Definition of Consensus:

  1. A general agreement.

  2. Middle ground in decision making, between total assent and total disagreement. Consensus depends on participants having shared values and goals, and on having broad agreement on specific issues and overall direction. Consensus implies that everyone accepts and supports the decision, and understands the reasons for making it. See also collective responsibility.

Synonyms of Consensus

Agreement, Harmony, Concord, Like-mindedness, Concurrence, Consent, Common consent, Accord, Unison, Unity, Unanimity, Oneness, Solidarity, Concert, Acclamation, Accord, Accordance, Agreement, Agreement of all, Chorus, Common assent, Common consent, Concert, Concord, Concordance, Concurrence, Confluence of minds, Consensus gentium, Consensus of opinion, Consensus omnium, Consent, Consentaneity, General acclamation, General agreement, General consent, General voice, Harmony, Like-mindedness, Meeting of minds, Mutual understanding, One accord, One voice, Same mind, Single voice, Total agreement, Unanimity, Unanimousness, Understanding, Unison, Universal agreement

How to use Consensus in a sentence?

  1. A consensus view.
  2. The student council president attempted to build consensus around which theme should be chosen for this year�s spring dance so that planning could begin to move forward.
  3. My team was asked the final question in the science competition and after we all came to a consensus on the answer we provided it to the judge.
  4. There was a consensus among the group, but he couldnt shake the feeling that they were overlooking something really important.

Meaning of Consensus & Consensus Definition