Definition of Provision:

  1. Something to use Spread or spread something.

  2. An article, clause or section of an agreement, action, instrument or law that describes a particular condition, effect, implication, competency or condition. See also reservation.

  3. Resources / Resources Ltd.
  4. The quantity or supply of something.

  5. Food, drink or luggage, especially for travel. Provide

  6. Save money in the organization's account for unknown liabilities.

  7. Terms or requirements in legal documents.

  8. Appointment of the beneficiary, usually directly from the pope instead of the boss, and initially before he is released.

Synonyms of Provision

Arm, Health food, Equip, Measures, Foresightedness, Upkeep, Clearing the decks, Protection, Envisionment, Awarding, Stack, Giving, Satisfy, Rick, Staples, Solutions, Supply, Escape hatch, Junk food, Condition, Manna, Foundation, Envisagement, Board, Price support, Quantity, Purvey, Provisioning, Keep, Planning, Supply, Rig out, Requisite, Deliverance, Hooker, Prevision, Larder, Bunker, Fitting out, Ultimatum, Bestowment, Prospect, Presentation, Presentation, Delivery, Equipment, Pretreatment, Inventory, Food and drink, Steps, Prep, Surrender, Endowment, Furnish, Bread, Briefing, Readying, Preparing, Farsightedness, Providing, Eatables, Munitions, Donation, Furnishing, Forethought, Material, Cheer, Forehandedness, Trial, Preliminary, Contemplation, Manufacture, Impartment, Kicker, Plenitude, Accumulation, Preparation, Heap, Preview, Warm-up, Demand, Sustainment, Fit out, Care, Fare, Dine, Resources, Equipping, Reservation, Prepping, Familiarization, Arrangement, Commissary, Groceries, Stock, Joker, Dump, Propaedeutic, Specification, Sustain, Makeready, Grass, Subscription, Repertory, Victual, Tender loving care, Outfit, Tucker, Escalator clause, Oil, Foreglance, Basic training, Regale, Insurance, Amenities, Prediction, Sagacity, Subsistence, Subsidization, Accommodation, Treasury, Hoard, Gifting, Conferment, Award, Grant, Groundwork, Furnishing, Daily bread, Provisionment, Prospection, Stipulation, Table, Abundance, Discretion, Feed, Tryout, Presentment, Food, Subsidy, Supplying, Clause, Boundary condition, Farseeingness, Foregleam, Communication, Accoutre, Forecast, Spread, Term, Pasture, Coal, Offer, Prepublication, Supplying, Supply, Materials, Plenty, Giving, Liberality, Treatment, Mothering, Prudence, Foodstuffs, Forage, Prerequisite, Repertoire, Amassment, Spadework, String, Delivery, Foreglimpse, Furnishment, Concession, Exception, Fuel, Conferral, Stores, Sell, Foreseeing, Safeguard, Maintenance, Equipment, Provide, Looking ahead, Stockpile, Preliminary step, Collection, Precautions, Vittles, Stock-in-trade, Foresight, Precautiousness, Processing, Cater, Sustentation, Fine print, Parameter, Ingesta, Viands, Preliminaries, Creature comfort, Training, Distribution, Longsightedness, Terms, Living, Whereas, Mess, Feast, Cumulation, Subvention, Bread and butter, Investiture, Nourishment, Store, Requirement, Purveying, Support, Facilities, Term, Budget, Clause, Stocks, Providing, Fixing, Commissariat, Forethoughtfulness, Gas, Supply on hand, Resource, Provisions, Qualification, Foodstuff, Prearrangement, Cuisine, Fodder, Fill up, Catering, Precaution, Preliminary act, Sustenance, Proviso, Fast food, Stipulation, Forearming, Sine qua non, Saving clause, Steps and measures, Restriction, Escape clause, Services, Preventive measure, Gas up, Granting, Obligation, Small print, Allocation, Making ready, Specification, Limiting condition, Gratify, Impartation, Contribution, Kit out, Pile, Nurture, Providence, Bestowal, Outfitting, Accordance, Donnee, Arrangements, Vouchsafement, Strings, Materiel, Meat, Cornucopia, Supplies, Preparatory study, Comestibles, Mobilization, Top off, Edibles, Backlog, Readiness, Purveyance, Livelihood, Treasure, Catch, Rations, Given, Graze, Requirement, Grounds, Kitchen stuff, Economic support, TLC, Provender, Anticipation, Mass, Victuals, Donation, Fit up, Wine and dine

How to use Provision in a sentence?

  1. Important provisions of the Civil Rights Act.
  2. Less social benefits
  3. The new law includes a provision that allows teachers to be paid even if there is no school in the classroom.
  4. New service agreement.
  5. The Civil Force contractor is responsible for providing the force.
  6. Kane did not expect this to increase this year, but there are provisions in the union agreement that allow for a 2% increase each.
  7. The client ensures that his lawyer has a contract agreement that allows him to change the property he is buying.
  8. Financial institutions need to provide financial support to cover credit losses.
  9. Consider another example of medieval populism in medieval England.

Meaning of Provision & Provision Definition