What Is An Allotment?

What Is An Allotment?,

What Does What Is An Allotment? Mean?

The term allocation refers to the systematic distribution or allocation of various units of a company's resources over time. Allocation generally refers to the distribution of shares, especially shares allotted to investing companies that are linked to an initial public offering (IPO).

  • Allocation is the systematic distribution of the company's resources into different units and over time.
  • Typically, this is the allocation of shares issued by the corporation to companies that make investments during the initial public offering.
  • Generally, allocations are made when demand is high and demand is high.
  • Companies can also provide grants through stock splits, employee stock options and membership rights.
  • The main reason for issuing new shares for revaluation of a company is to raise funds to finance its operations.

Literal Meanings of What Is An Allotment?


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  1. Distribution of equity securities

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