Sad Emotional Friendship Quotes

Sad Emotional Friendship Quotes that speaks out your heart.

Are you here for some Sad emotional friendship quotes? We have a collection of 15 heart-breaking quotes that will speak your heart in the loudest way… Please follow up…

Sad Emotional Friendship Quotes

These days real friendships have become rare. People do want to enjoy the glitters of life with you but never show up when you really need them. This give birth to imposters or what we call Fake friends. Friendships with such people always gift you sadness in return. Often times communicating your thoughts or conveying your feelings become tough. sometimes sad emotions take over us so intensly that we are left with no words to say. Here are a few set of emotional friendship quotes that may speak your heart out.

15+ Emotional Friendship Quotes:

We have a small collection of quotes that will help you admitting what has happened and that- now you need to get strong!

  • “People always change even our dearest friends turn into strangers” (Unknown)

  • “I thought nothing could break us apart, but trust me, i never knew you would turn out to be totally different.” (s.r.a)

  • “Our Friend’s silence hurt us more than our enemy’s harsh words.” (Unknown)

  • “Life is hard on me since you’ve left me. i wish, i could make you known how much i loved you.”

  • ‘‘I wasn’t fake. my friendship wasn’t fake but why had you turn out to be one such kind.’’
    “Dear best friend, If you need me call me. Although we are not together, but i will always be there when ever you need me.”

  • ''If you make new friends, please don’t forget your old ones"

  • “I never lost you, you will always be in my heart. remember we promised each other to never be apart?” (s.r.a)

  • 'Dear Best friend, I wish for the last time that, i could show you what i felt for you"

  • "Your presence is more important than even the words that you say. I value our friendship so much.’’

  • “I wanted our friendship to last as long as it could, for I could not live without you.”

  • “It does not matter how many friends you have, but there is that one true friend who will always be there for you. Treasure that friendship.”

  • “A friend always sees your pain when everyone else can’t. You are that friend and I will forever cherish our friendship.”

  • “Many people will come and go, but re friends will be with you until the end of time.”

  • “Friendship is not a game that you can just end like that; it starts today and stays forever.”

  • “I never knew what true friendship meant until I met you. With you now I know how good friendship is.”

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