5 tips to maintain healthy blood sugar level

5 tips to maintain healthy blood sugar.

Blood sugar is present in everyone’s body, and its imbalance can cause you many health-related issues, including diabetes. Having an eye on your blood sugar level has become essential nowadays. The sugar level in our blood is directly connected with what we eat, and considering the standard diet in the present time, many of us can face the health issues caused by high blood sugar.

Diabetes has become a common health issue, and still, we are not alarmed. This health problem is transferable through genes and also develops as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. The surmising fact is that most of us could not get the early signs of blood sugar; hence one day suddenly things get out of control. As they say, precautions are better than cure, so here are some tips that you can follow to maintain healthy blood sugar. As blood sugar depends on what we eat so, we will tell you that how can you keep your blood sugar starting with your Gut.

Tips to Maintain Blood Sugar starting with Gut

Glucose or blood sugar is a source of energy that your body gets from food. Its imbalance can cause many health issues other than diabetes, such as PCOS, and it increases the chances of having diabetes type 2. Many health experts suggest that people need to change their lifestyle to decrease the possibility to have any health issue caused by blood sugar.

Your blood sugar is linked with your gut health or gut microbiome. The bacteria present in your microbiome affects blood sugar. In easier words, people with type 2 diabetes have more microbiome in their blood. So it’s essential to have a healthy microbiome to lead a healthy life. Let’s know how you can have a healthy gut to prevent the risk of increased blood sugar;

Say 'NO' to unnecessary Antibiotics.

Antibiotics are a lifesaver in many cases. It is used as prevention from many infections. Medicines like penicillin, azithromycin, and a few others save the lives of many when they are in critical health condition. The antibiotics are prescribed when a patient has some virus in his body, and it is causing infection and making the health recovery slow. The antibiotics kill the virus and the good bacteria too. So avoid taking antibiotics unnecessarily and if due to any health condition you are to consume it, do it under the supervision of a medical expert and doctor. The good bacteria present in your body fight against the virus and keep you healthy so you will defiantly want them around you.

Take Probiotics

To get generic gut health, you will have to consume probiotics. Most of the probiotics have bacteria from these groups; Bifid bacterium and Lactobacillus. These bacteria enhance the health of your Gut and to control your blood sugar; it is a must to have a healthy gut. You can get the probiotics from the diet and the supplements. Yoghurt is rich in probiotics as it has live, friendly bacteria. Olive, garlic, apples are the other good sources of probiotics you can add them to your diet to increase probiotics in your body and keep your Gut healthy.

Lead a Stress-free Life

Having a good sleep and stress-free life has a good impact on your health. It has come out in many types of research that stress-free people lead a healthy life. The more tension you will be having in your mind, the more upset your Gut will become. In a study done on animals, it has come out that in case of a lower level of stress the microbiome remains healthy for a longer time, and now you know that it has good effects on blood sugar. So it is a must that eats healthy and thinks healthy to maintain healthy blood sugar.

hMaintain a proper diet

A proper diet is very crucial to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Moreover, you must make a proper diet chart and strictly follow it. If you are already facing problems with blood sugar level, make sure to avoid unhealthy and oily foods. A healthy diet is like precautions to unhealthy blood sugar level. As you know, Precautions are better than cure. So make sure to follow a proper diet chart.

Do yoga regularly

Apart from medical treatments, Unhealthy blood sugar can be cured by doing Yoga regularly. Bow Pose, Plow Pose, Savaasana, Danu asana, etc. are some Yoga you can do to maintain blood sugar level. Apart from maintaining your blood sugar level, these yoga will also maintain a glowing skin.

At last, we will recommend you to follow these tips to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Moreover, a properly balanced diet and practising yoga regularly will give good benefits for sure. We hope we were helpful. For more health and fitness updates, Stay Tuned!

Diabetes or sugar is the world wide health issue in which the blood sugar level are racing up and down like a roller coaster in the park.

5 tips to maintain healthy blood sugar level

Before leading to the point let you know what is what first.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes may be a long-term chronic condition when your body does make enough of a hormone called insulin or doesn’t use it correctly. Some symptoms of diabetes may include:

Increased thirst and urination

Unexplained weight loss

Fatigue (tiredness)

Blurred vision

What exactly is blood sugar?

Blood sugar is that the sugar found in your blood that comes from the food you eat. Insulin brings the sugar to different parts of your body to provide it the energy it needs. People with diabetes can have high blood glucose levels because insulin isn’t working properly which leaves extra sugar within the blood.

Why are healthy blood sugar levels important?

When blood glucose levels are too high, it can cause damage to your heart, kidneys, nerves, feet, and eyes. By taking your diabetes medication and leading a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be able to control your blood glucose levels and forestall damage to those body parts.

You can maintain balanced blood glucose levels!

Take charge to win over diabetes with these 5 tips

Tip 1: eat to win

The types of food you eat and once you eat them affect blood glucose levels. Following “My Plate” can assist you eat a balanced and nutrition-rich diet, limit carbohydrates and avoid hidden sugars found in many foods and beverages like sodas and alcohol. It’s best to not skip meals!
My Plate Tips
“Focus on variety, amount, and nutrition.
Choose meals and beverages with less fat, sodium (salt), and added carbohydrates.
Start with minute changes to create healthier eating styles.”

Tip 2:mind your meds

Follow all medication instructions from your medical care doctor. If you would like insulin, remember that temperature and timing are both important. Store insulin properly and set alarms to make certain you employ it exactly when needed.

Tip 3: keep it moving

Staying physically active can help to take care of your weight and keep your blood glucose levels healthy. Follow your doctor’s advice on the extent of exercise or activity that’s best for you, especially if you’re overweight and not wont to being active.

Tip 4: stress less

Too much stress can elevate blood glucose levels. You can’t completely neglect stress, but there are ways to maintain it. Exercising, relaxation strategies, or talking things through with a doctor, counselor, or best friend are all healthy ways to maintain stress.

Tip 5: concentrate to illness and life changes

Tell your doctor once you feel sick. He or she may have to regulate your medications. Life changes like a replacement job, loss of a beloved , having a baby, and marriage/divorce also can make blood glucose levels high. Keep a blood glucose log during these times to spot abnormal blood glucose levels. You’ll got to contact your doctor.

Food that raises blood sugar level

In general, food that influences blood sugar to rise are mostly carbohydrate rich foods like meat, fish, milk and dairy products. However, even though carbohydrate influences blood sugar level if ou don’t eat them your diet will not be maintained and you won’t feel satisfied after your meal which leads to increase consumption of foods like protien and fat.

High glucose foods are those foods mostly which can raise your blood sugar level instantly without taking much of your time. The main sources to spike high sugar levels are:

  1. Carbohydrate(sugar and dietery fibers)

Carbohydrate are commonly called sugar. It contains carbon , hydrogen and Oxygen in the ratio 1:2:1. Carbohydrate rich sources are:
Noodles, seaweeds, vegetables, sugar, fruits , potatoes, rice, barley and white bread.

  1. Proteins(nitrogenous compounds)

They are the important class of biological molecules. They constitute 50% dry weight of a cell. Building block of cells , does more than 10,000 function whether it is support in the cell, hormone, activator, antigens , regulators,and enzymes.

Protein rich compounds can also cause increase in blood sugar level because excessive protein in the blood is transformed into glucose in the hepatic cells of the liver.
The following are the protein rich compounds that should not be eaten too much.

Fish, eat , shellfish, eggs and dairy products.

  1. Fat:(energy Rich compounds)

fats are the energy rich compounds important as the energy provider to the cell they provide double energy than carbohydrate and protein. Important class fats are pospholipids , they constitute cell membrane.
The following are the fats sources
Oil and fats.

Types of foods that spikes the blood sugar level in a hurry

  1. Grain

• Bagel
• White bread
• Fried potatoes
• English muffins and others

  1. Fruit’s

• Watermelon
• Pineapple
• Cherry
• And others

  1. Dairy products

• Condensed milk
• And others

  1. Snacks

• Doughnuts
• Scone
• Pancakes
• And others

  1. Processed foods

• Cheese burger
• Hamburger
• Fried chicken
• And others

These are the foods you should avoid if you got diabetes as a gift.
What to do when blood sugar level is high?

You have increased blood sugar, and wants to know how to get blood sugar level down in a hurry. Well you are reading the right article, do not worry try the following

  1. Drink more water: increase amount of water in the body causes excessive glucose to pass as urine through the body and helps you neglect dehydration.

  2. Exercise more : workout can help you lower your blood sugar level. But under specific condition, it may lead blood sugar go even higher. Ask your doctor useful exercise to lower blood sugar level.

  3. Change your diet: you need to meet with the dietitian to prescribe you better diet to maintain healthy blood sugar level. Change the type of food and quantity of food you eat.
    By doing the following inhope your blood sugar will be normalize and maintained.

How to lower morning blood sugar level?

Every time waking up with increased blood sugar level is not a good sign related to your health. Morning symptom of hyperglycemia is a result of body changing reactions that occurs under hormones while you are sleeping. This phenomena in medical world is also called Dawn phenomenon. It may be lower by doing the following
• Change your timing and types of medication
• Eating lighter meal in breakfast
• Increased doses of sugar medications
• Increased doses of insulin too.


Diabetes may be a long-term chronic condition when your body does make enough of a hormone called insulin or doesn’t use it correctly.When blood glucose levels are too high, it can cause damage to your heart, kidneys, nerves, feet, and eyes. Maintained blood sugar levels are important for your health try following tip to have a healthier and happy prosper life. Try avoiding the foods I described to maintain your blood sugar level in the optimum range.