Ricer Car

The ricer car is the one with the most unnecessary modifications to make it(especially only) look faster. What is a ricer? The ricer represents the development of race makeup. But on the street they also called the boy a racer or they all showed no movement. At first it was called Japanese cars, but now all cars can be considered as ricer cars, when they are full of bad cosmetic mods.

Ricer Car

10 Ricer Cars That Make Everyday Cars Look Bad

There are those who actually take time, money, and (sometimes) even their sweat and tears to make their car look incomparable.

In everyday driving, you may be aware of the recurring patterns in your body. Excellent everywhere you look, there are boring cars with little thought or care included in their design (if any at all, actually). The average car owner doesn’t have enough motivation or way to change his car to help the situation, either.

Then there are those who really don’t have the knowledge or the money, but prefer to change their cars in any way they can. While we appreciate the noise, sometimes it’s obvious that bodybuilding is done poorly in their garage, it tends to illuminate people who give themselves time to make their car style look like the next step more and more.

To be considered a ricer car, the car simply has a lot of physical appearance improvements with very little performance improvement. Many amateur mechanics start out by building their own luxury cars, which are usually just a heap of rubbish that no one wants to look at and everyone laughs at.

1. Nissan 370Z

The 370Z may be considered the ricer car in all terms, but it is not the most efficient car out there. That means there is a lot of money put into this coupon that is sure that the owner will spread some love even to the mechanical products. If not, this is still one car that looks bad. No cost has been saved, from tires and rims to painting work. We can probably guarantee that this car will get a lot of head-turning and constant attention.

2. Nissan 240SX

The Nissan Silvia is a very popular car, but this 240SX home market is almost unknown after the addition of ground effects and other advantages. Although considered a ‘sports car’, older models of the 80s are not the fastest cars around, at least not by modern standards, which makes this a perfect fit. Silently, I think we are all betting that there would have been some major improvements to the engine, but it is actually a 50-50 shotgun. In any case, the paint job along with the rims and fitted fountains is wonderfully done. This 240SX is also quite a distance from its humble origin.

3. Mitsubishi Lancer

Lancer should be given more credit than we currently receive. It was the Fast and the Furious movie, after all. However, most affluent beginners choose a more common route, such as the Civic, probably because there are a lot of those sleeping organizations. The Mitsubishi Lancer, on the other hand, has more space in the taxi but still has major construction errors that are enabled except for the Evo model. This Lancer looks great, all you need is an electrical installation that is hard to match. Although standing wheels are not to your liking, they are made to taste and blend well with purple paint. Those details, like the same headlights and symbols, are what bring this car together, though.

4. Acura NSX

The NSX has always been a popular car, though it still lives in the shadows because everyone thinks it is a big supercar that is completely inaccessible (just tad). It’s much better to sleep with the heart, but a lot of progress is being made in these hot links. In the case of the 90s NSX, one has put a lot of love and attention into it. That is, the wheels. The white rims contrast perfectly with the red cherry exterior, and just a small stand is enough to give you that extra glow without being so disgusting that people just stare at you as you pass by.

5. Nissan 370Z

Once again, the 370Z appears on the list. It is one of the most frequently modeled cars for a reason: it is cheap and extremely fast. The engine can use tuning, but the beauty of this car continues to protect its reputation, one modem at a time. The snow-white paint is so smooth and flawless that it would be scary to take this item anywhere. Even the fierce spoiler adds a nice touch to the very rich wannabes they are trying to target, but they always seem to be missing out. We can’t deny that the 370Z is standard, but if you’re going to do it for yourself, take notes.

6. Subaru WRX

The Impreza is actually a sleeping bag, naturally (depending on the model), but it goes too far before anyone can really see what it is: the best cars waiting to be customized. This Impreza may or may not be WRX and probably not an STI, but it brings the whole character to the table with a few subtle modifications. For one thing, the paint is clean and smooth. Not many Impreza owners take the leap and go looking for a matte red paint job. Extreme looks and, as Impreza does not come to a factory with a color option (for years), is not something you see often. After that we have standing wheels with clean rims, it is a very efficient joint (whether the hood scoop is factory or not it remains a mystery).

7. Subaru BRZ

The BRZ is one of those cars that gets a lot of flak by not being a WRX, but it doesn’t deserve all that discrimination. If you can love the BRZ for what it is a wannabe rear-wheel drive sports car, you can turn this car into something beautiful. While the engine needs to be adjusted to get anywhere near a real sports car, the BRZ is still going very well with tons of aftermarket. The clean, white rims go well with Subaru’s blue signature paint. A slight stop does not hurt either, however, the reduction has really helped to give the car what it lacks as the stock suspension does not look good on the car’s appearance.

8. Nissan Silvia (S15)

Silvia is one of those forgotten Nissan cars that really deserves recognition. The S15 model is one of the most ill-fated body styles and (apparently) can look really good when the mind is set to work on it. In this case, Silvia’s dark purple paint sharpens the soft surface of the once boring car. The effects of the soil and the recyclable lights help to clean it up a lot. Unbeknownst to you, the tires are pushing past the riders just a little bit, reducing its blurred passenger image that comes to mind when you think of the stock Silvia. It’s a good practice to light a little on a lesser-known car (at least in the US, where it sold like the 240SX for a few years).

9. Subaru WRX

The Subaru stable, in general, has received a lot of attention over the past few years. WRX has lost a lot of fun when bug-eye lights go out, though. The new WRX was a much-needed face lift and fully rocked the wealthy community, even annoying Honda to boost its game in the Civic. However, the WRX can still use a few upgrades and the owner has greatly benefited from his car. The downgrade kit looks like it was a much needed item and, even though the manufacturer’s spoiler is too big from the factory, the replacement is very impressive and delicious. The rims inside are just a layer of Subaru blue cake.

10. Lexus LC 500

Maybe it’s because of the cost, but you don’t see many Lexus models in the rich mix, so this LC 500 makes its presence known. There is no way you can get past this dark beauty without stopping to look. It takes a sharp mind and a good idea to figure out how to make a luxury car look better than in a store, but the owner has made the car look so clean that we would like to buy a used one for him. It really didn’t take much to make this car look amazing: the wheels are off and the downing tire completes it. Now, it’s time to work on the engine.

What is the Usage of a Ricer Car?

“Ricer Car” is used primarily as a noun. Variations of these uses include ricer (both car and driver), rice truck, rice cooker, rice boy (used by the driver), mobile rice, rice rocket (motorcycles), etc.

As an adjective, rice alone is used primarily and can be used in cars and drivers. Others include riced, riced out, riced up and ricey. Ricing is a continuous process of changing a car in a defined way.


“Ricing” (a term often used not to be used by the repairer himself) the car is intended to mimic the aesthetic function of private car repair companies that change more than just the appearance, giving the appearance of greater power than the car has. Prices are generally underestimated among people who perform engine repairs and other performance-enhancing improvements.

Typical aftermarket modifications to this style may include but are not limited to:

Body modifications

  • Body kits that appear to be Aerodynamic or artfully designed, usually with minimal functionality
  • Unsupervised wings and spoilers, which may increase drag and decrease traction.
  • Carbon fiber hoods (sometimes fiberglass replicas made to look like carbon fiber, or decorative plastic with a carbon fiber look)


  • Bright paint or interior, always in different colors
  • Decorations and stickers for aftermarket parts are actually not in the car
  • Betting from other high-end cars or JDM planning companies such as Mugen, Nismo, etc.


  • Decorative neon and LED lighting in addition to regular head / tail lights and brake signals / curves, such as air-conditioned microphones and tire tire caps, personal neon lighting at the bottom (“stop lights”), etc.

  • Brightly illuminated lamps (although most of these provide better light than standard halogen bulbs), sometimes illegally and misaligned; colored, and often illegal, used to convert signals, side markers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions related to ricer car:

1. Why do people hate “ricers”?

This is because many ricers can be seen as irritable, arrogant, angry, or in some cases argumentative. Each town has one boy with the Honda community beaten, parts may not be held tight.

2. Why do people like driving loud cars?

A loud grumbling, screaming, cracking and popping exhaust is much more enthusiastic to drive than a silent one. It gives you music to your ears (the drivers) and it is a way to differentiate your car from other cars on the road.

3. Is the 2017 Honda Civic Type R a ricer?

The type R is fast. Not the fastest but it’s fast. Since it’s fast and the wild body serves a purpose, I wouldn’t consider it rice.


Ricer cars tend to have low-cost cars that are more expensive in terms of cosmetics, lift larger wings and produce more. Other features of these ricer cars are big wheels and crazy paint or stickers. Most of the time when you hear a car with great and bad music with its open windows and subwoofer at max, 90% of the time before you look, you already know that it will be a ricer car. Many times these rich people buy ugly body kits to put in their stock cars.

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