Definition of Installation:

  1. Fixed or semi-fixed location of a complete system or a self-contained unit, with its accompanying assemblies, accessories and parts. Installation generally also includes provision of or connection to services (such as power and water supply) required to make the installed equipment ready for operation.

Synonyms of Installation

Accedence, Acceptance, Accession, Accouterments, Admission, Admittance, Agency, Anchorage, Apostolic orders, Apparatus, Appliances, Appointment, Appointments, Appurtenances, Armament, Atelier, Baptism, Barbershop, Base, Beauty parlor, Beauty shop, Bench, Butcher shop, Calling, Camp, Canonization, Colonization, Coming out, Company, Concern, Conferment, Connection, Consecration, Constitution, Conveniences, Coronation, Corporation, Crowning, Curtain raiser, Debut, Depot, Desk, Duffel, Effectuation, Election, Embarkation, Embarkment, Enlistment, Enrollment, Enthronement, Equipage, Equipment, Establishment, Facilities, Facility, Firm, First appearance, Fitting, Fittings, Fixation, Fixtures, Floating, Flotation, Formation, Foundation, Furnishings, Furniture, Gear, Holy orders, House, Immission, Impedimenta, Inaugural, Inaugural address, Inauguration, Inception, Induction, Initiation, Installations, Installment, Instatement, Institution, Introduction, Intromission, Investiture, Kit, Launching, Lodgment, Loft, Machinery, Maiden speech, Major orders, Materialization, Materiel, Minor orders, Mooring, Munition, Munitions, Nomination, Opener, Ordainment, Orders, Ordination, Organization, Outfit, Paraphernalia, Parlor, Peopling, Placement, Plant, Plantation, Plumbing, Population, Positioning, Post, Preferment, Preliminary, Presentation, Reading in, Realization, Rig, Rigging, Setting-up, Settlement, Settling, Shop, Solemnization, Station, Stock-in-trade, Studio, Sweatshop, Tackle, Taking office, Things, Unveiling, Utensils, Work site, Work space, Workbench, Workhouse, Working space, Workplace, Workroom, Workshop, Worktable

How to use Installation in a sentence?

  1. The installation process would take a lot of time and would require a lot of patience from all of us.
  2. The installation process would take a lot of time and would require a lot of patience from all of us.
  3. The house was a great fixer up but the wiring and plumbing were completely unusable; the new owners had to gut it and arrange for the installation of new pipes and wiring.

Meaning of Installation & Installation Definition