Sad Quotes About Friendship Breakups

Friendship breakups hit harder. Here are 10 sad quotes about friendship breakups that will help you have a voice. If you have been looking for these sad friendship ending quotes than keep on reading!

Friendship Breakup Quotes:

How do you deal with a friendship breakup? why are these so hard? They are hard because your feelings unmanageably and unconditionally get attached with another human being, with whom you share a platonic relationship.

Sad Quotes About Friendship Breakups

What are some friendship quotes that make you cry? or Friendship ending quotes? Following are some friendship breakup quotes for you to speak your voice.

+9 Sad Friendship Breakup Quotes:

  • “The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.” (Jonathan Harnisch)

  • " I hadn’t lost you. i just never had you"

  • “Friends can break your heart into million pieces.”

  • “You went your way, and i knew that i had to gone mine but yet every step broke me a little more”

  • “It just make me wonder that how can a person change so drastically quick. when you told me for the first time and hundred times after that, we were friends, did you actually mean it all at that time or made a fool of me.”

  • “No matter it’s a relationship of a lover or a relationship of a friend, when it ends- people break down.”

  • “why it’s so hard for me to breath. why did you do this to me? why me?.” (s.r.a)

  • "one of the toughest thing is to accept that you lost someone, you once called a best friend. "

  • “The more i grow up, the more i realize; how fool was it for me to be deceived by a person like you…” (s.r.a)

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