Definition of Provision:

  1. The action of providing or supplying something for use.

  2. An article, clause, or stipulation in an agreement, contract, deed, instrument, or statute that explains a specific condition, effect, implication, qualification, or requirement. See also proviso.

    1. To resource/source.
    2. An amount or thing supplied or provided.

    3. Supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey.

    4. Set aside an amount in an organizations accounts for a known liability.

    5. A condition or requirement in a legal document.

    6. An appointment to a benefice, especially directly by the Pope rather than by the patron, and originally before it became vacant.

Synonyms of Provision

TLC, Abundance, Accommodation, Accordance, Accumulation, Amassment, Anticipation, Arrangement, Award, Awarding, Backlog, Basic training, Bestowal, Bestowment, Board, Boundary condition, Bread, Bread and butter, Briefing, Budget, Bunker, Care, Catch, Cater, Catering, Cheer, Clause, Clearing the decks, Coal, Collection, Comestibles, Commissariat, Commissary, Communication, Concession, Condition, Conferment, Conferral, Contemplation, Contribution, Cornucopia, Creature comfort, Cuisine, Cumulation, Daily bread, Deliverance, Delivery, Demand, Dine, Discretion, Donation, Donnee, Dump, Eatables, Economic support, Edibles, Endowment, Envisagement, Envisionment, Equipment, Escalator clause, Escape clause, Escape hatch, Exception, Familiarization, Fare, Farseeingness, Farsightedness, Fast food, Feast, Feed, Fill up, Fine print, Fitting out, Fixing, Fodder, Food, Food and drink, Foodstuff, Foodstuffs, Forage, Forearming, Forecast, Foreglance, Foregleam, Foreglimpse, Forehandedness, Foreseeing, Foresight, Foresightedness, Forethought, Forethoughtfulness, Foundation, Fuel, Furnishing, Furnishment, Gas, Gas up, Gifting, Given, Giving, Grant, Granting, Grass, Gratify, Graze, Groceries, Grounds, Groundwork, Health food, Heap, Hoard, Hooker, Impartation, Impartment, Ingesta, Insurance, Inventory, Investiture, Joker, Junk food, Keep, Kicker, Kitchen stuff, Larder, Liberality, Limiting condition, Livelihood, Living, Longsightedness, Looking ahead, Maintenance, Makeready, Making ready, Manna, Manufacture, Mass, Material, Materials, Materiel, Measures, Meat, Mess, Mobilization, Mothering, Munitions, Nourishment, Nurture, Obligation, Offer, Oil, Outfitting, Parameter, Pasture, Pile, Planning, Plenitude, Plenty, Prearrangement, Precaution, Precautions, Precautiousness, Prediction, Preliminaries, Preliminary, Preliminary act, Preliminary step, Prep, Preparation, Preparatory study, Preparing, Prepping, Prepublication, Prerequisite, Presentation, Presentment, Pretreatment, Preventive measure, Preview, Prevision, Price support, Processing, Propaedeutic, Prospect, Prospection, Protection, Provender, Providence, Providing, Provisioning, Provisionment, Provisions, Proviso, Prudence, Purvey, Purveyance, Qualification, Quantity, Rations, Readiness, Readying, Regale, Repertoire, Repertory, Requirement, Requisite, Reservation, Restriction, Rick, Safeguard, Sagacity, Satisfy, Saving clause, Sell, Sine qua non, Small print, Spadework, Specification, Spread, Stack, Staples, Steps, Steps and measures, Stipulation, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Stockpile, Stocks, Store, Stores, String, Strings, Subscription, Subsidization, Subsidy, Subsistence, Subvention, Supplies, Supply, Supply on hand, Supplying, Support, Surrender, Sustain, Sustainment, Sustenance, Sustentation, Table, Tender loving care, Term, Terms, Top off, Training, Treasure, Treasury, Treatment, Trial, Tryout, Tucker, Ultimatum, Upkeep, Viands, Victual, Victuals, Vittles, Vouchsafement, Warm-up, Whereas, Wine and dine, Supply, Provide, Furnish, Arm, Equip, Fit out, Rig out, Kit out, Accoutre, Outfit, Fit up, Facilities, Services, Amenities, Resource, Resources, Equipment, Arrangements, Solutions, Term, Clause, Requirement, Specification, Stipulation, Supplying, Supply, Providing, Purveying, Delivery, Furnishing, Equipping, Giving, Donation, Allocation, Distribution, Presentation

How to use Provision in a sentence?

  1. A key provision in civil rights law.
  2. Low levels of social provision.
  3. There was a provision in the new law that allows school teachers to receive a salary even when there is no school in session.
  4. New contracts for the provision of services.
  5. Civilian contractors were responsible for provisioning these armies.
  6. Ken thought he wasnt going to get a raise this year, but there was a provision in the union contract which gave everyone a two percent increase.
  7. The client made certain that his lawyer put a provision into the agreement that allowed him to make changes to any property that he procured.
  8. Financial institutions have to provision against loan losses.
  9. Let us take another medieval example, the case of papal provisions in medieval England.

Meaning of Provision & Provision Definition