types of coffee, preparations, and infusions.

What is turning Baristas, in practice, into real artists?

Without trying to reach their level, in this article, we will discover up to 13 basic coffee recipes to learn how to prepare all the most popular types of coffee.

In this way, you will be able to surprise all your guests. Or at least enjoy this drink more and more.

Types of coffee and their preparation

It doesn’t matter how you like your coffee: with milk, alone, with sugar, without sugar, with water, ice, ■■■■■■, long, short, etc … The flavor and aroma will always depend on the bean, its roast, the grind, and the method of preparation.

If these parameters are correct, then you only need to take care to add the ingredients in the appropriate amounts.

And so you will get the type of coffee that you like the most.

Let’s see how you can do this:

Espresso/Express coffee

It is the best known and the starting base for most coffee preparations. In Spain, it is also known as a single coffee.


It is called expresso because of its Italian origin and this name is due to its quick preparation. It has only 30 milliliters of coffee. And it is obtained by passing it through pressurized water at 96º between 20 and 25 seconds, at a pressure of 9 bars.

This type of coffee is prepared in a very simple way.

The quality of the grain is key to obtain a delicious flavor and aroma, and it is served in small 50-milliliter cups.

Drink that, over the years, has been gaining more followers and that is generally prepared using 100% arabic coffee, considered the highest quality.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous types of coffee in the world. And it is taken without adding anything to savor all its nuances.

One of the richest ways to prepare it is as royal coffee, being like black coffee, but to which is added a little sugar soaked in a French liqueur called chartreuse.

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American coffee

It is usually served in cups or glasses of about 200 milliliters.

Its origin dates back to the Second World War. When Italian baristas tried to imitate the taste of filter coffee that American soldiers were used to.

Long Black

To the insiders this may seem silly. But … in the world of coffee the order of the factors does alter the result.

Therefore there are no valid commutative laws here.

Coffee brule

A variant of carajillo known as diablo, is made up of brandy burned with lemon peel and is accompanied by an espresso or coffee alone.

It is usually served in a brandy glass accompanied by 2 centiliters of this ■■■■■■.

Cuban coffee / Cuban espresso / cafecito

The Cuban coffee also known as cafecito is a coffee that requires a special preparation.

Cuban coffee

This coffee is made as if it were an expresso but instead of using the traditional mixture of ground coffee you are going to add sugar directly into the mixture.

Once made, serve the coffee in a 90 ml demitasse cup. And that’s it.

Caribbean coffee

A type of carajillo accompanied with rum, brown sugar and vanilla . In some places, a little amaretto or appricot is also added. This ■■■■■■ is derived from apricot and almonds. It is served in a large cup like a coffee with milk.

Coffee with milk

Quick and easy to prepare, it is served in a large cup of approximately 150 or 200 milliliters . Serve half and half the proportions of coffee and milk.

Coffee with milk

In many places they make real works of art by adding drawings of all kinds made with foam.

Names that are usually given in different countries of the world:

  • Caffellatte in Italy not to be confused with the Latte.
  • Café au latte in France not to be confused with “cafe au lait”.
  • Coffee with milk in Anglo-Saxon countries.
  • MilchKaffee in Germany and Austria.


One of the most popular coffees in the world, and from Italy.


With an excellent texture and flavor, it is ideal to accompany breakfasts and snacks. It is made in a cup of about 200 milliliters with a third of black coffee and two thirds of frothy milk . To finish, add cinnamon or cocoa powder sprinkled on the surface.

Together with the Latte it is a modality in which abstract drawings and all kinds of shapes are created with the foam.

Mocha coffee

Another variant of coffee with milk, but in this one, chocolate syrup and cinnamon are added.

Moca or Mocha coffee

In Anglo-Saxon countries it is known as cappuccino with chocolate or café mocha.

Irish coffee

A double espresso that is usually prepared as a ■■■■■■■■ by mixing it with Irish Whiskey and covering it with whipped cream.

Irish coffee

In the original recipe, instead of using espresso, French press or plunger coffee is used. The exact amounts are:

  • 120 ml of coffee
  • 60 ml whiskey
  • 75 grams of cream
  • and 5 grams of brown sugar

Finally It is served in a large glass with an attractive presentation. It is quite impressive.

Tear or Latte Macchiato

It is prepared by adding a third of coffee and two thirds of milk, which in some cases is prepared by steaming it to give it a sparkling and more attractive touch.

In some Spanish-speaking places it is called stained milk. which translating into Italian leads to the latte macchiato .

What are the most popular types of coffee in the world

Among this wide variety of types of coffee that exist, how can it be otherwise, some are more popular than others. Especially depending on the region where you are.

However, there are 7 coffees that you can find in any coffee shop in the world worth its salt:

  1. Espresso
  2. Cappuccino or cappuccino
  3. American coffee
  4. Cafe au Lait
  5. Macchiato
  6. Coffee with milk
  7. Bonbon coffee

Preparation tips for coffee recipes

Before starting to prepare any of these coffee recipes, it is important that you know some relevant aspects. The fact is that the fineness of the grind of the grains and the type of grain used are essential to obtain a good infusion.

For any coffee preparation, opting for the arabica bean is the most recommended since they are clearly superior in flavor and aroma to robusta.

As for the grinding of the grain, it will depend on the coffee machine used according to the coffee recipe for its preparation.

For example, when we talk about espresso coffee and all its derivatives, it is necessary to use a fine ground coffee to use the espresso machine and obtain optimal results.

For Turkish coffee the ground must be super fine. So much so that the coffee used is like a powder that sticks to the fingers.

While the infusions of French press or that use a drip coffee maker with a filter, you should use a coarse grind grade.

In this way, to achieve the exact fineness of the ground, the simplest thing is to buy the coffee already ground in a store or supermarket.

But this has a great disadvantage. And is that, packaged ground coffee loses a large number of properties, aroma and flavor.

Therefore, we recommend you buy coffee beans and use a coffee grinder to enjoy the best coffee. And that brings us to the grind. According to the method used, we can distinguish 3 types of coffee:

  • Ground coffee
  • Smoothie
  • And crushed

The milled coffee is usually prepared with grinders wheels, while the liquid is obtained employing a mixer or blender.

Something that in Top Cafeteras we discourage since it can burn the coffee beans and add strange flavors to them.

To finish we have crushed coffee, the most ingrained form for many years. But that we do not recommend, except to use a plunger coffee maker, due to the fatigue it causes and the delay in preparation. This method leaves the coffee in somewhat coarse particles which is how the best filter or plunger coffee is prepared.

Well, you already have all the necessary data to prepare the most popular types of coffee in the world using these recipes.

We hope you enjoy them and that you become an expert in preparing coffee!