Definition of Solution:

  1. A liquid mixture in which the secondary component (solution) is evenly distributed over the main component (solvent).

  2. Liquids consist of two or more identical substances. A solution is usually a mixture of two liquids, but it can also be a mixture of a liquid and another substance, such as sugar.

  3. Suggested response or implementation to solve the problem or issue. Solutions can be simple or complex and require a lot of resources. For example, using a calculator can solve math problems quickly, but finding solutions to prevent accounting fraud can be more complex and time consuming.

  4. Ways to solve problems or face difficult situations.

  5. The act of separating or breaking a solution.

Synonyms of Solution

Working proposition, Exemplification, Shift, Fluidification, Harmonization, Suspension, Expedient, Decoagulation, Reason, Suspension, Ad hoc measure, Demonstration, Working hypothesis, Setting, Move, Mixture, Mix, Shake-up, Enlightenment, Improvisation, Step, Fusion, Answer, Arrangement, Fusing, Measure, Stopgap, Device, Elucidation, Result, Emulsion, Adaptation, Last resort, Mixture, Compound, Tactic, Effort, Light, Deliquescence, Fluid, Allegorization, Emulsion, Preparation, Revelation, Intonation, Trump, Compound, Liquescence, Course of action, Rationale, Settlement, Clarification, Running, Decipherment, Percolation, Cracking, Expounding, Orchestration, Transcription, Dissolving, Jury-rig, Coup, Demythologization, Resource, Maneuver, Chemical solution, Leachate, Trick, Liquefaction, Jury-rigged expedient, Resolution, Colliquation, Instrumentation, Infusion, Makeshift, Solving, Temporary expedient, Lixivium, Exegesis, Phrasing, Blend, Lixiviation, Settling, Stroke of policy, Conclusion, Countermove, Stroke, Pis aller, Dissolution, Last expedient, Illustration, Decoction, Tincture, Last shift, Explication, Emendation, Action, Leaching, Blend, Artifice, Denouement, Modulation, Discovery, Mixing, Simplification, Solubilization, Tone painting, Colloid, Exposition, Demarche, Contrivance, Infusion, Euhemerism, Outcome, Means, Fluid, Liquid, Gimmick, Unlocking, Deliquium, Unclotting, Dodge, Gel, Fluidization, Thawing, Decoding, Melting, Editing, Leach, Key, Liquescency, Resort, Explanation, Illumination, Finding out, Stratagem

How to use Solution in a sentence?

  1. John found that the solution to sleep deprivation and weight gain is to exercise throughout the day and eat well.
  2. There is no easy solution to financial and marital problems.
  3. The solution to British hegemony in South Africa.
  4. Ammonia solution in water.
  5. The solution to a green future lies in renewable resources, but governments must first put the environment on the agenda in Washington and elsewhere.
  6. The teacher told us that showing what we did to find a solution was as important as answering the problem correctly.

Meaning of Solution & Solution Definition