Kroger Gas Station

Kroger Gas Station; since 1998, Kroger has added gas stations to its supermarket parking lots. Recently, the company has begun to open standalone gas stations, often near stores whose parking lots are insufficient for a gas station. Kroger operated 1,613 gas stations in the year of 2021.

Kroger Gas Station

Introduction to Kroger Gas Station

The Kroger Company, or simply Kroger, is an American retail company that operates supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States (either directly or through subsidiaries). Kroger outsources manufacturing for 60 percent of its private brands, including all non-food private brands. Ontario, California is one of Kroger’s suppliers.

The Kroger Co. is a food retailing company based in the United States that owns and operates supermarkets, multi-department stores, and fulfillment centers. Some of the food sold in the company’s supermarkets is manufactured and processed by the company.

With gas prices on the rise, consumers are looking for ways to save money at the pump. Gasoline and diesel prices are expected to fall in 2022 and 2023 as demand falls, according to the US Energy Information Administration. While this is encouraging, the skyrocketing prices do not suggest that the drop will occur anytime soon.

One of the best ways to save money on gas is to shop at your favorite supermarket chains. If you shop at Fred Meyer, QFC, or other Kroger supermarkets on a regular basis, you should look into their gas rewards programme.

Kroger Gas Prices

Unlike wholesale chains such as Costco, anyone is welcome to fill up at Kroger-owned gas stations such as Fred Meyer, QFC, Dillons, City Market, and others. Kroger pumps are relatively competitive with other companies in terms of gas prices, with some locations competing with the lowest prices.

As is customary, Kroger gas prices vary from location to location. With that said, let’s take a look at some Kroger prices and how they compare to competitors.

Kroger has a per-gallon price of $3.09 in Houston, TX, which isn’t the cheapest but is comparable to Chevron ($3.09) and Shell ($3.05). According to GasBuddy, Kroger does not even have the most affordable gas prices in Texas; that honor goes to United Express and 76, both of which have prices under $2.70 per gallon.

Kroger’s Fred Meyer store in Bellingham, WA, has broken into the top ten cheapest gas prices in the area. The Fred Meyer gas station competes with Arco, Costco, and Safeway, which all charge $3.45 per gallon. When looking at the entire state of Washington, however, not a single Kroger store made the top ten, which is dominated by Costco branches.

Kroger was also able to break into the top ten cheapest prices in West Virginia, at $3.09 per gallon. Circle K, at $3.01 per gallon, and Walmart, at $3.07 per gallon, are the only cheaper options.

Overall, Kroger does not have the cheapest gas prices in all of its locations, but they are competitive. However, these prices are only correct if you do not use Kroger’s Fuel Program.

Kroger gas station Logo

Kroger introduced a new common logo for all of its convenience store chains in 2006, which is now also used at all of its supermarket chains’ fuel centers: a rhombus with a white, stylized image of the continental United States in the center bordered by four colored areas: dark blue representing the Pacific Ocean, red representing Canada, green representing the Atlantic Ocean, and yellow representing the Gulf of Mexico.

Key to Saving Money at Kroger Gas Stations by Fuel Program

Signing up for the Kroger Plus Card and participating in its fuel programme is the key to saving money on Kroger gas prices.

To obtain a Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card, visit your local store, approach the customer service desk, and they will assist you. To set up your plus card, you can also create an account on Kroger’s website or download the Kroger app. You can also link your phone number to your account so that you only need to enter it when shopping to activate the rewards.

The main benefit of Kroger’s fuel programme is that you can save $10 per gallon at Kroger gas stations and participating Shell locations.

The basic concept is that you will receive one (1) fuel point for every $1 spent at Kroger stores. Once you’ve accumulated 100 fuel points, you’ll be able to save $10 per gallon at Kroger and Shell gas stations. If you accumulate 1,000 points, you could save up to $1 per gallon in a single fill-up.

However, if you use Kroger’s fuel programme, you can get some of the lowest gas prices around. Each increment of 100 points earns you another ten cents off per gallon, which you can use to increase your savings.

As an example:

  • For one fill up, 100 points equals $10 off per gallon.

  • 200 points equals $20 off per gallon for a single fill-up.

  • 1,000 points equals $1 off per gallon for a single fill-up.

  • If you’re filling up at a Shell station, keep in mind that you can only redeem up to 100 points or $10 off at a time.

In Short

Kroger’s gas prices are reasonable, but nothing to write home about. In general, getting your gas from supermarket chains such as Kroger can save you the most money. Of course, this is only applicable if you are already a regular Kroger shopper.

Understanding Kroger Fuel Points Program

Kroger began selling gas across its supermarket brands in 1998, according to the company’s website. With nearly 1,500 gas stations in operation today, there’s bound to be one near you. But if you’ve never filled up at one of their gas stations before, here’s what you need to know to save the most money.

The Kroger fuel points programme is a customer loyalty programme that allows you to save anywhere from 10 cents per gallon to $1 per gallon every time you fill up your tank.

To earn points and participate, you must have a Shopper’s Card. Registering for the card is free, and it also grants you access to in-store savings, in addition to the fuel savings we’ll discuss today.

Once you’ve joined your store’s loyalty programme, you can earn fuel points in a variety of ways:

  • 1 point for every $1 spent — excluding, in most cases, alcohol and tobacco.

  • Gift cards earn twice as many fuel points (periodically this may be as high as 4x based on promotions)

  • 50 points for non-federally funded prescriptions that meet certain criteria.

  • Making purchases through Kroger Ship and Fred Meyer Jewelers are two other ways to earn points.

Collecting Kroger Fuel Points

There are three main ways to earn fuel points, and you can earn them regardless of where you shop – in-store, delivery, or online.

Purchasing groceries

Earn 1 fuel point for every dollar spent at Kroger and its subsidiaries. Some items, such as alcohol, tobacco, and postage stamps, are prohibited from earning points under state law. Keep an eye out for special offers that will allow you to earn more points.

Prescription drugs

Non-federally funded prescriptions earn you 25 points and 1 fuel point for every dollar spent out of pocket.

Gift cards

With these cards, you can earn twice as many points. Every dollar spent on gift cards earns you two fuel points. Not all gift cards, however, are eligible for points.

Tracking Fuel Points

In two ways, Kroger and its affiliated stores make it simple to keep track of your fuel points:

  • Every time you go shopping, look at the bottom of your receipt

  • On receipt, you will receive Kroger fuel points.

Redeem the Fuel Points

Fuel points can be redeemed at any Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Center or participating Shell location. It’s as simple as scanning your Plus card or entering your alt ID and following the on-screen prompts to redeem.

Are you ready to cash in your fuel points? Scanning your Shopper’s Card at the pump at a Kroger Fuel Center, an affiliated supermarket’s fuel center, or a participating Shell gas station is the first step. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to the points you’ve earned through shopping. The fuel points system works as follows:

  • 100 points equals ten cents off per gallon.

  • 200 points equals twenty cents off per gallon.

  • 300 points translates to 30 cents off per gallon.

  • And so on, up to a maximum savings of $1 per gallon.

  • Participating Shell stations set a limit of 100 fuel points per redemption during a single fill-up. As a result, you can only get a maximum discount of 10 cents per gallon at their pumps.

  • To begin redeeming, you must have at least 100 fuel points. And you can use your points all at once or spread them out over several fill-ups.

  • There is also a 35-gallon maximum per fuel purchase.

  • Fuel points earned in one month are valid until the end of the following month. Keep track of when your points expire so you don’t lose them

Restrictions: You should be aware of the following restrictions with Kroger’s fuel programme:

  • Points can only be redeemed in 100-point increments, which equal $10 off per gallon.

  • While you can redeem up to 1,000 points at any Kroger location in a single fill-up, Shell pumps only offer a single 10 discount per fill-up.

  • There is no cap on the number of points you can earn each month, but they will expire after one month if not redeemed. Monthly balances do not accumulate over time.

Ways to Save Money on Kroger Gas

Kroger owns nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states and Washington, D.C., spread across two dozen supermarket chains. Foods Co., Ralphs, Dillons, Smith’s, King Soopers, Fry’s, QFC, City Market, Owen’s, Jay C, Pay Less, Baker’s, Gerbes, Harris Teeter, Pick N’ Save, Copps, Metro Market, or Mariano’s are just a few examples. They are all owned by Kroger, which is the parent company.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to save money on Kroger gas under any of the company’s banners. Here’s how you can begin:

1. Sign up for the Kroger Plus Shopper’s Program

Signing up for the Kroger Plus card is the simplest way to start saving money on Kroger fuel. Simply fill out the free registration form for this loyalty card, and you’ll be collecting fuel points in no time. A Kroger Plus card can also be obtained in-store at the Customer Service desk.

The basic idea is that for every $1 spent, you earn one fuel point. (Some items, such as alcohol and tobacco, do not qualify for fuel points.) You get 10 cents off per gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers for every 100 points you earn in a month. You must use those points by the end of the month following the one in which they were earned, and points do not accumulate across months.

But Kroger Plus is about more than just saving money on gas. You will also have access to the following features as part of your free membership:

  • Coupons in digital form

  • Offers that are customized

  • Promotional offers

  • The weekly newsletter

  • The monthly newsletter, among other things

2. Purchase Gift Cards

Every day, if you’re a Kroger Plus member, you can earn double points on select gift cards. For example, if you buy a $25 participating gift card, you will receive 50 fuel points.

Furthermore, Kroger frequently runs special promotions that offer up to four times the fuel points on certain gift card purchases. So, if you’re lucky enough to catch one of these sales, that same $25 gift card purchase will net you 100 fuel points.

Please keep in mind that the following gift cards are not eligible for any point offers:

  • Gift cards for Kroger and the Kroger Family of Stores

  • Prepaid reloadable Green Dot products

  • American Express gift cards with variable load

  • Visa gift cards with variable load

  • Gift cards with variable load from Master card

  • MoneyPaks

3. Acquire Kroger Fuel Points at the Pharmacy

For qualifying prescriptions picked up at a Kroger pharmacy, you can earn 50 points. Certain restrictions apply, so inquire with your Kroger pharmacist about how the fuel points work at your local store.

4. Apply for the Kroger Rewards World Master card

Kroger offers an additional 25 cents off per gallon for the first year to new account holders who redeem 100 fuel points. To receive the additional savings, simply use your Kroger Rewards World Master card.

After a year, the additional payout rate drops from 25 cents per gallon to 5 cents per gallon. More information is available here.

5. Participate in the Kroger Fuel VIP Pilot Program

Fuel VIP is a paid programme offered by Kroger. You pay $40 a year for this subscription loyalty programme, and you get one extra fuel point for every dollar you spend. As a result, your baseline Kroger fuel point accumulation rate is effectively doubled. It also provides you with greater savings at the pump, among other benefits.


Kroger provides numerous ways to save money on gas. Best of all, the strategies we’ve outlined here are simple to combine. Prescriptions paid for or reimbursed by a government programme do not qualify for Kroger fuel rewards.

Best time and day to fuel at Kroger

With gas prices on the rise, pulling up to the pump is taking a heavy toll on American wallets. Kroger provided some money-saving advice as well as the best times to visit their gas pumps. According to a manager at Kroger’s corporate office, the best times for customers to fill up their cars during the week are between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and after 7 p.m.

According to a recent GasBuddy report, Mondays have the lowest average gas price in most of the United States. This has been the trend of GasBuddy’s research for several years. GasBuddy claims that it analysed fuel prices from the GasBuddy app from January 1 to December 16, 2021 to generate the data for its latest report.

According to the new findings, Thursday is the most expensive day to buy gas in 28 states, and Wednesday (the most expensive day in 16 states) is the second-most expensive day. During the week, Tuesday is the best day to buy gas.

While daily gas prices vary by state, the consensus is that filling up at the start or end of the work week, on Monday or Friday, is the best way to save money, says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, in a news release. "Sunday is the cheapest day to fill up after Monday. Even if you can’t always time your fill-ups, the golden rule is to always compare prices before filling up.

Steps of Using Card at Kroger Gas Station

We’re all looking for ways to save money, especially at the grocery store and at the gas station. If you live near a Kroger supermarket or one of its subsidiaries, such as Fry’s, Ralph’s, or Smith’s, you can save money on food and household items while also saving money on gas. When you use your Kroger Plus card and fill up at a Kroger gas station, you can save 10 cents per gallon on a tank of gas.

Step 1

When you buy two or more prescriptions at a Kroger pharmacy, spend $50 or more on gift cards at a Kroger store, or spend at least $100 on groceries at any Kroger location, you can use your Kroger Plus card. You can pay for these items all at once or spread them out over the course of a calendar month.

Step 2

Visit any Kroger gas station before the end of the calendar month following the month in which you made your purchases. If you spent $100 on groceries in March, you will have until the end of April of the following year to redeem your fuel reward.

Step 3

Before inserting your debit or credit card, scan your Kroger Plus card at the pump. Before inserting payment, check the monitor on the pump to make sure it accepted your card number. If you are paying at the pump, insert your credit or debit card after the reader at the pump notifies you that it has received your Kroger Plus card. If you’re paying at the service counter, show the cashier your Kroger Plus card as you pay for your gas.

Step 4

Choose the type of fuel you want to use. The price per gallon displayed on the fuel pump you’re using is ten cents less than the advertised price per gallon.

Step 5

Fill up your gas tank or simply put a few gallons in. There is no minimum amount of gas that must be purchased in order to receive the fuel reward.

Frequently Asked Question

Following are some frequently asked questions related to Kroger gas station.

1. What gas stations take Kroger points?

Redeeming fuel points is possible at participating Kroger Fuel Centers and select Shell locations. Find a redemption store near you by using our location tool.

2. Where can I use my Kroger gift card for gas?

Kroger, Barclay Jewelers, Baker’s, City Market, Copps, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Foods Co., Fred Meyer, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fresh Eats, Fry’s Food and Drug, Gerbes, Jay C, King Soopers, Littman Jewelers, Mariano’s, Metro… accept the Kroger Family of Companies Gift Card as payment for goods and fuel.

3. Do I need a Kroger card to get gas?

To earn points and participate, you must have a Shopper’s Card. Registering for the card is free, and it also grants you access to in-store savings, in addition to the fuel savings we’ll discuss today.

4. Is Kroger and Shell gas the same?

Shell is a frequent supplier of gasoline to Kroger. As a result, these select gas stations will sell gas of the same quality that customers can get at Shell. However, Kroger and Shell are separate companies that share no operations other than sourcing fuel from the same supplier.

5. How do you get 4X fuel points at Kroger?

Get 4X fuel points on select gift cards when you buy online through the Kroger Gift Card Mall* for a limited time. For every $1 spent, you will receive 4 fuel points. You’ll get 10 cents off per gallon of gas for every 100 points you earn.

6. Can you use Kroger gift cards at Kroger gas stations?

Kroger physical gift cards can be used to buy gas at Kroger gas stations, but they do not qualify for 2X or 4X fuel rewards. Kroger eGift cards, on the other hand, cannot be used to purchase gas or products from Kroger Fuel Centers or kiosks.

7. Can you use a Kroger gift card at a Shell gas station?

Is it possible to use a Kroger gift card at a Shell gas station? Kroger physical gift cards are accepted for purchases in addition to earning fuel points with your Kroger shopping card. When you make in-store purchases at Kroger and Shell gas stations, you can use your fuel points.

8. Can I use a Kroger gift card on Instacart?

Yes, the answer is yes. On Instacart, you can use your Kroger Plus card. You’re ready to go once you’ve added it as a payment method. Make sure “Kroger” is selected as your store, and you’ll receive all of the same discounts and rewards as if you were buying groceries at Kroger.

9. Who owns Kroger Fuel Centers?

The Kroger Co. has completed the $2.15 billion sale of its convenience store business to EG Group, a fuel stop and convenience store retailer based in the United Kingdom.

10. How long are Kroger gift cards good for?

Keep the Kroger Family of Companies gift card safe and treat it like cash. If a Kroger Family of Companies gift card is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, it will not be replaced, and the value will be forfeited. Funds do not run out.


Customers can save money at the pump in a variety of ways, according to Kroger, beginning with their store loyalty card. This programme is free and gives customers one fuel point for every dollar they spend on groceries, whether they buy them online or in-store. Customers who use this programme will also be able to earn twice as many fuel points when purchasing a gift card for someone else or paying for prescriptions.