Definition of Consensus:

  1. General agreement

  2. Decision-making centers between total agreement and total disagreement. Consensus depends on participants who share values ​​and goals and broadly agree on specific issues and general guidelines. Consensus means that everyone accepts and supports this decision and understands the reason for it. See also collective responsibility.

Synonyms of Consensus

General consent, Understanding, Consentaneity, Concert, Concurrence, General voice, Accord, Unison, Unanimity, Concert, Consent, Concord, Total agreement, Harmony, Chorus, Same mind, Like-mindedness, Acclamation, General agreement, Single voice, Unanimity, Consensus gentium, Accord, Concord, Common assent, One voice, Consensus omnium, Confluence of minds, Oneness, Common consent, Accordance, Meeting of minds, Unity, Like-mindedness, One accord, Common consent, Solidarity, Consent, Consensus of opinion, Agreement, Agreement, Concordance, Concurrence, Universal agreement, Mutual understanding, Harmony, Agreement of all, General acclamation, Unanimousness, Unison

How to use Consensus in a sentence?

  1. Consensus view
  2. The president of the student council is trying to reach a consensus on which topic to choose for this year's spring ball so that planning can move forward.
  3. My team was asked the final question of the science competition, and as soon as we all agreed on the answers, we made them available to the jury.
  4. There was a consensus in the group, but they could not help but feel that they were forgetting something important.

Meaning of Consensus & Consensus Definition

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