How to soften brown sugar

How to soften brown sugar? place a chunk of solidified sugar in a little microwave-safe bowl and cover it with a clammy paper towel. Destroy the sugar in the microwave on high in 20-second additions, separating any huge clusters with a fork as you go.

For what reason Does Brown Sugar Get Hard?

  • Brown sugar contains molasses, which contributes to dampness, a wet sand-like surface, and a strong caramel flavor.

  • When presented to the components of your kitchen, the molasses will vanish, turning your Brown sugar into a block.

Answers for getting Brown Sugar Soft:

  • You’re preparing to heat, you venture into your storage space to get your fixings and you understand your Brown sugar is hard as a stone.

  • Relax! When you know how to relax Brown sugar, you can return to business and back to making deals with like Ree Drummond’s Brown sugar cereal treats or her cherished turkey saltwater for Thanksgiving.

  • Don’t simply throw your Brown sugar and utilize granulated all things considered, Brown sugar has a remarkable molasses flavor and adds huge loads of dampness to heated products.

  • So what turned out badly? The primary explanation your Brown sugar is really hard is on the grounds that it dried out. After you open a bundle of Brown sugar, you right away deliver a portion of the regular dampness in the sugar.

  • The openness to the outside dries and solidifies both the sugar precious stones and the molasses in the sugar, making the sugar gems stay together.

The final product:

  • Brown sugar feels more like stone than sodden sand! Be that as it may, the uplifting news is your Brown sugar is still absolutely usable. The stunningly better news is that resuscitating your strong Brown sugar is basic simply to reestablish the dampness.

  • Peruse on to figure out how to mellow brown sugar in a couple of ways. What’s more to hold your Brown sugar back from solidifying in any case, store it in a firmly fixed food stockpiling compartment that isn’t inclined to rust (don’t simply overlay down the highest point of the sack and remain optimistic).

  • You can likewise add a Brown sugar saver to your holder, similar to a Brown sugar bear, which can assist with keeping up with dampness in Brown sugar for as long as a half year.

  • It’s happened to us all (except if you are the sort of individual who tenaciously empties your baking supplies into impenetrable holders, in which case we share very little for all intents and purpose): We’ve ventured into the storage space for treat fixings just to find that our Brown sugar is presently not scoopable and siftable, yet rather depressingly unshakable.

  • Weakly scratching at the external edges of the mass just shaves off a couple of grains all at once, so we’re compelled to bite the bullet: for treat o’clock to continue as planned, we need to purchase another sack.

  • Brown sugar dries out when presented to air for a really long time, losing all of the dampness that its molasses content gives and changing from wet sand to a sweet, unusable block.

  • The peculiarity is so omnipresent the aftereffect of plastic packs that aren’t completely fixed and cardboard boxes left aired out at the corners-that googling “how to mellow hard Brown sugar” yields pages of results.

  • However, from the various tips and strategies introduced, it’s hard to pick the best approach; befuddling directions and since quite a while ago assessed occasions (I need to hang tight three days for treats?!) have driven me to discard in excess of a couple of stupid weighty squares of sugar.

  • To put the “how to mellow hard Brown sugar” issue to rest and check my sugar squander, I attempted five of the most normally suggested techniques, utilizing simple to track down instruments and normal kitchen fixings.

  • One procedure obviously dominated the competition, and equipped with this data (in addition to a little earthenware round, spoiler alert!), I’m never must delay treating making again.

Probably the most regularly recommended strategies to renew rock-hard Brown sugar depend on are:

1. How to Soften Brown Sugar in the Microwave:

  • This is the quickest and most straightforward method for mellowing solidified Brown sugar. Simply place your square of Brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl.

  • Wet a paper towel and crush until just marginally clammy. Lay the paper towel over the Brown sugar and microwave it in 20-second stretches, slackening the sugar with a fork between every span, until the sugar has gotten back to its not unexpected surface.

2. How to Soften Brown Sugar Without a Microwave:

  • This strategy will take somewhat longer, however, it’ll get the job done! Place your solidified Brown sugar in a safe plastic compartment or sack.

  • Then, at that point, lay a cut of sandwich bread on top of the Brown sugar and cover the holder with the top or seal it if utilizing a sack.

  • Let’s sit for no less than 12 hours (or short-term). This technique works like wizardry the dampness from the bread is moved to the Brown sugar, assisting it with returning to its regularly delicate surface. You can likewise utilize a similar strategy with apple cuts.

  • You should simply lay an apple cut or two on top of the Brown sugar and apply a similar procedure likewise with the cut of sandwich bread.

3. How to Soften Brown Sugar in the Oven:

  • To relax Brown sugar on the stove, put the solidified pieces on a baking sheet fixed with material paper. Place the Brown sugar on the stove and warm at 250 degrees.

  • Beware of the Brown sugar for several minutes or so and split it up with a fork until delicate. Permit the Brown sugar to cool marginally prior to attempting to involve it in a formula.

  • Keep in mind, you would rather not cook or liquefy the Brown sugar, you simply need to relax it-so don’t attempt to accelerate the cycle by raising the temperature of the stove.

  • Heat the stove to 250° F. Place the hard sugar in a stove-safe bowl and warm it in the broiler, actually looking at each for a few minutes and disintegrating with a fork until the sugar is delicate. Alert: The sugar will be hot.

4. How to Soften brown sugar with bread:

  • Put a cut of new bread in an impermeable compartment with the uneven Brown sugar.

  • After regards to a day, the sugar will have retained sufficient dampness from the bread to turn into its delicate and brittle self once more. Eliminate the bread so it doesn’t form.

How it functioned:
  • The bread strategy worked about as fast as the apple technique, relaxing my Brown sugar through in pretty much two hours.

  • Since there was only one cut, I tracked down that all the sugar closest to it relaxed first, so I moved the bread around a couple of times to give all of the sugar admittance to its dampness.

  • It didn’t enter into the more difficult lumps of sugar as profoundly as the apples did, however by shaking the pack to move the bread around, it did equally relax. The greatest downside with the bread test was that it was the fastest to make buildup within the pack, similar to it was steaming up from within.

  • There were even a few brilliant Brownbeads where the grains of sugar and that dampness interfaced, which I didn’t adore. Yet, the bread cut itself was a lot more straightforward to eliminate from the pack in one piece and didn’t change the kind of sugar.

5. How to soften brown sugar with an apple slice:

  • Precisely like the bread technique, yet without gluten. (Simply joking.) No, truly. It works. Simply make sure to eliminate the apple afterward.

  • Adding a couple of apple cuts to a holder of solidified Brown sugar adds dampness to the climate, restoring the sugar. The more cut surface region taken care of, the more dampness it bestows, so you’ll require more pieces for a ton of sugar and only a couple for a cup.

  • To eight ounces of strong Brown sugar, I added ¼ apple, cut into three cuts.

How it functioned:
  • I got brought about my apple pack after only two hours; since I added a couple of cuts, which could be scattered on all sides of the solidified sugar, the sugar mellowed equally.

  • The dampness from the apples additionally figured out how to leak further into bigger lumps of sugar than different techniques, separating them the entire way through significantly quicker.

  • The apples got brown, soft, and covered in sugar on schedule, which made me anxious to fish them out of the pack.

  • I’d peruse that Brown sugar treated this way takes on an inconspicuous apple flavor and viewed that as evidence, so I was reluctant to consolidate this apple sugar with the remainder of my Brown sugar once delicate once more.

6. How to soften brown sugar with a terra cotta:

  • Solidified Brown sugar is a particularly normal issue, that a few astute individuals have thought of an extremely cunning arrangement.

  • You just douse a piece of earthenware in water for around 20 minutes, then, at that point, place it in an impenetrable holder with the shriveled sugar knot.

  • With regards to a day, the earthenware restores the sugar and keeps it from lumping up again by keeping an ideal dampness level. You can find earthenware sugar savers that appear as though lovable bears (see picture underneath), leaves, or other little shapes.

How it functioned:
  • This was by a long shot the quickest “set it and fail to remember it” Brown sugar recovery process-in pretty much 60 minutes, my solidified sugar was totally mellowed.

  • Despite the fact that there was only one piece of pottery, the sugar returned to its clammy, sandy self uniformly and thoroughly, with no dry areas at the most distant edges of the sack.

  • And surprisingly following eight hours without breaking the impermeable seal, there was no buildup or clamminess within the pack.

  • This is the reason “Brown sugar savers” and other earthenware pieces can be utilized effectively to keep sugar delicate long haul; fixed up in a similar impenetrable holder (and re-soaked once in a while), they’ll keep your fixing fit to be utilized consistently.

7. How to Soften Brown Sugar with a Dampened Towel:

  • Hose a kitchen towel or thick paper towel. Wring it out well to eliminate however much overabundance water as could reasonably be expected.

  • Place the Brown sugar in a bowl, and cover the bowl with the hosed towel so the opening is totally covered however the towel isn’t contacting the Brown sugar. Leave the covered bowl on your ledge short-term or until the Brown sugar has mellowed.

  • On the off chance that you store your Brown sugar in a hermetically sealed canister, you can likewise cover the top surface with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, and put the hosed towel on top of the foil or saran wrap.

  • It’s essential to put that layer of security between the sugar and the clammy towel. Any other way, you’ll see that your Brown sugar has become dubiously white. Close the holder and leave for the time being or until the Brown sugar has relaxed.


The most effective method to mellow brown sugar is normally confronted issue while baking e.t.c. Answer for this is clarified that are Microwave, Without a Microwave, Oven, Bread, Apple cut and earthenware through which we can mellow brown sugar.

How Do You Keep Brown Sugar From Hardening?

  • Store Brown sugar the correct method for holding it back from solidifying after you’ve opened the bundle. Chances are, your Brown sugarcane is either a plastic sack or a crate with plastic bundling inside.

  • Regardless, whenever you’ve opened the sugar, you should move it to a hermetically sealed holder to keep it clammy or stick the entire thing in a huge resealable plastic sack.

  • Along these lines, your Brown sugar will keep up with however much dampness as could be expected and be “scoopable” and prepared for baking. That way, you will not need to fall back on utilizing a Brown sugar substitute.

  • I’m a major adherent to keeping an earthenware plate in my Brown sugar compartment.

  • Different techniques I portrayed will mellow solidified Brown sugar, yet the earthenware strategy will likewise keep your Brown sugar delicate for quite a while.

  • Keep your Brown sugar in an impermeable holder that is not excessively large so there’s as minimal abundance of air space as could be expected.

  • Add one of these circles, and you’ll effortlessly have the option to keep that sugar overall quite delicate.

  • To attempt an earthenware plate, you’ll find numerous choices accessible.

  • I utilize a water/airproof OXO holder that permits their earthenware plate to join to the cover. I have utilized it to mellow shake hard Brown sugar, and I likewise hose the plate at times to keep the Brown sugar delicate. This is my favored technique for putting away Brown sugar and keeping it delicate.

How NOT to Soften Brown Sugar:

  • You might have heard that you can utilize a food processor or a blender to relax solidified Brown sugar. Some recommend utilizing a crate grater.

  • Or then again going off the deep end beating it into accommodation until it’s at this point, not a hard protuberance.

  • Doing this main breaks the sugar into more modest pieces, and doesn’t add back the dampness that has been lost.

  • So while you might get that Brown sugar block separated, you’ve not really fixed the fundamental issue. Any of the other above strategies I recorded will work accurately to give your Brown sugar new life!

Instructions to Store Brown Sugar:

  • As you currently know, the way to keep your Brown sugar delicate is to assist it in withholding its dampness. Putting away Brown sugar in an impermeable holder is generally to the point of forestalling solidifying, however, I like to find an additional way to ensure it remains delicate and prepared to utilize.

  • As I recently portrayed, I favor keeping my Brown sugar in a sealed shut holder with an earthenware circle. In the event that you utilize this technique, you’ll occasionally have to rehash the most common way of hosing the earthenware to keep your Brown sugar delicate.

  • Since air openness is the offender in solidifying Brown sugar, there’s additionally the choice of ensuring that your sugar stockpiling is impenetrable.

  • Have a go at setting the sugar in a zip-top plastic pack and crush out the additional air. Then, at that point, place that sack inside a sealed shut compartment.

  • It’s unavoidable that Brown sugar will ultimately turn out to be hard whenever put away sufficiently long enough. In the event that you don’t utilize it as often as adequately possible enough to try not to solidify, store it in your cooler.

  • It should be in an impenetrable holder like a zip-top pack with the overabundance of air eliminated. Then, at that point, simply eliminate the holder from the cooler a few hours before you’ll have to utilize it.

  • With a little exertion and arranging, you can undoubtedly keep your Brown sugar in prepared to-heat mode.

  • However, assuming that falls flat, you just need to add dampness back to the Brown sugar to make it useable.

  • On the off chance that You Don’t Need Soften Brown Sugar Immediately

  • On the off chance that you will involve Brown sugar in a formula and your Brown sugar in the storage room is now open, it’s smart to check its condition a couple of days before you intend to utilize it.

  • Assuming that it’s hard, place a couple of apple cuts (or a cut of bread) in a sealed shut holder with the Brown sugar. Then, at that point, eliminate the apple cuts or bread when the sugar has mellowed.

  • You can likewise put the Brown sugar in a bowl, cover it with a moist material, and allow it to sit for the time being. When you want to cook with the sugar, it ought to be an ideal consistency for allotting it.

If You Need Soften Brown Sugar Right Now

  • Assuming you’ve concluded that you simply need to settle on certain treats that decision for Brown sugar right this moment, or you need Brown sugar to improve your oats, place the Brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl and cover it with a moist paper towel.

  • Microwave the sugar in 20-second additions until it is delicate. You can utilize your fingers or a fork to mellow any clusters that remain.

  • At the point when it’s done, the sugar will be hot so make certain to deal with it cautiously.

Put resources into a Brown Sugar Saver Just As Bakers Do

  • Put in a couple of dollars on a Brown sugar saver, which is a little piece of earthenware stone that you wet and put into your Brown sugar canister.

  • This present dough puncher’s stunt works in light of the fact that earthenware is permeable and it holds dampness for quite a while when it’s put in water/airproof holder.

  • Truth be told, you just need to get it once like clockwork to keep your Brown sugar delicate. Also, you can purchase a Brown Sugar Saver on Amazon without leaving the solace of your home.

Attempt a Brown Sugar Keeper

  • A Brown sugar attendant, made by Progressive, is a sans BPA holder with a tight-fixing gasket and has a spot on the underside of the cover for an earthenware plate, which is incorporated. It holds two pounds of Brown sugar so it’s a decent size to make it happen.

  • Having an extraordinary spot for the earthenware circle so it doesn’t sit straightforwardly in the Brown sugar makes it is simpler to scoop out the sugar and furthermore evades the issue of the Brown sugar adhering to the plate, which can happen when the circle is resting in the sugar.

Assuming You Run out of Brown Sugar

  • Since you know how to relax hard Brown sugar, you simply need to figure out how to make your own Brown sugar(utilizing white sugar and molasses) and Brown sugar substitute for those occasions when you run out.

  • A little kitchen expertise can wipe out a significant number of outings to the supermarket or burn through cash you don’t have to.

Why These Tricks Work

  • You may be asking why Brown sugar solidifies so rapidly. It’s not on the grounds that you bought a container that has been perched on the rack for a really long time.

  • The dampness in Brown sugar vanishes a lot quicker than in other comparative items and makes the sugar solidify. To cure this issue, attempt any of these stunts.

  • You can either reestablish the dampness content or keep it from dissipating in any case.


Brown sugar is a great expansion to much-heated merchandise and furthermore upgrades straightforward food like cereal. Yet, whenever you’ve opened the crate, it can transform into a hard and pointless mass in scarcely any time whatsoever. Try not to freeze and go out and purchase another crate. All things considered, you can relax it so it’s all-around great with one of these three basic stunts.

Brown Sugar contains:

Amount Per 100 grams % Daily Value*
Calories 380
Absolute Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 28 mg 1%
Potassium 133 mg 3%
Absolute Carbohydrate 98 g 32%
Dietary fiber 0 g 0%
Sugar 97 g

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Individuals pose numerous inquiries about how to soften brown sugar. We examined a couple of them underneath.

1. How might I relax Brown sugar without a microwave?

  • Place the hard sugar in a stove safe bowl and warm it in the broiler, actually looking at each a few minutes and disintegrating with a fork until the sugar is delicate.

2. Is Brown sugar still great assuming it’s hard?

  • Is Brown sugar still great when hard? Indeed, Brown sugar is still great when it is hard. Brown sugar will be sugar gems covered with molasses and when it dries out the gems stay together and the molasses solidify.

  • You should simply once again introduce a little dampness and mellow the Brown sugar and you are all set.

3. How would you prevent Brown sugar from solidifying?

  • The clearest method for keeping Brown sugar from getting hard is by putting away it in a water/airproof holder.

  • You need the holder to be on the more modest side, so there’s not a lot of air caught inside the compartment, however, the shape doesn’t actually make any difference as long as it doesn’t permit any air to go through.

4. How would you keep Brown sugar delicate in the wake of opening?

  • Simply ensure the compartment is water/airproof. Then, put a marshmallow in the compartment.

  • This will keep the Brown sugar delicate, inferable from the dampness in the marshmallow.

  • You can likewise utilize a cut of white bread, or a couple of cut-up wedges of apple, the two of which have sufficient dampness to do the work, as well.

5. For what reason is my Brown sugar moving?

  • At the point when the sugar is new, the molasses covering permits the sugar gems to move effectively over one another and the sugar will be delicate and simple to work with.

  • At the point when Brown sugar is presented to the air, the dampness in the molasses begins to vanish.

6. How would you make a Brown sugar saver?

  • Just absorb them in a bowl of water, then, at that point, add them to your sealed shut Brown sugar compartment.

  • The sugar will attract dampness from them to stay delicate.

  • Patti said: "I have the “Brown sugar attendant” which is made of dirt - you drench it for 10 minutes, get it dry, and placed it in your Brown sugar.

7. What is the white stuff in my Brown sugar?

  • Handling Brown sugar can leave a few white spots as it crystallizes into its last structure.

  • There are additionally Brown sugar blends that incorporate white sugar and when unevenly blended, the white sugar can show up as white spots.

  • Hence, it’s very typical to track down white spots in Brown sugar.

8. Does freezing brown sugar keep it delicate?

  • By freezing, you can keep Brown sugar endlessly or for a considerable length of time at any rate. This is a result of the deficiency of dampness in the sugar. In any case, you can resuscitate rock-hard sugar on the off chance that you get it on schedule.

  • Freezing Brown sugar can assist you with keeping it from going hard and keep it delicate till you are prepared to utilize it.

9. How long can brown sugar be kept?

  • Granulated sugar will keep endlessly, confectioners’ sugar around 2 years, and Brown sugar around a year and a half. Brown sugar turns hard when its dampness vanishes.

10. How long do you drench Brown Sugar Bear?

  • At the point when you go to store your Brown sugar, you should simply absorb the bear water for 20 minutes, wipe it off so it doesn’t dribble, and put it in a similar compartment with your Brown sugar.


How to soften brown sugar is the most commonly asked question the response is by utilizing a broiler, microwave, apple cut e.t.c you can dedicate your Brown sugar. With a little exertion and arranging, you can undoubtedly keep your Brown sugar in prepared to-heat mode. In any case, assuming that comes up short, you just need to add dampness back to the Brown sugar to make it useable.

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