Account- Profit & Loss Appropriation

Account- Profit & Loss Appropriation,

Account- Profit & Loss Appropriation Definition:

  1. The accounting format required by the IRDA regulations is used to represent the distribution of net income balance between profits, transfers to common reserves or reserves of profit equity, etc.

Literal Meanings of Account- Profit & Loss Appropriation


Meanings of Account:
  1. Details of reports or events or experiences.

  2. Records or reports of financial income and expenses related to a particular period or purpose.

  3. An agreement under which the organization retains funds on behalf of the customer or provides goods or services to the customer on credit.

  4. An agreement that gives users access to a computer, website or application by personally entering a username and password.

  5. Seeing or seeing in a certain way.

Sentences of Account
  1. A detailed explanation of what has been achieved

Synonyms of Account

description, report, version, story, narration, narrative, statement, news, explanation, exposition, interpretation, communiqué, recital, rendition, sketch, delineation, portrayal, tale, financial record, book, ledger, journal, balance sheet, financial statement


Meanings of Profit:
  1. The difference between the financial benefit, especially the money received and the money spent to buy, run or produce something.

  2. Get financial benefits or benefits, especially from an investment.

Sentences of Profit
  1. Pre-tax benefits

  2. The only people who benefit from the whole incident are lawyers

Synonyms of Profit

financial gain, gain, return, returns, payback, dividend, interest, yield, surplus, excess, make money, make a killing, make a profit


Meanings of Loss:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone else.

Sentences of Loss
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Loss

mislaying, misplacement, dropping, forgetting, overlooking


Meanings of Appropriation:
  1. Taking something for one's own use, usually without the owner's permission.

  2. An amount of money or an amount of assets that is for a particular use.

Sentences of Appropriation
  1. Use of community funds

  2. Success in getting project credit

Synonyms of Appropriation

acquisition, acquiring, obtaining, gaining, earning, winning, securing, procuring, procurement