Jakob James Nowell

Jakob James Nowell

Jakob James Nowell was born on the 22nd of June, 1988 in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. His full name is Jakob James Nowell, but he goes by the name Jakob (pronounced Jake-ob). He is a singer and songwriter from the band The Heights. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska to Barbara Ann Nowell and Robby Nowell (best known as the frontman of Third Eye Blind). His parents met when his father’s band played at his mother’s college sorority event at University of Kansas.

Jakob james nowell

Jakob is a fast and intelligent young man. He has a wide range of hobbies but currently enjoys playing video games, in particular oculus rift. Jakob can play acoustic guitar and speaks English fluently having lived most of his life abroad.

He was an exchange student for two years in Dalian, China before moving to California at 8 years old where he started school and learned how to swim.

Jakob has a talent for science, specifically astronomy. He scored highly on his SAT’s and plans to study physics in college. He also likes to take photographs of galaxies which he posts to Instagram (@jakobnowellphotography).

Jakob has a passion for travel and plans to visit many more countries in his lifetime. He can speak fluent Chinese, Spanish and English and is learning Japanese at high school.

Jakob enjoys playing soccer with his friends after school each day and is currently captain of his football team which has won an award for coming second place in their league.

Jakob james nowell personal life

Jakob is an American young Actor and famous for his role as Gage Elliot in movie between mom and dad 2014.

He was born in West Milford, New Jersey to Allan and Jennifer (née Miller) Nowell. He attended Kinnelon High School for three years where he was president of his class, a starter on all four years of cross country, and played varsity lacrosse and soccer.

In 2005 he moved to California with his family after a brief stop in Colorado to train with professional trainers at altitude.

Jakob is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Courtney Clarke. He dated Courtney in December 2014 and started dating her since then.

The couple is not married yet and there are no rumors of their wedding as well. Currently, they are living a happy life together along with their family members. Their relationship also doesn’t have any kids so far.

Jakob james nowell net worth

$3,000,000 Jakob james nowell wiki: salary: $500,000 Jakob james nowell net worth 2018 How rich is nowell?

is an American Actor, Video Game voice actor and personality. Jakob james nowell wiki he is best known for being a member of TeamFourStar, where he works as a main commentator.

Jakob james nowell net worth He has appeared in several prominent roles on web-based series and has been featured in several short films including The Gamers: Natural One which he starred alongside Felicia Day and Steve Zaragoza.

has also appeared in an episode of The Jace Hall Show, where he played a fictionalized version of himself.

Jakob james nowell wiki He also appears in various Let’s Play videos on Machinima and was featured as a part of Machinima Respawn during its initial season.

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He is currently enjoying a quite and relaxing place on his residence there,I think he like it so much because people not really recognizes him there, but actually they recognize me more now than they ever did.

Mostly girls at my school like it when I tell them that I am an artist and that I’m rich as well.

They are usually young girls or old women who are around for sex or just to try to trick me in some sort of way and many times I will take them in.

I’m not rich at all, I just like to think of myself as a millionaire. I am currently taking up visual arts in school.

Some teachers don’t even like my work, so it doesn’t really matter if other people like it or not, because I will be at least a well known artist when I retire from being an artist that people should recognize by name.

I’m just bored of all of these people looking at me and not knowing who I am. It’s better that way, because it makes life more fun in a way to have these people look at you and not know who you are or what your name is because they are almost like fans instead of just people who think they know everything about you.

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jakob james nowell


Jakob James is an aspiring artist from New Zealand who works primarily in line art and pencil. His style has been compared to some of today’s most influential pop artists including Mr. Brainwash, Banksy, and Andy Warhol among others. His work is currently on display at Lincoln Center where he has been commissioned to complete a series of twelve custom pieces for their lobby walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jakob Nowell in a band?

LAW is a rock band primarily based out of Los Angeles County, CA that become based in 2013 in Long Beach, CA. The band includes Jakob Nowell (Vocals), Nick Aguilar (Drums), Aidan Palacios (Guitar), and Logun Spellacy (Bass). LAW is currently based out of LA County and has been playing everyday indicates for the reason that 2013.

What took place to Bradley from Sublime?

Bradley Nowell, lead singer for the alternative band Sublime, died of an obvious drug overdose in a San Francisco hotel just hours earlier than the organization changed into to perform a sold-out live performance.

Who were given Lou canine after Bradley died?

Miguel Happoldt
After Bradley’s dying, Lou Dog changed into left to Nowell’s buddy Miguel Happoldt, whom he had shaped Skunk Records with in 1990. Lou Dog lived five more years after Bradley’s tragic death, and turned into eventually laid to relaxation on September 17th, 2001.

Who is the lead singer of Sublime now?

Rome Ramirez do not practice santeria, but he has been the lead singer of Sublime considering he became 18 yr-antique who’s been tasked with carrying at the legacy of the most well-known ska-punk band of all time.

What befell Sublime?

Lou Dog, Nowell’s dalmatian, turned into the mascot of the band. Nowell died of a heroins overdose in 1996, ensuing in Sublime’s breakup.

When did Sublime get famous?

Formed in 1988 as a garage punk band, Sublime rose to fame inside the mid-'90s on the lower back of the California punk explosions engendered by using Green Day and the Offspring, even though Sublime boosted their punk impacts with heavy elements of reggae and ska.

Is Sublime white?

The reality that Sublime became a band of white dudes from the LBC making culturally appropriative jam band music catered to a hyper dude audience, with difficult lyrics and a lead singer that blatantly and robotically affected a Jamaican or Mexican accent, only solidified that selection.

What acoustic guitar did Bradley Nowell play?

First was the blue s470 with black hardware, then the s540 in “smoke black” end and gold hardware. Finally, he had the custom “superstrat” with the Floyd Rose.

Was Bradley Nowell an alcoholic?

Bradley Nowell’s addiction and dying do no longer make for a happy story, but they’re vital for understanding the effect of medication and dependancy. Nowell might also have made super track, but ultimately he became an addict and died with out getting the help that he so desperately wished.

Was Bradley Nowell an awesome guitarist?

He become a much higher guitarist, technically, than humans suppose. Everyone can agree he became one of the first-rate songwriters of the ninety’s, and imo in history. But his guitar gambling is truly pretty true, he became born with ideal pitch too


Jakob will always be remembered as a talented man who had lived life to its fullest. His fans may not have known him well, but his family loved him and cherished every moment with him. He achieved so much in his short life that most people will never do. Jakob was born on June 6th, 2010 in Charlotte North Carolina to two loving parents named Chad Lee Goodwin and Sierra Michelle Goodwin.

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jakob james nowell

Jakob James Nowell

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Jakob James Nowell

Jakob James Nowell

Jakob James Nowell