PewDiePie's Net Worth

What Is PewDiePie’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $40 Million
Date of Birth: Oct 24, 1989,
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Vlogger, YouTuber, Actor
Nationality: Sweden

PewDiePie’s successful and famous as a ‘YouTuber’ have driven numerous to attempt to emulate his example. However, how fruitful would he say he is?

Yes, at one time, he was the best, monetarily just as dependent on supporters, a character on YouTube.
To begin with, he’s a Swede. His genuine name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. His YouTube channel is reliably the most bought-in-to-channel on YouTube, however, it has been deposed momentarily by an Indian Bollywood-playing site over and over. As of April 2019, PewDiePie’s channel was positioned as the third-generally bought-in and the eleventh most saw stage on YouTube. PewDiePie previously bought into YouTube in 2006, under the name that has now gotten well known. After dropping of exiting school to focus on his YouTube channel, in a year - by 2012 - his channel outperformed 1 million perspectives.

PewDiePie vs T-Series

PewDiePie versus T-Series was an online rivalry between two YouTube channels, PewDiePie (run by Felix Kjellberg) and T-Series (run by an Indian record organization of a similar name) for the title of the most-bought in a channel on YouTube. T-Series has held the title of most-saw channel since mid-2017, and PewDiePie had been the most-bought in the channel since 2013. The contention between the two channels started when T-Series’ endorser include started to approach PewDiePie’s in late 2018.

Numerous YouTubers voiced their help for PewDiePie, including Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, MrBeast, H3h3Productions, and Logan Paul. A considerable lot of his fans put forth attempts to acquire endorsers for his direct from multiple points of view, including coordinated walks and strong YouTube recordings. Allies of PewDiePie frequently utilized the motto “Buy into PewDiePie”. The activism of certain allies stretched out past lawful grounds; defacement, hacking of sites, online media accounts, individual gadgets, and the formation of malware had occurred to encourage individuals to buy-in. “■■■■■ Lasagna”, a diss track by PewDiePie, and utilization of against Indian comments by his fans prompted a few conspicuous Indian YouTubers to openly go against PewDiePie and back T-Series with YouTube recordings and reaction diss tracks.

T-Series briefly surpassed PewDiePie in endorsers on various events in 2019. On 28 April, PewDiePie delivered a video requiring his allies to end their endeavors to keep him as the most bought in the channel, and with the critical lead presently held by T-Series, the opposition is by and large attempted to have finished with T-Series winning.

Background and overview

Felix Kjellberg, referred to online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber who makes comedic recordings. He has customarily been known for his Let’s Play recordings, and his channel was the most bought in on YouTube from 2013 until 22 February 2019, when he was outperformed by T-Series, despite the fact that PewDiePie reclaimed the title soon after roughly 8 minutes. His fan base at the hour of the opposition was by and large known as the “9-year-old army”.

T-Series is an Indian music record name and film creation organization. On YouTube, it has a multi-channel network comprising of 29 channels (barring Lahari Music), run by a group of 13 people. The primary T-Series channel essentially contains Indian music recordings (Bollywood music and Indi-fly) just as Bollywood film trailers, and deliveries a few recordings consistently, having transferred more than 13 thousand recordings as of August 2019.

The opposition between the two channels started after T-Series started to approach PewDiePie in endorsers in late 2018. T-Series briefly overwhelmed PewDiePie in endorsers on various events in 2019, and on 27 March 2019, it turned into the most bought in the channel for five sequential days, ![]before PewDiePie recaptured the lead. PewDiePie at that point held the lead for about fourteen days, before T-Series passed him forever, arriving at 100 million endorsers on 29 May 2019.

What Is PewdiePie’s Net Worth in 2019?

PewDiePie’s total net worth is between $14.5 million and $20 million, by certain assessments, and $30 million by Celebrity Net Worth. Yet, in all honesty, he has dropped from the most generously compensated YouTuber to 10th, as indicated by Forbes’ rundown distributed in December 2018. Also, he is the third-most noteworthy bought-in to channel, being supplanted by T-Series, the Bollywood music and film creation connected channel, and Ryan Toys Review, a channel including an 8-year-old kid investigating toys. Ryan’s Toys has now become a Nickelodeon TV arrangement. PewDiePie’s best years were somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2013. He had 60,000 supporters by December 2011, 1 million in July 2012, multiplying to 2 million by September of that very year. He marked an agreement with Maker Studios, a division of Disney (DIS) - Get Report, in December 2012, and truly began to bring in cash.

Early Life

Kjellberg was brought into the world in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1989. The two of his parents are corporate chiefs in Sweden.

He showed an early interest in art, however, he would work on drawing mainstream computer game characters like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, and play computer games on his Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as per A&E Network’s 2018 life story of him.
He would skip secondary school classes to play computer games at a nearby web bistro with companions, as indicated by a RollingStone article.

He was seeking a degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at the Chalmers University of Technology in his old neighborhood, when he initially enrolled his PewDiePie YouTube account, exiting the next year in the wake of losing interest in his degree.

A failed application for an apprenticeship at a promoting organization in Sweden drove him to zero in on making content for his YouTube channel.

To manage the cost of the gear for his recordings, which were handcrafted, he sold prints of his Photoshop workmanship projects and sold wieners at a frank stand.

Career Highlights

As per WeTheUnicorns, Kjellberg enlisted his first YouTube channel, PewDie, in December 2006.

Around four years after the fact, in April 2010, he found he failed to remember the secret phrase to PewDie, thus began another one called PewDiePie. He transferred the principal video on the PewDiePie channel, a video of him playing Minecraft for two minutes, with no camera showing his responses, in October 2010.

In 2011, he endorsed with Machinima, an organization for gaming channels on YouTube, quit his place of employment working at a sausage stand, and moved to Italy with a sweetheart, Marzia Bisognin, after they talked on the web and met already.

By February 2011, his face was first seen on his YouTube channel after it hit 100 video transfers and 2,500 supporters.

In September of that very year, he appeared ‘Friday’s With PewDiePie,’ and chose to be more intelligent with his fans.

In July 2012, his PewDiePie channel arrived at 1 million endorsers.

By January 2013, his PewDiePie channel arrived at 1 billion perspectives. It as of now has in excess of 15 billion. Later that very year, PewDiePie and Marzia move to Brighton for a ‘superior web association,’ in the wake of living in both Sweden and Italy, and acquiring countless endorsers. By August of that very year, PewDiePie turned into the most bought-in to YouTube direct on the planet. PewDiePie’s channel went from 3.5 million supporters toward the beginning of the year to just shy of 19 million before its finish, making him at the time likewise the quickest developing YouTube channel.

In March 2014, subsequent to arriving at 24 million endorsers, he reported he was scaling back his yield to his channel. Later that very month, he transferred his first ‘Goat Simulator’ Let’s Play, moving away from awful games. By June of that year, he delivered a video uncovering he and his fans had raised more than $1 million for good cause including Save the Children, Charity Water, and others. Two or after three months, in August, he appeared his BroKen webcast on his PewDiePie channel. By September of that very year, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel turned into the first to acquire than 10 billion perspectives. In December, he got one of only a handful few human appearances on the vivified TV arrangement, South Park.

In 2015, Kjellberg discharges PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist for iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X. It appeared as a side-looking over activity experience stage game and highlighted himself, Marzia, his canines, and YouTube companions with Easter eggs from his old Let’s Play recordings. By October of that year, PewDiePie shows up on The Stephen Colbert Show, where he attempts to show Stephen how to swear in Swedish and make Let’s Play recordings. That very month, he delivers his first book, a satire of self-improvement guides, called “This Book Loves You.” It turned into a New York Times hit and stayed on the rundown for about fourteen days in November of that year. Additionally in October, YouTube Red declares PewDiePie’s first arrangement, Scare PewDiePie. His channel hit 40 million supporters that very month.

In mid-2016, PewDiePie declares its first YouTube organization, Revelmode. It was closed down in mid-2017 after a debate over the enemy of semantic language. He showed up on The Conan O’Brian Show in February of that very year. In late February, the engineer of Bear Simulator chooses to not make further updates to the game after PewDiePie’s video playing it. Additionally that year, in April, Time Magazine called PewDiePie one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World.’ And Forbes named PewDiePie the most elevated acquiring YouTuber with his yearly pay coming to $15 million that year. In December, he teamed up with a Swedish organization to deliver his own line of socks. Likewise in December, Revelmode raises $13 million to battle AIDS, and PewDiePie discharges quite possibly the most hated recordings in YouTube history, following just Call of Duty’s “Limitless Warfare” trailer and Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”


As verified in his professional features, things went pretty wonderfully for the Swedish YouTuber, who basically settled Let’s Play and other video types for the stage.

However, it has not been without contention - and debate has cost him his roost as the most bought into, and the best total assets of YouTubers.

Inconvenience began moderately early. Despite the fact that no ifs, or buts, 2017 was his most noticeably terrible year.

PewDiePie’s to some degree over the top utilization of language has oftentimes been both the edge that pulls in his watchers and the curse that sends them escaping.

In 2012, for example, subsequent to being scrutinized by various fans and media just as different makers about his evidently light utilization of “■■■■■■■ jokes,” PewDiePie put a post on Tumblr. He named the post ‘No More Rape Jokes,’ noticing was “not hoping to hurt anybody” and “apologizes in the event that it could possibly do.”

A couple of years after the fact, the engineer of Bear Simulator, who fund-raised to build up the game on Kickstarter, punched out after PewDiePie destroyed his game in March 2016. The engineer said he was tapping out due to the “show” brought about by the YouTuber.

That very year, in June, Kjellberg is ousted from the second level where he recorded recordings. The landowner said he was “excessively boisterous,” and PewDiePie called his property manager “homophobic,”. He has since been removed from another level, and now possesses and works at the previous Walt Disney/Club Penguin office in Brighton.
A couple of years after the fact, the engineer of Bear Simulator, who fund-raised to build up the game on Kickstarter, threw in the towel after PewDiePie destroyed his game in March 2016. The engineer said he was tapping out as a result of the “show” brought about by the YouTuber.

That very year, in June, Kjellberg is expelled from the second level where he shot recordings. The property manager said he was “excessively boisterous,” and PewDiePie called his landowner “homophobic,” as indicated by He has since been removed from another level, and now possesses and works at the previous Walt Disney/Club Penguin office in Brighton.

What’s more, at that point came 2017. PewDiePie was altered barely shy of yelling the “n-word,” a racial slur, in a video. After clamor and allegations of bigotry, a hashtag began moving: #PewDiePieIsOverParty.

That very year, he utilized Fiverr in analysis to perceive how individuals would help cash. He got two clients to unscroll a message that said “Demise To All Jews,” causing shock and allegations of his enemy of Semitism.

In February 2017, the Wall Street Journal said Disney cut PewDiePie from its organization subsequent to being shown recordings of various supposedly hostile to Semitic references in PewDiePie recordings. That very day, YouTube declared it was dropping its second period of “Alarm PewDiePie” before it circulated in the midst of the counter Semitic discussion.

Also, in March 2019, the shooter at the mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, who broadcast a piece of the ■■■■■■■, asked those watching to “Buy into PewDiePie,” concerning a development intended to help the once-generally bought into YouTuber to recapture his title, especially against rival T-Series.

How Does PewDiePie Spend His Money?

According to TheRichest, Kjellberg doesn’t possess a chateau or an assortment of extraordinary vehicles, and, indeed, likes to make recordings mocking those YouTubers who post recordings of their most recent costly things.

As may be normal, a significant venture for PewDiePie is in his own set up for his YouTube recordings, the principle and unique wellspring of his riches.

He has, for example, three Asus Rog Swift Monitors at $1,000 each; a Corsair Strafe mechanical gaming console costing $150; a Benq Zowie FK1 mouse that costs about $100; his own model of Razer Kraken Pro V2 earphones that cost about $130; and a Canon XA11 HD camcorder that retails for around $1,300.

As a subsequent camera, he has a Canon G7X Mark II, which costs about $700; an AKG C414 XLS mouthpiece that costs about $750; a 600 Watt Neewer fluorescent ring for lighting, which costs about $76; and a Clutch Chairz ‘PewDiePie Edition’ Throttle gaming seat, which costs about $400.

Moreover, he pays two all-day editors, however precisely what amount isn’t known; he pays to have stock utilizing his image made and sold, and he gives a great many dollars to a good cause just as aiding raise assets from different benefactors for them.

Kjellberg additionally burns through cash on movement, fascinating pets, computer games, and tattoos.

Highest Paid YouTube Star:

PewDiePie isn’t only YouTube’s greatest star regarding video sees, he’s likewise perpetually one of the most generously compensated characters on the site. In 2013, we here at CelebrityNetWorth uncovered that PewDiePie was the most generously compensated YouTube star in the world with a profit of $12 million. In 2014, his profit beat $14 million. In 2015, he procured $9 million. In 2016, PewDiePie made a cool $15 million. In 2017, he made $12 million. In 2018, he made $15.5 million. In 2019 he procured $13 million. Like this composition, PewDiePie charges $450,000 for a solitary supported video.

Complete everything up and PewDiePie has made more than $73 million pre-charge off his YouTube domain since 2013. In a meeting, he affirmed that his total assets are “a whole lot” higher than $20 million.


Felix joined YouTube on December 19, 2006. His unique channel was really called “Pewdie”. He clarified his decision of “seat” as the sound a laser makes. His initial recordings comprised of Felix playing Call of Duty. He additionally blended in some vlogging recordings. For a period he neglected/lost the secret word to his Pewdie channel so he dispatched another one called PewDiePie on April 29, 2010. On the PewDiePie channel, he zeroed in on Call of Duty, Minecraft, and different other awfulness/activity games. For instance, he would play short clasps of his best CoD executes with engaging discourse and alters. For his Minecraft recordings, he would post “How about we Plays” where one would just play the game.

Personal Life

PewDiePie met Italian Marzia Bisognin in 2011. They set up an online kinship then at last a sentiment. In 2012 PewDiePie set her up with a YouTube channel called CutiePieMarzia. Her recordings zeroed in on design, cosmetics, books, films, and magnificence. It in the long run got perhaps the most mainstream magnificence channels on YouTube. In 2018 she resigned from YouTube. For quite a while they rearranged to and fro among Sweden and Italy, prior to getting comfortable the English town of Brighton and Hove. They wedded in August 2019. They live moderately namelessly in the little shoreline town with two pugs, one named Edgar and the other named Maya.

Growing Fame

The 20 million subscriber mark that PewDiePie floated through, at that point, gives off an impression of being a galactic number that apparently was difficult to accomplish by some other Youtuber. As time went on, however, the stage developed dramatically, and with that development came the sort of viewership that could uphold a huge number of various channels with comparative numbers behind them.

PewDiePie wasn’t static during this, however, and despite the fact that his style and organization went through a few changes, the center guideline of who he was as an individual remained the very, attribute that would continue to prevail upon an ever-increasing number of fans while keeping a steadfast base at the center of his channel.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t inconceivable for web big names to rise above their medium and make flat development into more established arrangements of media, like film and TV appearances, PewDiePie before long wound up in the interesting situation of having these roads opened to him.

To a great extent, However, PewDiePie liked to adhere to his local foundation of Youtube, proceeding to assemble his inheritance there. He would wander out of that safe place occasionally, showing up on late-night syndicated programs, regardless of whether he, when all is said and done, here and there came to lament them.

Public Influence

PewDiePie is a famous YouTuber having 108 million supporters, which shows how significant his impact is. PewDiePie has arisen as the most persuasive online character. Different distributions have referred to him as the most persuasive advanced maker.

Eurogamer distributed that PewDiePie is the nonentity of the YouTubers. In 2016, Harvard Business Review noted him as the "Youtubes most gigantic achievement. In September 2014, Yahoo called his composing madly famous.

In 2015 Ross Miller composed that he adores him or abhors him, yet he is straightforwardly associated with his crowd. New York Times also applauded PewDiePie for his diligent effort and prominent public impact. When PewDiePie conceded that he despises being called renowned.

Life Lessons from PewDiePie

PewDiePie’s example of overcoming adversity enhances the maxim that “anything that merits having merits buckling down for.” He has genuinely endeavored to be the place where he is today.

After falling to land an apprenticeship with a promoting organization, he utilized each asset in his grasp to seek after his fantasies. That included selling a portion of the photoshop pictures he had made to back a PC that he would then use to effectively develop his YouTube channel.

What’s more, when he was unable to raise adequate assets to purchase a PC, he wouldn’t fret taking random temp jobs, including working at a wiener stand.

PewDiePie’s story has likewise assisted with exposing a portion of the prevalently held confusions about online media, especially guarantees that nobody can turn into a mogul solely through web-based media.

His YouTube channel rose without any preparation and in a range of two years, proceeded to earn a huge number of endorsers, billions of perspectives, and heaps of money in his pocket. That is an incredible motivation for individuals who may be thinking about wandering into the worthwhile gig economy.

Finally, PewDiePie likewise advises us that popularity isn’t all that matters. He is one of the most extravagant youthful big names, who is likewise hitched to a big name. Nonetheless, the couple has gotten a lot of their private life far from according to general society. You’re probably going to see PewDiePie via web-based media advancing a YouTube video than sharing alluring photographs of his life on the fast track.


PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber who has total assets of $40 million. He is the most noteworthy procuring YouTube star in the world and the most-bought in a channel on YouTube. In an average year, he acquires $15-20 million, on account of video sponsorships which can cost as much as $450,000.PewDiePie has deservedly acquired his name among the world’s best YouTubers ever. Furthermore, if late measurements are anything to pass by, he is unquestionably bound for significance.


Q1. How much money does PewDiePie make off of YouTube?

According to Money Nation, PewDiePie’s income throughout the years from his YouTube sees is $114 million. While this is, obviously, a sizeable figure, it just tells part of the account of the PewDiePie cash machine.

Q2. How does PewDiePie make money?
Like all YouTube creators, he brings in cash depending on the number of individuals who watch his recordings and the promotions that may play previously or during the video. On account of his broad acclaim, he additionally brings in cash through sponsorships of his channel, public appearances at shows and gatherings, and advertisements.

Q3. How much does PewDiePie earn a month?
if you might want to perceive how I went to these numbers, you can peruse the full breakdown below. PewDiePie’s normal income per video: $21,000. PewDiePie’s normal profit each month: $940,000. PewDiePie’s normal profit each year: $11.28 million.

Q4. What is the net worth of PewDiePie?
PewDiePie Motivational Video. Summary. PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber ever, with a huge number of supporters, and a net worth that is starting to stack up; very much like many other online media stars like Casey Neistat and Logan Paul. Starting in 2019, PewDiePie’s total assets is assessed to be $30 million.

Q5. How Does PewDiePie Spend His Money?
Every aspiring YouTuber is continually missing a certain something. That thing would be hardware. Overtime on YouTube, he’s had the opportunity to go through a few upgrades in his gear library, including everything from mics to new cameras.

Q6. What are some available PewDiePie games?
In 2015, PewDiePie launched his own game " LEGEND OF THE BROFIST and TUBER SIMULATOR" which was a free app for IOS and ANDROID.

Q7. How Much Does PewDiePie Make a Day & Year?
PewDiePie has not openly expressed how much money he makes yet affirmed that he had total assets of more than $20 million in March 2019. He made an expected $15.5 million out of 2018, which compares to roughly $42,500 each day.

Q8.Is PewDiePieThe Biggest YouTube Star On The Planet
In 2012 and 2013, PewDiePie was the quickest developing channel on YouTube. In 2013 alone, the channel developed from 3.5 million supporters to 19 million. He acquired another supporter that year at a pace of 1.037 PER SECOND, the whole year. He acquired 1.3 billion video sees that year and finished as the most bought in a channel on YouTube.With Maker Studio’s assistance, he delivered a PewDiePie iPhone application. On different occasions, he communicated uneasiness with Maker Studio’s inevitable parent organization, Disney, at the end of the day built up a site and online store to supplement the application which had gotten profoundly fruitful.
In 2014 his channel acquired 14 million endorsers and procured 4.1 billion video sees, by a wide margin more than some other channel. In 2015 he arrived at the midpoint of 300 million recordings each month.

Q9.What Is PewDiePie’s Early Success?
Eventually, PewDiePie started playing the game Amnesia. Out of the blue, his Amnesia Let’s Plays recordings hit a nerve with the more prominent YouTube crowd and his divert started to soar in endorsers. PewDiePie’s channel started to develop, arriving at 1 million endorsers in July 2012, and 2 million supporters in September 2012. He marked a portrayal manage MCN Machinima and afterward in October 2012 leaped to Maker Studios.

Q10.What are the most viewed Youtube videos?

  • ■■■■■ lasagna having 273 million views
  • Congratulations on having 200 million views
  • Level 7 I am not Crazy having 120 million views
  • A Funny Montage having 90.6 million views
  • THE RUBY PLAY BUTTON having 83 million views
  • Youtube Rewind 2018, having 78 million views
  • Funny Montage #2 had 73 million views
  • Jabba the Hutt by Schmoyoho having 69 million views
  • Unboxing 100 MIL Youtube Award having 62 million views
  • FUNNY GAMING MONTAGE having 51 million views.