How To Crop Screenshots On Mac?

How To Crop Screenshots On Mac? is very simple now. Do you want to take a clear snapshot of an app you’re using on your Mac but without the menu bar or the dock? Well, in that way, you’ve to take the screenshot on your Mac and then crop it. You can crop a screenshot on Mac by:

  • Going through the built-in screenshot cropping tool.
  • Using the default Preview app on the Mac.
  • Using the Photos app.
  • Choosing some third part cropping tools.

How To Crop Screenshots On Mac

Why do we need screenshots?

Before discussing how to take screenshots and how to crop screenshots on Mac, we’ll have a brief look over why we need screenshots.

Okay then, screenshots are used to create images of various contents rapidly. These images are generally in a single format and can’t be changed into other image formats.

In other words, a screenshot is a quick image of your computer’s current display. Taking a screenshot means taking a picture of the contents that currently appear right in front of you on the screen. However, it does not contain any program or window that is minimized.

Uses of Screenshots:

The uses are limitless but we’ll share some common reasons why screenshots became common and this much important.

1. PowerPoint presentations:

PowerPoint presentations are essential nowadays. If you want to add any picture to your web design or presentation. Just simply, take a screenshot of it and drag it into your PowerPoint display without having the fear of incorrect image display.

How-to’s instructions:

The how-to’s instructions are difficult to follow without the images or visual provisions. Therefore, take a screenshot of what you’re explaining. Add arrows, bullets, numbers, and boxes to emphasize the parts of an image that is most important to describe. This will help the viewers to better understand your thoughts.

2. Emails:

You might have many unread emails in your inbox. The messages you want to read could be easy for you to read in one glance via screenshots. Adding image files to the email body is the most versatile option in this regard. Trimming your emails in this way will help the receiver to understand your message quickly and more effectively.

3. Analytical reports:

Monthly report analysis includes charts, graphs, tables, and other visual data, you might have created in Excel. However, this might become easier for you by taking screenshots of your work done elsewhere and adding them to your analytical report directly. There won’t be any worries about the display of the image as it will appear smoothly and correctly.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac:

Want to save what you are searching for on your Mac? You can do that easily by simply taking a screenshot of that particular stuff. However, there might be some parts in it that you’ll need to remove and keep the wanted stuff only. For this, you’ll have to crop the screenshots you’ve taken.

If you haven’t done this before or can’t find the tools on your Mac for cropping screenshots, you can use a number of methods. But, before moving toward them, let’s discuss how to take a screenshot on Mac.

How to take a screenshot on Mac:

You can easily capture a screenshot on Mac. Screenshots are basically designed to help you save that important stuff; you want to watch it later on. There are a few techniques that’ll help you take a screenshot of different parts of the screen, the entire screen, or only a single part of the screen.

The captured screenshots will be saved as image files on your desktop by default. Following are some shortcuts to take screenshots in different ways:

1. For the entire screen:

Click on “command+shift+3” for capturing the entire screen. This is much similar to the “Print screen key” on a window computer.

2. For some parts of the screen:

Click on “command+shift+4” for capturing some parts of the screen.

3. For window or menu:

For capturing the window or menu, use the shortcut “command+shift+4+the space bar”.

4. Screenshot toolbar:

After clicking on “command+shift+5”, a screenshot toolbar will be opened that can be used to take screenshots.

Methods for cropping screenshots on Mac:

You might need to crop the screenshots after you’ve captured them. Cropping refers to the removal of any unwanted or important information from the image. Thus, if you want to hide any particular stuff or remove any unwanted stuff, you can do so by simply cropping the screenshots captured.

Apart from that, you may also need cropping to enhance the framing or composition of the image, or to focus on any desired object in the image.

The following methods can help you a lot in how to crop a screenshot on Mac:

How to crop a screenshot on Mac by using Built-in tools:

There is a built-in tool on Mac named “Grab”. Grab is among the most convenient ways to crop a screenshot. However, this tool is replaced with Screenshots on some MacOS like in macOS Mojave whereas in some it is not included like in macOS Catalina. In that case, you need to find it by using some Mac screenshot shortcuts via keyboard.

Whatever, in spite of the common Mac screenshots, the average Mac user can also capture a screenshot using the Grab tool. Following are the important steps for doing so:

  • Open the “Grab” option in the “Launchpad”.
  • You can also get it in the “Applications” folders.
  • The “Grab’s” menubar will appear on the Dock.
  • From there, click on the “selection”, then “window”, and then “Screen” to crop an image.
  • After the screenshot is taken, go to the “File drop-down list” and select the “Save” option to save your Mac Screenshot as a JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.

By using Grab, you can capture a time­-delayed screenshot. The users, who are using the macOS Catalina, are needed to find it through the Shift, command, and 5 key combinations.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac using the cropping tools:

The built-in screenshot cropping tool is, for sure, the best way to crop a screenshot. Once you’ve taken a screenshot, you’ll see a screenshot thumbnail at the right corner of your screen at the bottom. This thumbnail of the screenshot, when clicked, will appear with the cropping tool.

However, it should be noted that if not clicked on within a few seconds, the thumbnail will disappear and you won’t have the chance to use the cropping tool as it will also go away. Sadly, you can’t extend the time.

Anyhow, once the thumbnail appears on the screen, go through the following steps:

  • Tap on the screenshot thumbnail.
  • Next, select the “Crop” tool.
  • Choose the area you want to keep, by pulling the crop handles of the screenshot.
  • After doing so, choose the “Done” option to save the cropped image.
  • Instead, you can open the screenshot after it has appeared on the desktop.
  • After opening it, pull the cursor to select the area you want to keep.
  • After, choose “Tool” and then “Crop”.
  • Choose “File” and then “save” to save the cropped screenshot.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac Preview:

Don’t worry if the thumbnail has disappeared, you still can crop your screenshots by using another best option. The third option in the list is using the Preview option which can also crop your screenshots effectively and quickly.

The Preview app is used for simply viewing the images and files in different formats. This app has different editing features, Cropping images is one of them.

Following are the steps involved in this process:

  • Open the Preview app. This will be done by double-clicking on the screenshot/image.
  • Choose the “Markup Toolbar Button”.
  • In some macOS versions, it is the button with the pencil tip icon while in the others; it appears with the toolbox icon.
  • Make sure to select the rectangular section.
  • Click on the screenshot and drag the area you want to keep, with the help of your trackpad or mouse.
  • You can also use the Command + K shortcut.
  • After that, choose “Tools” from the menu bar.
  • And then “Crop” from the drop-down to crop the image.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac using the Photos app:

There is a built-in application on your Mac named as Photos app. This application not only is used to find and organize all the photos on macOS, but it is also an excellent image editing tool. Using this tool, you can quickly crop your screenshot. Additionally, it is used to resize, zoom, wrap, GIF, and make photo collages.

Following are the steps used to crop the screenshot using the photos app:

  • Go to photos.
  • Choose “file” and then “import”.
  • Select the particular screenshot.
  • Choose “import”.
  • Your screenshot is now imported to the Photos app.
  • Now click on the screenshot twice.
  • Select the “Edit” option at the right corner on the top.
  • Next, press the “Crop” option.
  • Pull the sides and manage the rectangle to crop the image.
  • If something goes wrong, and you want to make further changes, you can press the “Revert to Original” option on the left side at the top.
  • Once all the changes are made press “Done”.
  • The cropped screenshot is now saved on your Mac.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac using keyboard shortcuts:

If you want to capture the screenshots on a Mac, you can the procedure is given above, but if you want to crop your screenshot using keyboard shortcuts, you can press “Control” along with other combinations. The Mac crop screenshot shortcuts are given below:

For cropping a full-screen screenshot on Mac:

  • Click on “Shift+Command+3” along with “Control”.
  • A screenshot thumbnail will appear at the bottom. Press it to edit the screenshot.
  • The required screenshot will appear on the desktop.

For cropping a screenshot of any portion of the screen:

  • Click “Shift+Command+4” and “Control”.
  • Pull the crosshair and select the area you want to keep.
  • Drag the mouse or trackpad to crop the screenshot.
  • The edited screenshot will be saved on your Mac.

For cropping the screenshot of a window or menu:

  • Press “Control” along with “Shift+Command+Spacebar”.
  • Move the cursor over the window or menu required for a +screenshot.
  • If you are using the macOS Catalina, you can click to crop the screenshot. Also, you can press an option to remove the window shadow from the image.
  • The screenshot will be saved on your Mac.

How to crop a screenshot on Mac using the third-party tools:

Besides all these ways, you can use some third-party solutions. There are a number of third-party apps that comes up with excellent image editing features. You can get all these from an app store.

Some of the best image cropping apps that are designed for Mac are discussed below:

1. Skitch:

Skitch is an overall image editor that is designed particularly for Mac users. It can be easily downloaded and used. This wonderful app is brought to you by Evernote.

Having a wide range of image editing features, Skitch has the best image cropping techniques that can make it extremely simple for you to crop your screenshot.

Upon opening that app, you’ll find the options of thickness, color, shapes, adding arrows, text, and many others. In these options, you’ll find the cropping option as well.

2. Shottr:

If you’re searching for a lightweight and easy-to-use app, Shottr can be the best option for you. Designed for Mac users, this app is easy to use and presents itself on the menu bar. After opening it, you’ll find wonderful image editing options. Shotrr provides easy shortcuts for capturing screenshots of every kind and once the screenshot is taken, the image manipulation mode allows the user to e-x-e-c-u-t-e further editing.

3. Pixelmator Pro:

Pixelmator Pro is another tremendous app that is brought for Mac users along with its excellent features. These features not only include a variety of image editing tools but also there are many tools for drawing, illustrating, and creating various designs.

You can select the crop tool to crop your screenshot as you want it based on custom ratio and sizes. Moreover, you’ll find a possibility of straightening your images, as well.

4. Movavi Photo Editor:

Movavi is another best photo editing app designed particularly for Mac. There is a large variety of editing tools including cropping. You are free to adjust the handles of a rectangle to crop the image. You can adjust the width and height of the image either on a custom basis or from the given options I-e 1:1, 3:4, or 9:6, etc.

Instead of cropping, the Movavi app is best for resizing, straightening, and flipping the images. You can change the background, apply saturation or white balance, as well as can use multiple filters and effects.

5) Monosnap:

Another simplest method for cropping screenshots on Mac is via the Monosnap app. This is the easier use app that can be downloaded simply from the app store. Monosnap is quite similar to the other apps on the list.

Just click on the “Monosnap Icon” in the menu bar and you’ll get multiple options for taking screenshots. Also, there will be many options for photo editing that includes cropping as well. There are many versions of this app including the free versions as well as the paid versions.

How to edit a screenshot on Mac:

Well. After reading till here, you might be pretty sure about cropping your screenshots on a Mac but what if you want to do further editing in it to fancy up your screenshots according to the requirements? In that case, you’ll find a complete procedure for editing your screenshots while using a Mac. Here is how:

  • Select a particular screenshot that is saved on your desktop. Or, capture it using the given shortcuts.
  • Then click twice on the image file on your desktop.
  • Your screenshot will be opened in the “Apple Preview” resultantly.
  • Using “Apple Preview” you can fancy up your screenshot by adding shapes, changing the color compositions, adding texts, and much more. All these will be available in the toolbar.
  • If not the “Apple Preview”, you can also edit the image via “Keynote”.
  • Right-click on the image captured, and choose “Open With”. Then press “Keynote”.
  • Using Keynote, you can add many features to your images including shadow addition, reflection, or changing the image background.

Summary: :writing_hand:

Taking screenshots is basically capturing the current display of your computer’s screen. It helps you in various fields by easing out your work. There are numerous ways to take a screenshot on Mac. The easiest methods include keyboard shortcuts to the given combinations. Editing your screenshots by using the Preview app is the most suitable way how to crop a screenshot on Mac. Moreover, you can use some shortcuts, some built-in tools, and third-party tools given above, in this regard. The Preview and Keynote apps are much helpful in editing your images.

Conclusion: :books:

To conclude, there are many ways to help you how to crop a screenshot on Mac. You might use the keyboard shortcuts to get access to the editing toolbar, or some Built-in tools like Grab, Photos app, or Preview are also available on the Mac. If not satisfied with these, you can go for some third-party editing tools that are unique in their own way giving you the best screenshot cropping experience.

Frequently Asked Question:

Here are some questions that are asked frequently about cropping screenshots on Mac and they are as follows.

1. How to crop a screenshot?

You can crop a screenshot by opening the image file in a photo editor app or software. Then choose the “Crop” option from the toolbox. Drag the handles of the rectangle to select the area you want to keep. Then release it. The image will be cropped successfully and the unwanted stuff will be removed.

2.What if I can’t crop a screenshot on my Mac?

If you can’t crop a screenshot on your Mac, check out the operating system because it might not be supporting this process.

3. How do I take a screenshot on my Mac?

You can take a screenshot on your Mac by pressing shift+command+4. The captured screenshots will be saved on your desktops.

4. What to do if screenshots on Mac aren’t responding?

Just restart the Mac. Or you can use any other screenshot software to solve the problem. After restarting, take the screenshot according to different methods. You can take it by the apps or by the keyboard shortcuts that are present by default.

5. How to delete a screenshot on Mac?

Drag the image and throw it into the trash. It is the most common solution to delete the screenshot on Mac.

6. What if the screenshot image on Mac is stuck?

If the image is stuck on the Mac, you can force quit it by pressing “Option”, “Command” and “Escape”.

7. Can I edit my screenshots on Mac?

Yes, you can edit the screenshots by using the Keynote or Preview app on your Mac.

8. Where do the cropped screenshots go on Mac?

After cropping, the screenshots are saved on your Mac desktop just like they are saved in the phone gallery as image files.

9. What if command+shift+5 is not working on Mac?

If Commad+shift+5 is not working make sure that the keyboard keys are functioning properly. Also, check the default settings. Sometimes, the settings might get changed so the screenshot won’t be captured when you press the given keys.

10. Can I change my screenshot settings on Mac?

Yes, you can change the settings easily.

  • Open the screenshot
    app from the utility folder, or press the screenshot shortcut keys to open the app.
  • Now select “Options”.
  • On the top of the menu, there will be a “Save to” option.
  • Select the “Save to” option.

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