7 Layer Burrito

7 Layers Burrito is a Mexican dish of Tex-Mex cuisine .7 layers burrito is a large burrito of flour tortilla that is filled up with the savory seven layers of different ingredients containing different flavors including tomatoes, seasoned rice, sour cream, fried beans, and cheese of three different flavors, guacamole, and lettuce.

#1 What is Burrito?

7 layers Burrito is developed from a Mexican cuisine of Tex-Mex line of dishes; known as Burrito. This is composed of tortilla sheets wrapped in a cylindrical shape. There are many ingredients that are added in it. Sometimes they are grilled and sometimes they are just steamed. This wrap of cylindrical shape can be eaten by the hand like a burger as all of the ingredients inside it are tightly packed and so this it is easy to eat burrito. In other case when it is steamed, then it is served with the hot and spicy sauces poured on its top, in this case a fork and a knife is employed to eat steamed burrito.

## 1.2 Burrito’s Origin:

If we trace back the origin of burritos then we can find that the word burrito was used for the first time in 1930’s; in the American restaurants i.e El Cholo Spanish Café in Los Angeles. Then in 1934 the burrito word was used by a historian Erna Fergusson , in his Mexican cookbook of recipes collection.

## 1.3 What is the Meaning of Burrito?

The word burrito is not a Mexican word. As Spanish is also use in the country so burrito is a Spanish word. The direct translation of burrito in English would be “little donkey”. So what is the similarity between the donkey and burrito? The probable answer to this question is that, that the name burro means donkey which is given to this tortilla role is not because that the role looks like donkey, but it actually is like a bedroll that a donkey usually carries on its back.

## 1.4 Who Invented Burrito?

There are different theories regarding the invention of burrito, as the origin of burrito is unclear;

  • It is said that Juan Mendez was a street Vendor. Who used to live in Chihuahua Mexico. It was in 1910’s the time of Mexican revolution. He planned to wrap the food he sale in flour tortillas, in order to keep it warm. Later his idea proved to be very helpful to not only keep the food warm, but also the way it is served, is the easiest way of eating meal.
  • According to another legend, in 1940’s a street vendor introduced burrito in Ciudad Juarez for the school children. For them he wrapped the food in the tortillas, to make it easy to eat for the school children.

## 1.5 Mexican History of Burrito:

In 10,000 B.C, the Mesoamerican people and also the pueblo peoples of southwestern America who were living in the Mexico, made use of corn tortillas for wrapping the food. This kind of tortilla dish was filled with the ingredients like Chilli peppers,squash, tomatoes, mushrooms and avocadoes etc. But this kind of the dishes were more closer to the Taco instead of the modern dish known to us as burrito.

## 1.6 Difference Between Burrito and Taco:

Sometimes the burrito and taco are intermixed. Both are Mexican cuisines, but they are not the same.


Taco is an open sandwich kind of dish. In which the different ingredients are folded in one tortilla that is not closed. As the tortilla is not folded, so one can see all of the ingredients of the taco present inside.


Burrito is a delicacy from the Mexican cuisine. That also is made with the tortilla, but in burrito the tortilla are kept closed and all of the ingredients get hid inside tortilla.

## 1.7 Regional Varieties of Burrito:

With the passage of the time, different regional styles of burrito developed in America. These are;

  • Maxican style
  • San Francisco style
  • San Diego style
  • Los Angeles style.

## 1.8 Is Burrito Healthy?

Burrito can be eaten in any part of the day and yes they are healthy too. It is a healthiest and leanest bomb of healthy ingredients. The main is the wheat flour tortilla, then it contains protein, like meat, it has rice, cheese and vegetables inside. So as a whole it could be a healthy meal.

# 2 A Quick Introduction of 7 Layer Burrito:

Here is a brief introduction of the Mexican 7 layer Burrito;

  • Type : Wrap
  • Course : Breakfast , lunch or even in dinner
  • Place of origin: Mexico
  • Flavor: spicy
  • Temperature: should be served hot
  • Key ingredients: wheat /corn flour tortillas, meat and beans
  • Side ingredients : cheese, rice, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, pico de, crema etc

##2.1 Introduction of 7 Layer Burrito :

7 layer Burrito was introduced by the Taco Bell fast food restaurant for its customers in America. It was introduced in 1993 for the vegetarian customers. However they removed it from their menu on August 13th 2020. The reason was to streamline their menu. For the reason to make the delivery fast in the time of Corona pandemic.

## 2.2 Taco Bell:

Teco Bell is a fast food restaurant with its multiple chains in United States. It was first started working in California back I 1962. The founder was Glen Bel. The main variety of the meal serve here is based on the Mexican inspired food, which is from the Tex-Mex line of dishes. The Mexican dishes which are made from for example taco, burrito, nachos, quesadillas etc.

## 2.3 Introductory Price:

The introductory price of 7 layer burrito at Taco Bell was some 0.99 cents in the beginning.

## 2.4 7 Layer Burrito Price :

In the menu of the Taco Bell the price of the 7 Layer burrito was $2.49.

##2.5 Main Ingredients of 7 Layer Burrito

The key main ingredients of the 7 layer Burrito are;

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Black beans
  • Seasoned Rice

## 2.6 What is on a 7 Layer Burrito Taco Bell?

Just like a building that is composed of seven different floors, 7 layers Burrito is composed of seven different floors of flavors. Each layer caries not only a different flavor, but a different deliciousness as well. On the first floor of the 7 Layered Burrito lives the family of black Beans. Next to the second story you are going to find a family of seasoned rice. While Guacamole lives on the third floor. Next story that follows to the rice, is a house of shredded Lettuce. The middle floor is the place which is the hub of the delicious flavors, the house of the three cheese blend. On the top of this floor the diced tomato is given the space. The final and the last floor of this story you will meet the Sour Cream.

## 2.7 Is Teco Bell Saying Good Bye To 7 Layer Burrito :

It was updated on CNN Business website in a post from July 20, 2020. It was said that the announcement was made by the fast food chain Taco Bell that they are retiring 11 items from their menu to simplify it. Along with the 7 layer Burrito , to provide space to some newly launched items.

## 2.8 Taco Bell 7 layer Burrito Recipe:

Below is the 7 layer Burrito vegetarian recipe of the Taco Bell;

Course: Main Course

Cuisine : Mexican

Diet: Vegetarian

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes

Serving: 6 Burritos

Calories: 650Kcal

Ingredients :

Mexican Rice

Refried Beans


6 flour Tortillas

3/4th cup sour cream

3/4th cup cheese shredded

2 cups lettuce chopped

2 tomatoes chopped


Heat up the skillet on medium heat. Heat the tortilla for 1 minute from the both side on the skillet.

Place tortilla on the plate.

Top with fried pinto beans

Top it with Mexican rice

Now add on it shredded cheese.

Now pour guacamole spread on it

Now sprinkle the crushed tomatoes on its top.

Now start folding the burrito from two side and then fold the other two side of it ,then roll it to pack up all of the ingredients tightly.

Lightly spray the avocado oil on the pan, and put the 7 layer Burrito roll on it. Fry it on the medium high flame from both sides until it turn golden brown; it will take almost 3 minutes.

Remove burrito from the pan .Put it in the serving plate and cut the burrito with knife in two halve.

Serve it hot with you favorite sauces.

## 2.9 Seven Layer Burrito Bowl:

Seven layers Burrito bowl also known as seven layers burrito dip is another version of the famous dish 7 layer Burrito. It is a little tricky and is also beautiful in presentation. In this all of the ingredients of the 7 layer Burrito are added but not in the tortilla roll, but in an open dish mostly in a transparent one. So one can easily see all of the layers placed one above another in the dish. You may eat this dish with fork or a spoon. The tortilla chips are served with it separately in another dish.

##2.10 7 layer Burrito Taco Bell India:

The 7 Layer Burrito serves in the Indian branch of the Taco Bell as well; but they are of different varieties and flavors.

  • The Burrito VEG
  • The Burrito NON VEG
  • Tikka Masala Burrito VEG / NON VEG
  • 7 layer Burrito VEG / NON VEG

##2.11 Taco Bell 7 Layer Burrito Fresco Style:

Fresco style means the customized style of any dish, in which you try to avoid the items that are very high in calories and fat by replacing them with the healthy versions. Thus it becomes purely Vegan. There is a fresco style 7 layer burrito introduced at Taco Bell. That is consisting of a flour tortilla filled with fresh onions, tomatoes, refried beans, rice, guacamole and lettuce.

##2.12 Nutritional Facts of 7 Layers Burrito:

According to an average estimate, a single 7 layer Burrito of about 8 oz, has the following calculated amount of the nutrition in it.

  • Calories 440 (1841 kj)
  • Fat 16 g
  • Carbs 59 g
  • Fiber 7 g
  • Protein 14 g
  • Saturated fat 6 g
  • Trans fat 0 g
  • Cholesterol 15 g
  • Sodium 1000mg
  • Sugars 4g
  • Calcium 250 g
  • Alcohol 0 g
  • Iron 4g
  • Vitamin A 500 g
  • Vitamin C 54 g

Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQs

Are Burritos Actually Mexican?

As the background of the burritos is obscure, still the theories mostly support to its origin from northern Mexico, at the time of the Russian revolution. As it is traced back that burrito was not known to the Californians before 1930.

What Does Burrito Mean in Slang?

As mentioned above the burrito word was derived from a Spanish word burro which means donkey. As burrito is wrapped in a shape of a bedrolls or the packs, that’s why it was called as burrito.

Is Burrito Mexican word?

Nops, though the dish is Mexican, but the name of the dish is derived from a Spanish word “burro”.

What Does Burrito Emoji Means?

There is an emoji that is use in the mobile in different apps which is known as burrito emoji. It looks like a burger.

Is 7 Layer Burrito Gone?

The 7 Layer Burrito is now no more in the menu of Taco Bell, as they had to introduce two new dishes in the menu so they removed some of the old items from the menu.


The Mexican dishes are very famous due to their savory and flavorful spicy sauces. Now you can easy find any of the one or two Mexican dishes, added in a menu where ever you are in the world. Taco Bell also initiated its fast food chain, keeping all of the main ingredients from the Mexican cuisine. 7 layers Burrito is one of the most; liked items of the customers, as its best for the busy people who have a little time for dine in. They just grab their single 7 layer burrito and enjoy their meal where ever they like to have it. Secondly it’s a meat less verity of burrito, so this has been a big hit for all of the vegans around the world.