Print Paypal Shipping Label Without Invoice

Print shipping label PayPal without an invoice. Go to paypal site and enter the recipient’s shipping address and click Ship to this address. This page is not easily available, so you should bookmark it for your future PayPal printing labels.

Print shipping label PayPal without invoice

Fee for sending international personal transactions using PayPal

  • The difference between the fee for sending local transactions, plus the added percentage-based fee for international transactions (international fee).

Create a shipping label on PayPal without an invoice or transaction

Given below is a detailed demonstration of creating a shipping label on PayPal without an invoice or transaction:

  1. Go to the link mentioned above.

  2. Then enter the recipient’s shipping address. After that click Ship to This Address.

  3. Now enter the address that you will be shipping from. It is your “return to sender address. Also, make sure that you use your personal address to avoid any issues.

  4. Now select the shipping service you want to use. PayPal offers to ship with UPS and USPS and provides other multiple service options. You Select the service based on your budget, parcel size, and time frame.

  5. After selecting your shipping method,enter your parcel information. PayPal will require you to include the weight of your parcel in pounds and ounces and the size of your parcel in inches. You need to confirm the correct measurements or else your package could be returned.

  6. Now enter the shipping date. The system will automatically fill it to the current date. If you are planning to drop your parcel at the post office at a future date, make sure you change this date to imitate that.

  7. On the right-hand side of your screen, there is an option of Calculate Shipping Cost. Clicking on it will sum up the shipping costs based on the data you have provided.

  8. Once you are confirmed that your information is correct, click Confirm and Pay. You can pay with both your credit card or a PayPal balance.

Print shipping label PayPal without invoice

Click Print Label to produce your label for printing.

Reasons to prefer PayPal shipping

PayPal is one of the top platforms for secure online payments. PayPal at present has about 346 million active users.

And if you haven’t used it in the past to send or receive money, you’ll probably use it shortly.

PayPal keeps up-to-date its list of services and you need to know the best ways of this secure payment system to conduct your various transactions.

So, do you want to know the way to create a PayPal Shipping Label without purchase?

PayPal is manageable through a desktop website or a smartphone app. This allows you to access your account and do a lot of online monetary transactions.

Now print a shipping label on PayPal without purchase

It sucks, to wait in a long line at the post office? But what if you can print postage at home without paying a monthly fee? Your only requirement is a PayPal account and a digital scale. It is easy to buy postage on PayPal, plus you don’t even need an invoice from eBay! Here’s how to create a PayPal shipping label without purchase, invoice, or eBay transaction.

Your requirements to create a shipping label on PayPal without a purchase

  1. PayPal account
  2. Shipping information
  3. Digital scale
  4. Printer
  5. Clear tape

To create a PayPal shipping label, you will need a clear shipping tape and a digital printer.

  1. You will also need a precise digital scale to weigh your parcels exactly. The next thing you need is a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your parcel.

Once you are done with the measurements.

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Go to the link mentioned above.
  3. You can also copy and paste the link into your browser to automatically log into your account.
  4. If you are about to send a lot of packages, it is a good idea to bookmark this webpage, it will help you to easily find it whenever you need to create a shipping label.

A window will pop up on your screen. You will enter the accurate recipient’s address and then click “Ship to This Address.”

Now enter your personal address or the warehouse’s address where the goods will be shipped from.

This is actually a “Return to Sender” address in case the carrier is incapable to locate the recipient or if there was something wrong with the recipient’s address. It’s vital to mention your own address as mentioning the post office address can create a lot of misunderstanding, and your parcel might be returned to the post office, in case it’s returned.

  • Choose the shipping method.
  • After that, enter the accurate information about your parcel. It guarantees that your package will arrive successfully. You need to enter your package’s accurate dimensions. If any of these details are improper, your parcel might get returned.
  • Enter the shipping date.
  • Now click the “Calculate the Shipping Cost” to calculate the shipping cost based on the information you’ve provided.
  • Click the Confirm and Pay option.
  • After you’ve completed the payment, press the “Print Label” option. Print the label and pin it to the parcel.


To print shipping label PayPal without invoice, you need to follow the directions mentioned above. PayPal is the world’s leading transaction authority and you have to use it in the future if not today.

Create a Shipping Label through PayPal with an Invoice

To create a shipping label through PayPal with an invoice:

First, you should log in to your PayPal account.

Find the recent transaction under your Activity Tab for which you wish to create a label.

Click on the chosen order to develop the order details, now select Print Shipping Label.

Select your shipping through PayPal UPS or USPS shipping.

Enter and verify the shipping information.

Now click Confirm and Pay. You can pay through a credit card or your PayPal balance.

Click Print Label and generate your label for printing. Your shipping label should open in a new window, if it doesn’t, then disable the pop-up blocker on your browser and retry.

Print the label and fasten it on the parcel to be shipped.

Difference between USPS Online Shipping and PayPal Shipping Label Without Invoice

You can also create an online United States Postal Service (USPS) account and can create shipping labels on their website. Being an Amazon or eBay seller, it’s usually more suitable for you to use PayPal as your ship label provider. PayPal also lets you ship using UPS if necessary.

Now it is easy for you to buy postage on PayPal and create a PayPal shipping label without an invoice. But you should compare the rates between services before making a decision

PayPal Shipping Advantages:

Buying your postage from PayPal not just saves your time, but money too. PayPal has reduced pricing on shipping rates from both the USPS and UPS shipping services.

Both of these services have a variety of shipping options. UPS and USPS both include providing multi-order shipping, international shipping, tracking numbers, printed packing, slips priority, mail service, free insurance for premium shipping options, and easy customs forms. Multiple shipping methods are available from both shipping carriers which also includes First Class Mail from the U.S. Postal Service

Cost Savings

Where many other online payment and shipment companies charge you monthly or usage fees, PayPal doesn’t. PayPal provides its customers with viable discounted rates on postage prices with UPS and USPS. So, the amount you pay for postage through PayPal will be expected to be less than the average postage price offered on UPS and USPS websites.

Time Savings

You will never have to wait in that long line to ship your packages at the post office again. Just weigh and measure your packages, pin your labels, and drop off your packages.

If you’re performing your transactions online, then you can keep your receipts, shipping labels, invoices, and tracking numbers all in one place for easy access. Printing labels yourself also saves you from standing in line at the post office to ship your parcels.

Increased Professionalism

If you are shipping parcels for work, professionalism is often at the front of your thoughts. With PayPal labels, you are getting professional and undeviaing labels from the comfort of your home.

PayPal also offers the option to hide the cost of postage when printing the label – an added benefit for the professional shipper.

Keep in mind the following considerations

  1. To print your label, use either paper or label paper. If you use label paper, the best size for PayPal shipping labels is Label 369, which is 7.375” x 4.5” in size.
  2. To ensure that printing your PayPal shipping label goesMostly the shipping options on PayPal require the length in inches and weight of the package in pounds and ounces. So, a measuring tape and scale are essential to determine accurate information.
  3. While using copy paper to print your labels, make sure to cover the entire label with clear packing tape when you fasten it to your parcel. Bare paper labels may fall off, or tear, causing your package to be returned or lost.
  4. PayPal can also generate labels for shipping internationally. PayPal will add supplementary steps to help you create the required customs forms and/or packing slips.

For the best rate, do not add insurance to your Priority Mail packages except if it’s necessary. As all PayPal shipping options give you the additional option for package insurance. If you select to ship with Priority Mail, it comes with $50 of free insurance.


PayPal shipping has its benefits that surpass other transaction services. But you must keep in mind the considerations to avoid any problem.

The Secret PayPal Shipping Label without Invoice Link

If you already have a PayPal account and a home-based digital scale, all you need is the secret PayPal shipping label URL. Unless you’re shipping an item from another provider, such as eBay, finding the PayPal shipping label creation link on the PayPal website is nearly impossible. Therefore, bookmark the following site for the next time you require printing shipping labels.

Simply weigh your cargo on a digital scale, calculate shipping charges, confirm and pay for your label, print it on ordinary or label paper, and then attach it to your box or envelope using a shipping bag or clear packing tape.

PayPal Shipping Label without Invoice vs. USPS Online Shipping

One final point to make, additionally, you can register an online account with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and print shipping labels directly from their website. However, if you are already an Amazon or eBay seller, using PayPal as your ship label provider is usually more convenient. Additionally, PayPal enables you to send using UPS if necessary.

That concludes the discussion. Purchasing postage using PayPal and producing a PayPal shipping label without an invoice are both extremely simple processes. However, you should always check the pricing of different services before making a decision.

Digital Scales & Shipping Supplies

You do not need to purchase an expensive shipping label printer ($70-$300) or transparent adhesive mailing label pouches. For the majority of individuals and small enterprises, a standard printer and some inexpensive clear plastic packaging tape will suffice. However, one tool that you absolutely must have is a digital scale capable of weighing packages to the ounce.

Your bathroom scale will not function. However, inspect your kitchen before purchasing a shipping scale. You may already have a kitchen scale. If so, you’ll need to whip out your credit card and spend between $20 and $100 on a reliable digital shipping scale.


PayPal should be logged in. Locate the sale you wish to print under Activity. Choose a ship. Select a shipping carrier. Enter and double-check your shipment information. Confirm and Pay by clicking Confirm and Pay. Select the Print label option. Load the printer’s paper tray with your label sheets.

PayPal Introduction

Our society is constantly processing transactions and payments online as a result of the advancement of technology. This progress has facilitated the growth of various businesses (that are solely responsible for assisting with online payments). PayPal is the market leader in online and mobile payments. PayPal had over 305 million users worldwide as of the end of 2019.

While PayPal is best recognized as an online payment system, it also offers a slew of other services. The option to generate shipping labels is one of the nicest features! This post will cover the advantages of utilizing PayPal to make shipping labels, how to produce a shipping label with PayPal, and success suggestions.

Benefits of Shipping with PayPal

There are various advantages to producing shipping labels using PayPal, including the following:


PayPal does not charge monthly or usage fees, in contrast to many other online payment and shipping providers. PayPal also offers commercial discounts on UPS and USPS postal costs. This implies that the amount you pay for postage via PayPal is almost always cheaper than the regular postage rates offered by UPS and USPS.

Time Savings

If you’re already conducting business online, you can now manage all of your invoices, receipts, shipping labels, and tracking numbers in one convenient location. Additionally, printing labels yourself saves you significant time spent standing in line at the post office to dispatch your shipments. As anyone who has waited in line throughout the holiday season can confirm, this is a huge time saver.

Increased Professionalism

If you send products for a living, professionalism is frequently on your mind. PayPal labels let you to create professional-looking, standardized labels from the convenience of your own home. Additionally, PayPal allows you to conceal the cost of postage when printing the label, which is a useful feature for professional shippers.

PayPal Discounted Shipping Charges

Purchasing postage using Paypal can not only save you time but also money. Paypal offers lower shipping costs from both the US Postal Service and UPS (not FedEx). Both USP and USPS offer a variety of delivery options, including tracking numbers, printed packing slips, multi-order shipping, worldwide shipping, priority mail service, and free insurance for premium shipping options.

PayPal is one of the few firms in history that have had two initial public offerings. PayPal went public on the NASDAQ in 2002. eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion just months after its initial public offering. The transaction resulted in the merger of eBay and PayPal stock. Then, thirteen years later, in 2015, eBay spun off PayPal once more. This resulted in PayPal’s second initial public offering.

Digital Scales & Shipping Supplies

You do not need to purchase an expensive shipping label printer ($70-$300) or transparent adhesive mailing label pouches. For the majority of individuals and small enterprises, a standard printer and some inexpensive clear plastic packaging tape will suffice. However, one tool that you absolutely must have is a digital scale capable of weighing packages to the ounce.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Can you print a shipping label without payment?

You can either print a label online without postage and use stamps or a postage meter, or you can print a label with postage purchased directly from our website.

2. Does PayPal have shipping labels?

  • PayPal Shipping Label
  • Create a shipping label
  • PayPal in the United States of America
  • Acquire the all-in-one application for everyone

3. Does PayPal Ship Station charge a fee?

No. You are charged by your postage provider for the labels you create in Ship Station. Ship Station is not responsible for collecting label costs.

4. How do I print a first-class shipping label from PayPal?

Log into your account dashboard and click on “Ready to ship” in the recent activities section. After that, click “Print Shipping Label.” Fill out the shipment form completely. Confirm and make payment.

5. What is the cheapest way to print shipping labels?

The first way to obtain inexpensive shipping labels is to be a high-volume shipper. If you ship thousands of packages per year, couriers such as USPS and FedEx offer discounted shipping labels.

6. What is Ship Station used for?

Ship Station is a cloud-based shipping platform that enables you to manage all of your small parcel and LTL shipping needs in one location.

7. Is PayPal shipping cheaper than USPS?

PayPal shipping is less expensive than standard USPS and UPS shipping.

8. What do I do if I can’t print a shipping label?

If you do not have direct access to a printer, you can consider the printer.

  • Send the confirmation email (which includes the link to the label) to a friend or neighbor who can print it for you.
  • Visit your local library, which is likely to have a public printer.

9. Can use Click N Ship for first-class mail?

Create Online Labels with Click-N-Ship. You can quickly and easily print domestic Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and First-Class Package Service shipping labels.

10. Can you use a regular printer for shipping labels?

However, you do not require a specialized label printer to print labels. All that is required is a standard printer and paper. You can even print your own carrier-compatible shipping labels if you’re a small business owner.


You can print the shipping label PayPal without an invoice by following the simple steps mentioned above. PayPal is the leading platform for international financial transactions and now it’s your turn to know the tips to print shipping label PayPal without purchase, invoice, or transactions. Transactions through PayPal are time and cost-saving and depict professionalism for secure and accurate money transfers. Before making any decision about your making your transactions using PayPal, we will suggest you keep in mind the procedure and considerations that we mentioned above to save you from any kind of distress.