Definition of Coupon:

  1. A form in a newspaper or magazine that may be filled in and sent as an application for a purchase or information.

  2. (of a consumer) collect and use coupons or vouchers offering discounts on goods or services.

  3. Bonds: (1) Bearer bonds detachable-stub (counterfoil) presented by a bondholder to the bond issuer for receiving interest payment. If coupons are exhausted before the bonds maturity date, the bondholder may apply for a new set. Also called a warrant. (2) Registered bonds interest rate the bond issuer promises to pay until bond matures. For example, a 10 percent coupon means a 10 percent annual interest rate. Also called coupon rate.

  4. A voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product.

  5. Marketing: Discount offer printed in newspapers or magazines, attached to a packaging, or mailed out. A consumer redeems a coupon by presenting it at the time of paying for the discounted product.

Synonyms of Coupon

Voucher, Coupon, Chit, Docket, Stamp, Order, Credit note, IOU, Form, Tear-off slip, Entry form, Application form

How to use Coupon in a sentence?

  1. The current rates are $5 per day, $28 per week and a reduced fee if the customer uses available discount coupons.
  2. In magazines or newspapers, coupons may be a part of an advert, as we see in Advert 12.3.
  3. You can put out a coupon to try and get new customers to come into your store if things have been going slow.
  4. I was excited because the item was really expensive, but I had a coupon that would give me over 75 percent off of it.
  5. She couponed and budgeted to feed her family of six.
  6. The coupon used by the customer was making both parties in the interaction and transaction pleased to be doing business.

Meaning of Coupon & Coupon Definition