Are you looking for some friendship ending quotes? We have a collection of 13 sad quotes that you may send to your best friend or to those people; who once meant real friends to you. Keep Reading!

Sad Friendships Ending Quotes To Send Your Best Friend

What are some sad friendship ending quotes? The Sad friendship quotes convey our deepest feelings of hurt and regret. Often we need to read some quotations, and statements that perfectly fits our situation and relate to our sad-sorrowful emotions here are some sad friendships ending quotes to send your best friend:

12+ Friendship Ending Quotes

  • “If you want to see how much they care then you should just stop talking to them and watch if it concern them.”

  • "Saying goodbye to you was the hardest part. I never thought we would ever end up. "

  • “The element in separation can both be the end or start of a new chapter. But either way it leads to a new beginning” —s.r.a

  • “The ending dot to the story of our friendship was when i looked up crying and found no eyes that recognized mine.” —s.r.a

  • “But you promised to never let me go”

  • “Friendship breakups are bitter. They are soul wrenching and heart aching .” —s.r.a

  • "The saddest and shocking moment comes in friendship when you see them promising everything that you once shared with them. "

  • “Strangers can become bestfriends but bestfriends can also become strangers and it is the irony of life.”

  • “Why wasn’t it like that, you never said hello ,and we never shared moments. That you never smiled at me, and i never called you my best friend.”

  • “If you’re the only one putting effort in your friendship. Forgiving, forgetting and moving on… You are giving them permanent license to hurt you.”

  • "You shouldn’t leave them because they couldn’t prove their friendship, but you must separate yourself to lessen the hurt. "

  • “A friendship that can end is never started ever.”

  • “Why you did not give me one last chance to speak. The reality was not how you perceived it.”

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