When does McDonald’s serve lunch?

When does McDonald’s serve lunch? McDonald’s serves lunch at 10:30 A.M during business days and 11:00 A.M on weekends till 5:00 P.M.

When does McDonald's serve lunch

McDonald’s History

McDonald’s is an American fast food company. It was founded by McDonald brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald, in 1940 at San Bernardino, California, United States. Then in 1955, a business man, Ray Kroc, first joined the company as franchise agent and then bought it from these brothers. “Chris Kempczinski” is currently the president and CEO of McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the well-known, most popular fast food chain all over the globe, from kids to teenagers to grown up person, each and every one loves its flavorful taste.

In 1937, the two brothers, Maurice and Richard, along with their father started a small food stand near Monrovia Airport, at California and named it a “The Airdrome”. The food stand comprised of simple but delicious menu. Later, in October 1948, they realized they had a great specialty in hamburgers, so they decided to advance their food stand and made a small restaurant which was named as “McDonald’s” and was reopened on December 12, 1948 with its full charm. It was later handed over to Ray Kroc in 1955.


Now, McDonalds is hosting in hundred plus countries, with a total of 38,695 outlets all around the globe. It is the world’s leading global food service retailer. McDonald’s is the world’s second largest private employer with 2,10,000 employees in 2019. In 2020, McDonalds earned up to 163 billion U.S. Dollars. According to the report, McDonald’s is serving over 69 million customers, each day.

McDonald’s Brand Logo

The logo for McDonald’s is the golden arches of the letter M having a red background. It is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. On May 4, 1961, McDonald’s first filed for a U.S. trademark on the name “McDonald’s” with the description “Drive-In Restaurant Services”. Then under the guidance of Ray Kroc, on September 13, McDonald’s filed for a trademark on a new logo which was an overlapping, double arched, just like “M” symbol.

The golden arch always remained with the logo of McDonald’s. However, these arches appeared in various forms. It is the main part of restaurant design. The current emblem was given to McDonald’s in 2003, with a slogan “I’m lovin’ it”. Around six times its logo had been changed. This logo has become the identity of world’s best restaurant.


Some McDonald’s restaurant offer counter service or drive-thru service – take out service, some restaurants offer both services to their customers, with arrangement of both indoor and outdoor seating. This is a self-service restaurant.

1. McCafe

McCafe was first established in Melbourne – the capital city of Australian state of Victoria – in 1993. It is a cafe styles accompaniment to McDonald’s restaurant. Since then, most of the McDonald’s in Australia have McCafe located within the restaurant. Due to the McCafe, most of the McDonald’s restaurants’ sale rate increased by 60%.


2. McDrive OR Drive-Thru

Drive-thru means they offer no counter service and seating for the customers. McDrive is a type of take-out service which is actually purchasing things without leaving their cars. This format was pioneered in United States.



This was formerly named as “create you taste”. The idea of this restaurant was given in 2015 in Australia and then expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China and Arabia. In this restaurant, customers are allowed to choose all ingredients of their meal, including sauces, bun, meat and other optional extras, by themselves. Then in November 2016, it was named as “signature crafted recipes”.

4. McDonald’s PLAYPLACE

Some McDonald’s offers large indoor or outdoor playground known as playplace in certain cities. The first playplace was introduced in 1987 in the United States. After U.S many other countries establish playplace in their McDonald’s restaurants. This promotes joy among the kids.


5. McExpress

These are located in gas stations, shopping malls and convenience stores or corner stores. They have limited seating and menu.

6. McTrax

McTrax is introduced in Netherland. It consists of the recording studio. Customers can create their own beats with a synth and tweak sound with special effects.


Their top priority is to protect employees and their customers from coronavirus and keep them safe and healthy. McDonald’s is taking all the proactive steps to ensure the safety in their restaurants all over the world. Other than sanitation procedures.

McDonald’s team has taken following necessary precautions against this pandemic:

  • Check temperature before any employ or customer enters the outlet.

  • Installation of protective barriers at order points.

  • Stick social distancing floor stickers in order to guide customers on maintaining a proper distance.

  • Employees are wearing masks and gloves for the whole time and making masks available for customers, if they lack mask.

  • Some seats and tables are removed to accommodate social distancing.

  • Increased the frequency of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of high-touchpoint surfaces including tables.

  • Employees are not touching or close to any other person.

Other than these steps, some restaurants have closed play areas and seating has been minimized. It is shifted to Drive-Thru and online food ordering delivery service through its official website. Restaurants in several different countries were temporarily closed and were reopened only for drive-thru, take away, online delivery with limited menu.

What time does McDonald’s serve lunch?

What time does MacDonald serve lunch? The answer is lunch ends at 10:00 A.M, so they start serving lunch at 10:30 A.M on working days i.e. Monday to Friday. On weekend, McDonald’s offer lunch to their customers from 11 A.M. The lunch timing ends at 5:00 P.M sharp, then they start preparation for dinner.

Well, usually McDonald’s lunch hour timing depends on the geographical location of the outlet. Timings can be changed from branch to branch; mostly it depends on the decision of the owner of that branch. During COVID, some restaurants have had to adjust their operating or serving hours. Some restaurants have the timing from 10:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M while some host their customers for whole day long – for 24 hours.

McDonald’s 24 hours service

Serving for 24 hours means the outlet has plenty of customers at late night too, that would be worth keeping open for 24 hours. Some outlets show “open for 24 hours” which means only drive-thru or takeaway are open during night hours and dining rooms get closed.


McDonald’s restaurant serves a relevant menu of good quality food and beverages, having different but affordable price. McDonald’s revolutionized the food industry with its mouth-watering meals. Its menu includes:


  1. Crispy McBacon

  2. Big Mac

  3. McChicken

  4. Hamburger

  5. McSpicy

  6. Jalapeno McCrispy burger

  7. Filet-o-fish

  8. Quarter pounder with cheese


  1. Chicken McNuggets

  2. The chicken box

  3. crispy chicken

  4. Chicken strips

  5. Chicken wings


  1. McFlurry Oreo

  2. Apple pie

  3. McFlurry M&M’s

  4. Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate milkshakes

  5. Caramel sundae and caramel sundae deluxe

  6. Strawberry sundae and strawberry sundae deluxe

  7. Chocolate sundae and chocolate sundae deluxe

  8. Vanilla cone

  9. brownie

  10. Berlingo fruits

  11. Oreo cheese cake

  12. Chocolate donut

4. McCafe

  1. McCafe latte

  2. Mocha frappe

  3. Iced milo

  4. Caramel frappe

  5. Iced latte

  6. McCafe cappuccino

  7. Green reviver

  8. Berry heaven

  9. Pineapple sunset

Other than these, nacho cheese triangles, crispy fries, salads, cold drinks, happy meal and many more enhance the taste of McDonald’s.

Menu of McDonald's

SUMMARY: McDonald’s take several measurements to ensure its employees and customers’ safety, during COVID. In some places, dine-in has shifted to drive-thru or takeaway and online food ordering delivery. McDonald’s serves lunch at 10:30 A.M on weekdays and 11:00 A.M at weekends with its delicious meals.


Some frequently asked questions regarding McDonald’s lunch hours:

Does McDonald’s only serve breakfast before 11?

McDonald’s serves breakfast until 10:00 A.M in all its outlets. Outlets that are open for 24 hours a day start serving breakfast from 6am.

Can you order McDonald’s lunch during breakfast?

No, you can’t order lunch during breakfast timing in McDonald’s. Breakfast in McDonald’s ends at 10:00 A.M, after 10, you can order your lunch.

Is McDonald’s meat Haram?

Yes, meat provided to non-Muslim countries is mostly Haram. However, Muslim countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia etc. are using 100% Halal meat and is imported by trusted suppliers.

What’s on McDonald’s late night menu?

The items available late night include the Big Mac, Chicken Mcnuggets, Quarter Pounder burgers, All-Day Breakfast, fries and other side meals like apple pie, Happy Meals and McCafe beverages.

How bad are Big Macs?

A Big Mac contains 540 calories and 25 grams of fat. Consuming this sandwich alone, even without the fries and soda, makes up more than 25% of an adult’s daily recommended calorie intake and over 40% of the recommended daily fat intake.


McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chain by revenue. It is hosting in over 100 countries with its tasty flavor. When does McDonald’s serve lunch? The answer to this question is, from 10:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M. This McDonald’s lunch time is Followed almost all our the world it’s franchise chains. McDonald’s provides you with heavenly taste, cleanliness, hygiene, fast service and affordability.


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