Definition of Solution:

  1. A liquid mixture in which the minor component (the solute) is uniformly distributed within the major component (the solvent).

  2. A liquid composed of two or more homogenous substances. Solutions are often combinations of two fluids but can be a combination of a liquid with another substance such as sugar for example.

  3. Answer(s) suggested or implemented to try and solve a question or problem. A solution can be either simple or complex and may require few resources or many resources. For example, the solution to a math question may be addressed quickly with a calculator but the solution to preventing accounting fraud may be more complex and require a great deal of time to find.

  4. A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

  5. The action of separating or breaking down; dissolution.

Synonyms of Solution

Action, Ad hoc measure, Adaptation, Allegorization, Answer, Arrangement, Artifice, Blend, Chemical solution, Clarification, Colliquation, Compound, Conclusion, Contrivance, Countermove, Coup, Course of action, Cracking, Decipherment, Decoagulation, Decoction, Decoding, Deliquescence, Deliquium, Demarche, Demonstration, Demythologization, Denouement, Device, Discovery, Dissolution, Dissolving, Dodge, Editing, Effort, Elucidation, Emendation, Emulsion, Enlightenment, Euhemerism, Exegesis, Exemplification, Expedient, Explanation, Explication, Exposition, Expounding, Finding out, Fluid, Fluidification, Fluidization, Fusing, Fusion, Gimmick, Harmonization, Illumination, Illustration, Improvisation, Infusion, Instrumentation, Intonation, Jury-rig, Jury-rigged expedient, Key, Last expedient, Last resort, Last shift, Leach, Leachate, Leaching, Light, Liquefaction, Liquescence, Liquescency, Liquid, Lixiviation, Lixivium, Makeshift, Maneuver, Means, Measure, Melting, Mixing, Mixture, Modulation, Move, Orchestration, Outcome, Percolation, Phrasing, Pis aller, Preparation, Rationale, Reason, Resolution, Resort, Resource, Result, Revelation, Running, Setting, Settlement, Settling, Shake-up, Shift, Simplification, Solubilization, Solving, Step, Stopgap, Stratagem, Stroke, Stroke of policy, Suspension, Tactic, Temporary expedient, Thawing, Tone painting, Transcription, Trick, Trump, Unclotting, Unlocking, Working hypothesis, Working proposition, Mixture, Mix, Blend, Compound, Suspension, Tincture, Infusion, Emulsion, Colloid, Gel, Fluid

How to use Solution in a sentence?

  1. John discovered that the solution to his lack of sleep and weight gain was exercising and eating well during the day.
  2. There are no easy solutions to financial and marital problems.
  3. The solution of British supremacy in South Africa.
  4. A solution of ammonia in water.
  5. The solution to a greener future is in renewable resources, but first the government must put a green focus at the front of agendas in Washington and everywhere.
  6. The teacher told us that it is as important to show the work we did to arrive at the solution as it is to provide the correct answers to the problem.

Meaning of Solution & Solution Definition