Benefits Of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a type of medicinal mushroom and there are several benefits of cordyceps to our health, which has been proven in being a product that prevents future disease.

Especially, in countries with strong traditional medicine systems such as Vietnam, China, Korea …, cordyceps is widely used to cure and support treatment for many different diseases.

What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a type of medicine recognized in many medical documents around the world. This is a mushroom with the scientific name Cordyceps Sinensis that grows and parasites on corpses.

Many medical documents are explaining what cordyceps is? Usually, the worm larvae will grow and become butterflies. However, some of them are infected with the Cordyceps Sinensis and will not be able to grow. At that time, the parasitic ■■■■■■ will absorb nutrients from the larvae’s body and grow in the form of fibers. Over time, the mycelium will thrive, invade host tissues to absorb all the nutrients in the larvae.

At a certain point (usually in the summer), the ■■■■■■ comes out of the worm’s body and thrives, develops into cordyceps. In nature, this precious medicinal herb is often found in the high mountains of Tibet, Bhutan, and China. Today, it has been cultivated on an industrial scale in many different countries around the world.

8 Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps have several benefits you can read in this article.

1. Improve physical health

Researchers have tested the effects of cordyceps on physical performance. The test results showed that this herb can improve energy metabolism in living cells. Moreover, it also improves stamina when you exercise at high intensity.

2. Reduce fatigue symptoms

Scientists conducted research to track the use of cordyceps for physical fatigue in rats through swimming activity and the research results showed that:

  • Extend swimming time of mouse
  • Decreased levels of serum lactic acid, urea nitrogen, creatine kinase, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, and malondialdehyde
  • Increases the glycogen content in the liver and muscles
  • Increased concentration of serum superoxide effuse, glutathione per-oxyase, and catalase.

Another study was performed on humans to learn about the use of cordyceps. The results showed that, after using this medicine for 6 consecutive weeks, the VO2max index in volunteers increased significantly. VO2max is the maximum rate at which the muscles, lungs, and heart can efficiently utilize oxygen during physical activities. This is also the unit used to measure a person’s aerobic capacity.

3. Anti-aging

According to traditional medicine, the effect of cordyceps on women is a strong anti-aging ability. This theory is also proved and recognized by modern scientists. A study done on rats found that mice fed the medicinal herb lived many months longer than a normal one.

Also, several other studies (also conducted on mice) demonstrated cordyceps can improve brain function and the activity of antioxidant enzymes. Furthermore, it also improved the sexual function of the castrated rats. When tested in fruit flies, products containing cordyceps also extended the life of this animal.

Nowadays, people take advantage of the effects of cordyceps to supplement or develop new blood tonic products, prolonging the youthfulness of women.

4. Improve immune system

Antioxidants are molecules that protect cells from harmful effects by neutralizing free radicals that promote aging. The composition of cordyceps contains many molecules with this ability. Furthermore, scientists have also systematized the antioxidant pharmacological properties of this medicinal plant. Accordingly, the body’s immune system also increases significantly when cordyceps remove free radicals in the body.

5. Improve brain function and enhance sexual health

The use of cordyceps is like an enhancement drug, enhancing the male’s natural vitality. Research suggests that taking products with cordyceps for 40 consecutive days can improve ■■■■■■ in people with low ■■■■■■.

In brain function, when examining the effects of the medicinal herbs on mice, the researchers found that this drug has a direct impact on the ability of the mouse to absorb and remember. Specifically, it reduced the number of faulty behaviors (by study standards) in long-lived rats.

6. Prevent cancer

Recently, many scientific studies have been conducted to examine the anti-cancer effects and the impact on factors that increase the risk of cancer of cordyceps.

Accordingly, cordyceps extract can prevent cancer by many different mechanisms such as modulating the immune system or creating substances that cause cancer cells to disappear.

Tests on mice have shown that the extract from this medicinal mushroom has the effect of fighting against lymphoma and lung cancer. Meanwhile, studies on humans demonstrate that depending on the dose, it can inhibit ■■■■■■ cancer, liver cancer or leukemia.

7. Support diabetes control

Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce enough or becomes resistant to insulin. Meanwhile, insulin is a hormone that helps to release glucose into cells for conversion into energy. When your body does not have enough insulin, glucose is not used by cells but deposited in the bloodstream. Over time, this excess blood sugar leads to serious health problems. Therefore, people with diabetes need to closely monitor blood sugar to promptly adjust eating and drinking habits.

So, what are the benefits of using cordyceps for people with diabetes? When researching the effects of cordyceps on this pathology, scientists found that the composition of this medicinal herb has a very good ability to control blood sugar levels. Specifically, it helps the patient lose weight and does not increase the glycemic index. These factors indicate that cordyceps is a useful medicinal mushroom for diabetics.

8. Support for the treatment of chronic kidney disease

Besides controlling the symptoms of diabetes, cordyceps can also help prevent chronic kidney disease - a common complication of diabetes. A review of 22 studies performed on 1,746 people with chronic kidney disease showed that patients who were supplemented with cordyceps in the diet showed signs of improvement in kidney function.

Researchers also discovered that this precious medicinal mushroom can reduce serum creatinine, decrease proteinuria, and reduces complications related to kidney diseases such as hyperpigmentation and serum albumin.

In Short

Cordyceps is a valuable medicinal mushroom that brings many benefits to users’ health. However, to properly promote the effects of cordyceps, you must use this medicine under the guidance of a doctor or traditional medicine doctor. This is an important rule to ensure that it is safe or not to interact if you are taking other medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions people use regarding cordyceps.

1.What are the benefits of taking cordyceps?

They are used for the treatment of cough and respiratory disorders. People also use them for kidney disorders, male sexual issues, high cholesterol, weight loss, and liver disorders.

2. Is Cordyceps good for the immune system?

Studies show that cordyceps have an impact on innate and adaptive immunity. However, cordyceps also affect the gut immune system, it can also affect the systemic immune system.

3.Does Cordyceps gives you energy?

Cordyceps increases the body’s production of molecular adenosine triphosphate(ATP), which provides energy to muscles. It also improves the body’s oxygen during exercise.

4.Is Cordyceps good for the lungs?

Cordyceps is Chinese herbal medicine. For centuries it has been used in Asia for lungs and respiratory disorders.

5.Is Cordyceps good for the liver?

Yes, it is good for the liver. It improves liver function and is really helpful for Hepatitis B patients.

6.Is Cordyceps a worm?

It is not a worm but a ■■■■■■, Cordyceps Sinensis feeds on larvae of caterpillars. People also call them Winter worms or summer grass because their appearance changes from one season to another.

7.Can Cordyceps cause Insomnia?

Cordyceps cannot cause insomnia, when a person is exhausted it can cause sleep disorders.

8. Is cordyceps a blood thinner?

Cordyceps are taken as a supplement, it has a blood-thinning effect, which increases the time for blood clots to occur.

9. Why are cordyceps expensive?

It is expensive due to it only growing in the Himalayas of Tibet and China. Due to inexpensive, a patented extract was grown using fermentation technology.

10.How to store Cordyceps?

They must be kept in cool and dry places. After opening, you can properly seal it and keep it in the refrigerator at (-18 °C or below).


In conclusion, cordyceps is a valuable medicinal mushroom and it has many benefits to users’ health. However, to properly promote the effects of cordyceps, you must use this medicine under the guidance of a doctor or traditional medicine doctor. This is an important rule to ensure that it is safe or not to interact if you are taking other medications.

There are enormous Benefits of the cordyceps, it is beneficial for heart health, reducing inflammation, anti-aging, increases physical performance, and also benefits in managing Type 2 Diabetes. Cordyceps is a ■■■■■■; it lives on a certain type of caterpillars which are in the high mountain regions of Asia. It is distributed worldwide and there are more than 600 species of Cordyceps. It grows in humid temperate, abundant, and tropical forests, that’s why it is easily can be seen in countries like Nepal, China, Japan, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.

From multiple benefits of the cordyceps, its few benefits are much highlighted because it is very effective on Kidney disorders and may prevent kidney failure, helps in curing it and also male sexual problems. For these reasons, Cordyceps is used even after a Kidney transplant. Not just for kidney problems but it is used for liver problems too. It enhances muscular activity and improves athletic performance. In many cases, it has been seen that cordyceps acts against the cancer cells and shrink tumor size, more particularly against skin and lung cancers. Last but not least Cordyceps improve immunity as well.


It is also called with multiple names, such as Caterpillar Mushroom, Vegetable Caterpillar, ■■■■ Chong Xia Cao, Chinese Caterpillar ■■■■■■, Champignon Chenille, ■■■■ Chong Zia Cao, Ophiocordyceps Sinensis, and Tochukaso. Like its multiple names it has multiple benefits, it is not just effective on major health issues but also on minor health problems. Cordyceps can also treat respiratory diseases, nighttime urination, anemia, weakness, ringing in the ears, ■■■■■ addiction, irregular heartbeat, and coughs.

  • Cure inflammation
  • Anti-Tumor effects
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Beneficial for heart health
  • Positive impact on Type 2 diabetes
  • Beneficial for kidneys
  • It has anti-aging properties
  • Effective on asthma


When cordyceps was tested and went through research, it became clear about the Benefits of the cordyceps, that it gives huge positive results in curing the Damaged kidney (kidney damage caused by a certain use of drugs), and Hepatitis B.

Cyclosporine drug causes Kidney damage. People with transplanted kidneys may reduce the kidney damage by cyclosporine, by taking cordyceps with cyclosporine.
Kidney problems caused by the amikracin drug. It has been seen in older people that, they can reduce kidney damage by using cordyceps with the drug amikracin.
Hepatitis B. Research shows that people with hepatitis B intake cordyceps direct by mouth, which may reduce liver problems and improves liver function.
Asthma. Some research has suggested that taking cordyceps alone may reduce symptoms of asthma in adults.

For many years people are aware of benefits of the cordyceps, especially people from Asian countries. There are 600 species of cordyceps, which are very helpful in treating many diseases like kidney problems and Hepatitis B.


Many drug companies are well aware of Benefits of the cordyceps, that’s why they are mixing cordyceps with other drugs to make an effective drug. Nature has given cordyceps as a priceless gift, so it is good to be aware of the benefits of cordyceps. I hope you have enjoyed this read and if so then please share this write-up.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are cordyceps made of?

Cordyceps is a combination of a ■■■■■■ found at high altitudes and a caterpillar. In old Tibetan and Chinese medical books is mentioned as a medicine.

What vitamins are in cordyceps?

Cordyceps is filled with many important nutrition compounds, such as carbohydrates, essential amino acids, and vitamins like B1, B2, B12, and K.

Does cordyceps lower blood pressure?

Cordyceps has the potential to maintain or treat high blood pressure (hypertension)

because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects.

How often should you take cordyceps?

There are no particular dosages of cordyceps, because of the limited research in humans. But it is preferred to take 1,000-3,000 mg per day.

How do you take cordyceps?

You can take powdered cordyceps by mixing them in tea or protein shakes. But there are no particular guidelines for the proper use of cordycepes.