PayPal Prepaid

What Is PayPal Prepaid?

The PayPal Prepaid Mastercard is a pre-loaded charge card that permits you to immediately stack supports directly from your PayPal account. It very well may be utilized anyplace Mastercard is acknowledged.


PayPal, an American online business organization, framed in March 2000 that represents considerable authority in Internet cash moves. It was vigorously utilized by the Internet sell-off organization eBay, which claimed PayPal from 2002 to 2015. Paypal resulted from consolidation among and Confinity, and it permitted clients to make instalments on bought merchandise or trade cash between accounts in a safe online exchange.

In the wake of watching PayPal become the chief decision of Internet closeout customers, online commercial centre goliath eBay gained PayPal for $1.5 billion in October 2002. The organization offers clients the capacity to connect their PayPal records to their financial balances, making moves and instalments more proficient than cash requests or checks. Expenses are gathered by eBay on specific exchanges and are resolved dependent on the measure of the exchange, the idea of the exchange, and the cash sort of the exchange. In 2015 PayPal was turned off into an autonomous organization. However, it kept on being utilized by eBay. A modern arrangement of safety progressions assisted PayPal with staying a regarded organization as far as fraud avoidance. The organization ■■■■■■■■ the predominant enemy of phishing and against hacking measures, and it built up a versatile "key" gadget that requires manual enactment before an exchange from a [PayPal]( account is handled. PayPal permits customers to challenge and demand a discount in exchanges where they have been misdirected or cheated. Also, PayPal offers a sort of restricted insurance for merchants and incorporates a framework that deactivates accounts when dubious or unreasonable movement is noticed.

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Global Network Of PayPal Prepaid

PayPal can be utilized in more than 200 nations/ regions. Various nations have various conditions: Send just (Package Service permits sending just, legitimate in 97 nations), PayPal Zero (bundle recommends the chance of enlistment, passage, and withdrawal of assets in unfamiliar Money. However, the client can not hold the equilibrium PayPal account, works in 18 nations), SRW Send - Receive - Withdrawal (the chance of enlistment, input-yield and the capacity to keep your PayPal account balance in cash and to move to the card when the client sees fit, works in 41 nations) and Local Currency (SRW in addition to the freedom to manage exchanges in the neighbourhood cash, 21 nations).

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PayPal App

With the PayPal app you can send Money to friends, pay touch-free at the store and keep track of your spending all in one exceptionally simple mobile app.
The key features of the app include:

  • Touch-free way to pay and get paid.
  • Send and request Money.
  • Get instant spending notifications.
  • Create an online Money Pool.
  • Keep track of your spending.
    You can download the PayPal app from the iOS App Store or Android Play store.

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Early history Of PayPal Prepaid

PayPal was initially settled by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek in December 1998 as Confinity, an organization that created security programming for handheld gadgets. Nonetheless, it had no accomplishment with that plan of action, so it changed its concentration to an advanced wallet. The primary adaptation of the PayPal electronic instalments framework was dispatched in 1999.
In March 2000, Confinity converged into, an internet banking organization established in January 1999 by Elon Musk. Musk was idealistic about the future achievement of the cash move business Confinity was creating. Musk and Bill Harris, at that point president and CEO of, differ about the possible future accomplishment of the cash move business, and Harris left the organization in May 2000. In October of that year, Musk concluded that would end its other web banking activities and spotlight on PayPal.That same month, Elon Musk was supplanted by Peter Thiel as CEO of, which was renamed PayPal in 2001 and opened up to the world in 2002. PayPal’s IPO recorded under the ticker PYPL at $13 per share and created more than $61 million.

Offices Of PayPal

PayPal’s corporate central command is situated in the North San Jose Innovation District of San Jose, California, at North First Street grounds. The organization’s tasks community is situated in Omaha, Nebraska, which was opened in 1999. Since July 2007, PayPal has worked across the European Union as a Luxembourg-based bank. The PayPal European central command is situated in Luxembourg, and the worldwide base camp is in Singapore. PayPal opened an innovation place in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006, and a product advancement focus in Chennai, India, in 2007. In October 2007, PayPal opened an information administration office on the north side of Austin, Texas, and opened a subsequent tasks community in La Vista, Nebraska that very year. In 2011, joining comparable client service activities situated in Berlin, Germany; Chandler, Arizona; Dublin and Dundalk, Ireland; Omaha, Nebraska; and Shanghai, China; PayPal opened subsequent client assistance focus Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and started the recruiting cycle. In 2014, PayPal opened another worldwide focus of activities in Kuala Lumpur.

Business Model Evolution of PayPal Prepaid

PayPal’s accomplishment in clients and volumes was the result of a three-stage system portrayed by previous eBay CEO Meg Whitman:

“First, PayPal zeroed in on extending its administration among eBay clients in the U.S. Second, we started growing PayPal to eBay’s worldwide locales. Furthermore, third, we began to fabricate PayPal’s business off eBay.”

Stage 1

In the primary stage, instalment volumes were generally coming from the eBay sell-off site. The framework was appealing to sell dealers, the greater part of which were people or private ventures that couldn’t acknowledge Master cards and shoppers. Numerous dealers couldn’t meet all requirements for a Visa Merchant account since they did not have a business record. The help likewise engaged closeout purchasers since they could subsidize PayPal accounts utilizing Master cards or ledger adjusts without disclosing charge card numbers to obscure dealers. PayPal utilized a forceful advertising effort to speed up its development, storing $10 in new clients’ PayPal accounts.

Stage 2

Until 2000, PayPal’s procedure was to acquire interest on assets in PayPal accounts. Notwithstanding, most beneficiaries of PayPal credits pulled out reserves right away. Additionally, numerous senders financed their instalments utilizing Visas, which cost PayPal generally 2% of instalment esteem per exchange.
To take care of this issue, PayPal customized its item to cater more to business accounts. Rather than depending on interests acquired from saved assets, PayPal began depending on income from administration charges. They offered merchant insurance to PayPal account holders, furnished that they consent to repayment strategies. For instance, PayPal vendors are either needed to hold a recognizable confirmation of delivery to an affirmed address or give a marked receipt to things esteemed more than $750.

Stage 3

After calibrating PayPal’s plan of action and expanding its homegrown and global entrance on eBay, PayPal got its going eBay technique. This depended on creating more grounded development in dynamic clients by adding clients across numerous stages, despite the stoppage in on-eBay development and low-single-digit client development on the eBay site. A late 2003 redesign made another speciality unit inside PayPal—Merchant Services—to give instalment answers for little and huge web-based business vendors outside the eBay sell-off local area. Beginning in the second 50% of 2004, PayPal Merchant Services revealed a few activities to enlist online dealers outside eBay to sell off a local area, including:
It was bringing down its exchange charge for high-volume dealers from 2.2% to 1.9% (while expanding the month to month exchange volume needed to fit the bill for the most minimal expense to $100,000), Urging its clients to enrol non-eBay traders by expanding its reference reward to a limit of $1,000 (versus the past $100 cap) Convincing Mastercard door suppliers, including Cyber Source and Retail Decisions the USA, to incorporate PayPal among their contributions to online shoppers.
Recruiting another business power to secure huge traders like Dell, Apple’s iTunes, and Yahoo! Stores, which facilitated a great many online traders Diminishing charges for online music buys and other “micropayments” Dispatching PayPal Mobile, which permitted clients to make instalments utilizing text informing on their PDAs.

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Controversies at PayPal

Like generally large and arising innovation firms, PayPal has not abandoned contention during its two-decade ascend to the highest point of the worldwide instalments market.
-Hackers jump. From the start of PayPal’s presence, programmers and fraudsters have focused on the organization - and its immense client base - for the robbery of individual monetary information. Furthermore, detailed mobsters and coordinated wrongdoing bunches started utilizing PayPal as an approach to wash badly gotten cash through the PayPal pipeline. PayPal ended up being focused on and fined vigorously by bureaucratic and government controllers, with Louisiana picking to restrict PayPal from working together in the state for a brief timeframe, a move that has since been cancelled.
Data security accompanies questions. At around the very time that administration controllers were giving PayPal the quick overview, the organization was preparing itself for its IPO. PayPal had the option to sidestep any tremendous inconveniences on target washing and misrepresentation examination front; however, it wasn’t so lucky with its own first sale of stock. The organization was hit with a legal claim soon after it opened up to the world, with offended parties accusing the organization of illicitly confining a few customers from the instalment stage.
PayPal had a nice case, as it expressed it was attempting to restrict the utilization of fake records used to direct cash through its instalment pipeline. The organization ran tests on dubious financial balances, and in the event that it decided there was an excessive amount of hazard on these records, it would essentially reassess them.
Lamentably, some customary and completely honest PayPal clients saw their records are frozen in the testing cycle, which aided trigger the claim. The suit was genially settled, with PayPal making great with offended parties who had monetary issues coming about because of the organization’s protection measures.

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Administrations Of PayPal

Starting in 2020, PayPal works in 202 business sectors and has 305 million dynamic, enlisted accounts. PayPal permits clients to send, get, and hold assets in 25 monetary standards around the world.
PayPal’s administrations permit individuals to make monetary exchanges online by giving them the capacity to move reserves electronically among people and organizations. Through PayPal, clients can send or get instalments for online sell-offs on sites like eBay, buy or sell products and enterprises, or give cash or get gifts. It isn’t important to have a PayPal record to utilize the organization’s administrations. PayPal account clients can set cash transformation choices in account settings.
From 2009 to 2016, PayPal worked Student Accounts, permitting guardians to set up an understudy account, move cash into it, and get a check card for understudy use. The program gave devices to instruct how to go through cash carefully and make obligations regarding moves. PayPal ended Student Accounts in August 2016.
In November 2009, PayPal opened its foundation, permitting different administrations to gain admittance to its code and to utilize its framework to empower shared online exchanges.
In 2007, PayPal obtained the online credit item Bill Me Later, Inc., which has since been rebranded as PayPal Credit and offered types of assistance for Comenity Capital Bank, the loan specialist of PayPal Credit accounts. Established in 2000, Bill Me Later is settled in Timonium, Maryland. PayPal Credit offers customers admittance to a moment internet spinning credit extension at many sellers that acknowledge PayPal, subject to credit endorsement. PayPal Credit permits buyers to shop online similarly as they would with a customary charge card. The rebranding of Bill Me Later as PayPal Credit additionally implies that customers can utilize PayPal Credit to finance exchanges anyplace PayPal is acknowledged. In 2015 PayPal concurred that PayPal Credit would pay a $25 million fine to settle an objection recorded in Federal Court by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
On November 28, 2011, PayPal announced Black Friday brought versatile record commitment remembering a 538% expansion for worldwide portable instalment volume compared to Black Friday 2010.

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In 2012, the organization dispatched “PayPal Here”, an independent company portable instalment framework that incorporates a blend of a free versatile application and a little card-peruser connected to a PDA.
PayPal dispatched a refreshed application for iOS and Android in 2013 that extended its versatile application capacities by permitting clients to look for neighbourhood shops and cafés that acknowledge PayPal instalments, request ahead at partaking settings, and access their PayPal Credit accounts (once known as Bill Me Later).
On October 21, 2020, PayPal declared another help permitting clients to utilize digital forms of Money to shop at 26 million dealers on the organization beginning in 2021. Paypal has been utilizing Paxos Trust to give the back end foundation permitting clients to oversee and exchange digital forms of money agreement to information protection rules and monetary guidelines. Sentiment has been responsible for procuring the essential administrative endorsements for Paypal to encourage digital currency resources. As a feature of the declaration, PayPal got the main restrictive digital currency permit from the New York State Department of Financial Services, which will permit clients to buy cryptographic forms of Money like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.


As ahead of schedule as 2001, PayPal had considerable issues with online extortion, particularly worldwide programmers who were hacking into PayPal accounts and moving limited quantities of cash out of numerous records. Standard answers for vendor and banking misrepresentation may utilize government criminal assents to seek after the fraudsters. In any case, with PayPal losing a huge number of dollars every month to misrepresentation while encountering troubles with utilizing the FBI to seek after instances of worldwide extortion, PayPal built up a private arrangement: a “misrepresentation checking framework that utilized man-made reasoning to distinguish possibly fake exchanges… Maybe then regarding the issue of extortion as a legitimate issue, the organization regarded it as a danger the executives one.”. This advancement of extortion observing programming at PayPal drove Peter Thiel to make Palantir, a major information security organization whose unique mission was to “decrease illegal intimidation while protecting common freedoms.”

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150,000 PayPal cards frozen

In 2015, 150,000 Spanish cardholders had their assets frozen in an obvious extortion case, including a PayPal specialist organization, Younique Money, which was the accepted executive of the cards. Already, PayPal had charged €15 to all its card clients without approval (150,000 clients). As of March 2015, most assets had not been returned.

Digital Marketing with PayPal

PayPal dispatches diverse promoting exercises in different channels and underscores that shoppers can utilize them in various ways. PayPal’s showcasing incorporates T.V. plugs, outside publicizing, Facebook, and show commercial.
PayPal accomplices with Synchrony Financial to give the PayPal Cashback Mastercard, which offers 2% money back to clients who utilize the card to buy both on the web and in actual stores. PayPal’s cashback monetary help advances the number of likely clients.
Apple permits PayPal as a method of installment for App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, and Apple Books. PayPal can expand the use of Apple stages. What’s more, PayPal gets income from Apple administrations, particularly from the App Store. Customers can utilize PayPal to make buys by connecting their PayPal records to their Apple I.D.s.

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Why PayPal is Best?

PayPal is the quicker, safer approach to pay on the web. It allows you to pay for your number one things at a great many online stores in the U.S. what’s more, across 203 worldwide business sectors—all without the issue of changing over cash. So it’s similarly as simple to realize the amount you’re spending, all things considered, spending it. It’s allowed to pursue a PayPal account and download the PayPal application to get and send cash to other PayPal clients.
Notwithstanding one-time buys, PayPal is additionally the quicker, easier approach to make repeating instalments to all your month-to-month bills and memberships.

  • Secure: regardless of whether you are taking care of bills, sending cash, or making a buy, PayPal endeavours to keep your monetary data secure.
  • Quick: no compelling reason to enter all your monetary data each time you shop. Speed through checkout with PayPal.
  • Simple: in addition to the fact that signing is up for PayPal free, yet you can likewise make buys and send cash to loved ones in the U.S. utilizing your PayPal equilibrium or ledger at no additional expense.

Safety and assurance arrangements of PayPal Prepaid

The PayPal Buyer Protection Policy expresses that the client may document a purchaser grievance on the off chance that the individual didn’t get a thing or if the thing the person bought was fundamentally not as depicted. The client can open a debate within 180 days from the instalment date and heighten it to a case within 20 days from opening the question. If the purchaser utilized a Visa, the individual might get a discount using a chargeback from their Visa organization. In any case, in the U.K., where such a buyer is qualified for explicit legal assurances (that the Visa organization is a second gathering to the buy and is along these lines similarly obligated in law if the other party defaults or goes into liquidation) under Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974, the buyer loses this legitimate security if the card instalment is prepared through PayPal.

Prepaid card for PayPal Customers

You needn’t bother with a record as a consumer to open a pre-loaded charge card. However, you will pass up the opportunity to assemble credit when you utilize the card.
Pre-loaded cards are a decent choice for guardians who need to give their children some spending power without the danger of them causing overdraft charges, harming their credit, or spending over a particular sum; however, you will pay a month to month expense for the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard.
With the PayPal portable application, you can check your record balance, load cash onto your pre-loaded charge card, and survey ongoing exchanges.
Ahead, CNBC Select separates the prizes, advantages, and expenses related to the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard to assist you with choosing if it’s the correct card for you.

Instructions to add cash to your PayPal card

You can stack cash onto your PayPal Prepaid Mastercard free of charge by utilizing direct store (of your check or potentially government benefits), electronic bank move as well as moves from your PayPal account (or through PayPal loved ones). If you reload cash on your card at the register of taking interest retailers, you’ll get hit with a Money reload charge of up to $4.95.
The most extreme equilibrium you can stack on the card is $15,000.

  • Rewards and advantages

You might be qualified to get unique offers and Payback Rewards when you shop at qualifying stores with your PayPal Prepaid Mastercard. This program is programmed, yet you can quit whenever.
With the Refer-A-Friend program, you and a companion could both get a $20 credit after your companion orders another card, confirms their character, and loads, at any rate, $40 to their record.

  • Charges

If you open a PayPal Prepaid Mastercard available, you’ll pay a card opening charge of up to $4.95. You can pursue the card for nothing on the web.
There is a $4.95 month-to-month expense to keep the card open and used and a Money reloads charge of up to $4.95. Liberating up direct store is, however, check store expenses range from 0% to 5% of the absolute checksum (contingent upon how soon you need admittance to the assets).
On the off chance that you need to pull out cash from an ATM, you’ll pay $2.50 per withdrawal, notwithstanding the ATM administrator charge. Non-U.S. exchanges cause a 4% expense.

  • Primary concern

In the same way as other prepaid obligation cards, the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard accompanies a ton of charges. In any case, it tends to be awesome in case you’re attempting to screen your spending painstakingly, or you’re a parent who needs to monitor their youngster’s spending.
If you’re searching for a card with lower charges, the Bluebird by American Express has no card opening expense when you open a record on the web (else it costs up to $5), no month-to-month charge, and no unfamiliar exchange charges. You can reload Money to the Bluebird card for nothing at any taking part Walmart.
In any case, genuine Walmart customers may incline toward the Walmart MoneyCard, which offers clients as long as two days of early admittance to checks, a $1 card opening expense, and prizes for Walmart buys

  • Their approach

To decide the best pre-loaded cards available, CNBC Select investigated and contrasted 11 cards that offer advantages with people and families who are searching for a choice to Visas and check cards to deal with their cash.
When positioning the best pre-loaded cards,
They zeroed in on the accompanying highlights:

  1. Card opening expense of $5 or less, yet far and away superior on the off chance that you can get the card online free of charge
  2. Month to month charges under $10
  3. Assortment of approaches to add cash
  4. Convenience
  5. Advantages, similar to prizes and free family accounts
  • Portable application

Remember that while pre-loaded cards are a choice to credit and charge, they will not assist you to construct credit. To set up a record as a consumer, you need to routinely utilize a Visa capably, taking care of your bills on schedule and in full each month also, if you need a simple method to store and pull out cash for day-by-day exchanges, consider opening financial records with a connected check card so you can evade ATM charges.

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Here are some short responses to a couple of consuming inquiries regarding PayPal and charge card security.

Is It Safer to Use PayPal or a Credit Card?
PayPal is at the highest point of the store, security-wise. That is to be expected since it developed with the web and has needed to stay aware of each fake plan that advanced with it. It has some extra highlights to give online customers the simplicity of psyche, for example, an unconditional promise if your online buy ends up being nothing similar to the portrayal.
The charge card organizations have gone through a lot of cash and time setting up safety efforts, and indeed they ought to. They are legitimately on the snare for everything except the first $50 of any buy deceitfully made through your record.
For any of these organizations, the frustrating fraudster is a ceaseless fight. Their clients can help by being cautious about utilizing their records, regardless of whether it’s a plastic Visa or an electronic application.

Is PayPal Safe to Link to a Bank Account?
To utilize PayPal, you need to connect to a financial balance or Mastercard or store cash straightforwardly to PayPal, or a mix of these.
When any of these is utilized, the exchange is cultivated utilizing encoded information, implying that your private record data isn’t uncovered, even to the beneficiary of the cash.
It’s less expensive to pay straightforwardly from your financial balance. No extra expenses are charged.

Would you be able to Get Scammed with PayPal?
There are a lot of trick craftsmen online who will acknowledge PayPal or some other type of instalment and convey nothing consequently, or nothing that looks like what you paid for. The PayPal Protection program vows to repay your misfortune completely.
This is a liberal strategy. There are at any rate two valid justifications for it: PayPal would then gather sufficient data to report the evildoers to the specialists. It can give the certainty that its clients need to utilize the PayPal stage.
One other kind of trick to keep an eye out for: If you get an email proposing you download another rendition of the PayPal application, don’t tap on it. Go to the PayPal site and affirm that there is another rendition.

Is PayPal Safe for Debit Cards?
Same as above. When you pay to utilize the charge card alternative, the data is communicated uniquely in an encoded structure.

Is PayPal Safe to Receive Money?
Indeed, and you can move it straightforwardly to your financial records from that point.

How does Pay Pal work?
PayPal works on the web and in stores through a program or portable application. There are devoted applications for Android and iOS. Likewise, you can add dedication cards to your PayPal account to acquire devotion focuses at whatever point you pay for something utilizing the application.

Is there a month to month expense for PayPal?
We don’t charge a month-to-month expense, and no base equilibrium is required. We don’t charge for latency or restricted utilization of the card. There is no expense when loved ones utilize the PayPal send and get cash administration to move cash to you.

Is there anything better than PayPal?
Skrill. Skrill is extraordinary compared to other known PayPal choices. The significant region where Skrill promotes its administrations over PayPal is as far as exchange costs. PayPal acquires 4.5% for a vendor exchange expense while Skrill charges 2.9%

Is PayPal free with a charge card?
There are no charges inside the U.S. to send cash to loved ones when you utilize just your PayPal equilibrium or ledger or a mix of your PayPal equilibrium and financial balance. There is an expense to send cash as an individual instalment utilizing a charge card or Visa.

Would it be advisable for me to utilize PayPal or Mastercard?
PayPal offers encryption for every one of the monetary subtleties you have put away in your record. No. While Visas offer encryption for buys you make available, most of them depend on the encryption utilized by online stores when you make instalments over the Internet.


PayPal is protected from programmers, yet you’re not. They are searching for weaknesses in your buying action, on the web, and in reality. All PayPal exchange information is sent with a start to finish encryption intended to ruin any programmer trying to catch private data as it moves from the purchaser to the dealer. This implies your monetary data isn’t uncovered even to the beneficiary.
PayPal’s plan of action depends on empowering safe exchanges among purchasers and dealers. It is a condition-of-the-art. Credit card backers have a very decent motivating force to make exchanges safe, as well. You’re not liable for deceitful buys past a limit of $50.A client can take fundamental safety efforts to prepare for extortion, whether utilizing PayPal or a Mastercard.

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For PayPal members, you can simply add prepaid gift cards to your wallet then start using them during checkout - just like any other credit or debit cards . For users without PayPal account, you can just enter the card information during checkout in the same way you would do with credit or debit cards .
Add a card:
From your PayPal app, here’s how to link a card to your PayPal account:

  1. Tap the Settings icon at the top right.
  2. Select Banks and Cards.
  3. Tap the “+” sign at the top right and select Debit or credit card.
  4. Enter the new card information, including expiration date and CVV number, and tap Link Card.
    From your computer, here’s how
  5. Click Wallet at the top of the page.
  6. Click Link a debit or credit card.
  7. Fill in the required information, and then click Save.
    Verified users can add up to 24 cards. However, each credit card or prepaid card can only be registered to one PayPal account at a time.
    Update a card:
    From your PayPal app, here’s how to update your card information:
  8. Tap the Settings icon at the top right.
  9. Select Banks and Cards.
  10. Select the card that needs to be updated and tap Edit.
    From your computer, here’s how:
  11. Click Wallet at the top of the page.
  12. Click the card you wish to update.
  13. Click Edit.
  14. Fill in the updated information, and then click Save.
    Remove a Card:
    From your PayPal app, here’s how to remove a card from your PayPal account:
  15. Tap the Settings icon at the top right.
  16. Select Banks and Cards.
  17. Select the card that needs to be updated and tap Remove.
    From your computer, here’s how:
  18. Click Wallet at the top of the page.
  19. Click the card you wish to update.
  20. Click Edit.
  21. Click Remove card.
    Note: each time you add a card or update the information, the equivalent of US$ 1.00 is blocked on the card in order to verify the validity. This is not an actual charge and the amount will be released after a short time. If, after 30 days, you still see this item, please contact your card issuer.
    How do I add, edit or remove an email address on my PayPal account?
    On a web browser:
  22. Go to your Settings page.
  23. In the ‘Email’ section:
  • To add a new email address, click +. Enter the email address and click Add Email. We’ll automatically send you an email to confirm it. Click the link in our email.
  • To edit an email address, click Edit next to the address you want to change. Make the edits and click Change email.
  • To remove an email address, click Remove.
    On the PayPal app:
  1. Tap the Settings cog in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Personal Info.
  3. Tap Email addresses.
  • To add a new address tap + Add a new email.
  • To edit an address, tap the address then tap Change.
  • To remove an address, tap the address then tap Remove.
  • If you want to remove your primary email address, you first need to set up another email address as your primary email address.
  • You can’t edit or delete your primary email address.
    How do I add, edit or remove an email address from my PayPal contact list or address book?
    You can add, edit or delete contacts from your PayPal address book at any time.
    Here’s how:
  1. Click Send & Request.
  2. Click Contacts.
  3. Select a contact, then click Edit or Delete contact.
  4. Click Add new contact to add a new one.
    Once you’ve added a new contact to your address book, they’ll appear at the bottom of the page when you send or request money. Click their contact icon to automatically access their information when sending or requesting money.
    How do I view or edit my account information?
    Here’s how to view and update personal information, such as mailing address, email address, phone number, or language:
  5. Click the Settings cog next to log out.
  6. For your address, email address and phone number start by clicking the + sign to add or edit your information. You can select your language from the language dropdown on the left side of the page.
    Here’s how to view and update your financial information, such as bank accounts, debit and credit cards, or currencies:
  7. Click Walletat the top of the page.
  8. Click Remove bank, or Update card/Remove card in the middle of the page, and follow the steps provided.
    Here’s how to update your password, security questions, mobile PIN or security key:
  9. Click the Settings cog next to log out.
  10. Click the Security tab.
  11. Click Update under a specific section and follow the steps provided.