How Much Does Roku Cost Per Month

How much does Roku cost per month? Roku’s streaming services are available without a monthly average cost for membership and need just a one-time purchase. You may, however, pay for certain material on the device, such as Netflix or Hulu, if you so want.

How Much Does Roku Cost Per Month

How does Roku work?

Roku makes watching television simple and economical. Roku devices serve as the hub for all of your entertainment, streamlining your setup, replacing costly cable equipment, and allowing you to watch what you want—all while saving money.

What exactly is streaming?

Have you ever viewed a YouTube video or a Netflix movie on your smartphone or laptop? That is what streaming is. It is the method through which video and audio material is distributed via the Internet and has become a popular method of watching television.

Why? Because streaming enables you to view anything you want, when you want. You are not required to wait for a download to complete, your DVR to record, or the program to begin airing.

Roku devices offer the ease and excitement of streaming to your big-screen television. You get to choose what to watch and what to pay for. We like to refer to it as television on your terms.

What Can You Watch for Free on Roku?

There are over 6000 channels accessible on the site, and I’ve compiled a list of my personal favourites for you to begin watching immediately.

Roku’s Channel

  • Roku debuted its own free channel last year.

  • It’s preferable to have it on your home screen, where you can always view HD movies.

  • The channel aggregates material from Funder, Nosey, Ovigide, Popcornflix, and American Classics, as well as Roku-exclusive films and shows.


  • Comet is a free science fiction channel.

  • They include a beloved science fiction film in addition to a bunch of older cult classics.

  • Fans of science fiction are certain to unearth some hidden gems. They exhibit films and television programming.

  • Utilize it on a regular basis to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Outer Limits, both of which have aired for 60 years.


  • In the United States, Newson broadcast newsletters from over 160 local news organisations in over 100 American areas are accessible for free.

  • There is live news and press releases (for the majority of stations, 48 hours later), as well as news clips.

  • This is an entirely free means of staying informed about local activities.

Pluto Television

  • Pluto TV collaborates with a number of content creators to provide viewers with free television and movies. On television, Pluto’s material is segmented into channels.

  • Pluto TV, for example, offers access to NBC News, MSNBC, Sky News, Bloomberg, and other news organizations.

  • Additionally, there is a crime network, hilarious AF, and IGN.


  • Tubi offers free television and movies. This service maintains a reasonable mix between massive blockbusters, vintage films, and recently unreleased stuff.

  • In comparison to other free services, this one has somewhat more advertising.

  • On the other side, when high definition is accessible, movies and television are available in high definition.

PBS Children’s

  • Are you on the lookout for some excellent free children’s programming? If that is the case, PBS Kids is your rescue.

  • Children may watch Cat in Hat, Daniel Tiger District, Super Wheel!, Wildcraft, and, of course, Sesame Street.

  • PBS Kids is an excellent resource for teaching your children English.

The CW Application

  • On the CW App, you can watch all your favourite DC series, including Black Lightning, The Flash, Arrow, and DC Tomorrow, as well as popular shows like Riverdale, Ripper, Race, and Gene Virginia.

  • This DC Comics TV channel is a one-of-a-kind destination for aficionados of the DC world.


  • Crackle TV is a free service owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company.

  • Each month, the service delivers films, television, and unique content.

  • It’s one of the greatest free channels available, and I strongly advise you to cut every thread.

  • Despite the low video resolution (480 pixels), it offers high-quality movies and free television.

  • There are other additional channels accessible for free in addition to the ones listed above.

  • Catch-up services include the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, and UKTV Play.

  • Additionally, you may purchase and rent movies and television series from Amazon without paying a monthly subscription cost.

  • Additionally, individual networks may charge a small download fee, albeit this will not apply to major streaming providers.

How Much Should You Pay for a Roku Device?

I’ve listed all the many Roku device variations below in ascending order of pricing, along with their varied features and accessories:

  • Roku Ultra — Currently, the Ultra 4800R 2020 model is the most expensive choice in their portfolio. In comparison to the previous models, the Roku Ultra has an Ethernet connector and Bluetooth connection. It supports not only 4K but also Dolby Vision streaming.

  • Roku Streaming Stick — The smallest gadget on our list, the Streaming Stick is roughly the size of a flash drive and connects straight to a television’s HDMI connection. Additionally, it incorporates a remote wireless receiver and an upgraded voice remote control.

  • Roku Premiere — Premiere is almost identical to Roku Express, except that it supports 4K streaming and has a little different design.

  • Roku Express — As the least expensive choice, it is limited to HD 1080p streaming, not 4K. It is equipped with a simple remote control. This is an excellent alternative for individuals who are new to streaming media, in need of a backup device, or on a small budget.

  • Roku Streambar – Another 2020 product, the Roku Streambar is essentially a more affordable and smaller version of the Smart Soundbar. However, one significant distinction is that it lacks a dedicated Ethernet connector, forcing you to connect to the Ethernet adapter through a USB port. There is also a voice remote control supplied.

  • Roku Soundbar with Roku — The Smart Soundbar is a powerful speaker with an integrated Roku player that is an unbeatable option for improving the audio quality of your television system. It integrates with your current sound system through Dolby Audio and Bluetooth.

Additionally, it supports USB, allowing you to view your favourite local offline entertainment. Additionally, it has voice recognition and dialogue cleaning, ensuring that you don’t miss any of your favourite lines.

  • Roku TV - If you’re searching for the priciest item on the list, this is it. A good option if you’re upgrading your complete television system, a TV with an integrated Roku player may deliver a really unique smart TV experience. It comes with a simple-to-use remote control.

To Summarize
The Roku Streaming Stick is about the size of a flash drive and connects directly to the HDMI port of a television. The Smart Soundbar is a high-performance speaker with an integrated Roku player that is unmatched for enhancing the audio quality of your television system.

Subscription to the Roku Channel Premium

The Roku Channel is Roku’s in-house streaming service.

Similar to Netflix or Disney+, the Roku channel is only a collection of film and television programming.

While Roku Channel does offer premium subscriptions, the majority of the app’s content is absolutely free (not taking into account the ads you will be bombarded with now and then).

The channel’s free programming includes thousands of films and television series, as well as over 150 live television stations.

Additionally, you do not need a Roku device to view the Roku channel; you can access it through your phone or computer.

Numerous Channel Types on Roku

Although we use the term ‘channels,’ they are really applications that you can search for and install from the Roku Channel Store and add to your home screens, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, Peacock TV, or the Roku Channel.

Roku provides a plethora of free channels, like FOX News and ABC, as well as applications such as Pluto TV that include a range of sports, news, and live channels, as well as a large selection of movies and television episodes.

Payments you may Make on the Roku App Store

Then there’s premium material, which may be purchased one-time or via a subscription.

Assume your internet streaming platform offers the same channels. In that scenario, you are not required to stay with your local cable provider; instead, you may cancel your subscription and join up for other services such as Hulu, which starts at $5.99 per month, or Sling TV, which starts at $30 per month.

Additionally, you may subscribe to popular services like Netflix, Apple TV, or Disney+.

Is Paid Cable Required with Roku?

No, a cable or satellite subscription is not required to utilize Roku streaming devices.

Indeed, what draws many individuals to streaming gadgets like Roku is the opportunity to cut connections with their cable provider and save money.

Having said that, if you have cable or satellite, you can still use Roku and even expand your viewing options by unlocking certain more channels that are not accessible to non-cable subscribers.

These channels, dubbed “TV Everywhere,” essentially deliver extra material to cable TV users based on the channels they currently pay for.

Everything You Need to Know About Roku

Mark Roberts last updated this page on December 9, 2021.

Have you made the decision to purchase a new Roku device? You’re probably asking how much Roku costs, “Will I have to pay for channels?” and “Are there any monthly fees?”

In an ideal world, you would not have to spend all of your money on Roku. The gadget is reasonably priced and supports both free and paid channels. As a result, you may even save money by not subscribing to unnecessary channels.

Nonetheless, you may be charged additional fees for additional Roku accessories such as cables, remotes, and so on. Thus, the question “How much does Roku cost?” persists.

To address all of your Roku cost-related concerns, we’ve included a section on Roku costs in this guide. Take a look!

How Much Is Roku?

Roku devices are reasonably priced. Roku streaming players are available for only $29.99. However, expert gamers will need to pay a few hundred dollars. The following table details the prices of the most popular Roku devices:

Comparison of Roku Models on the Basis of Price

Type Price at Amazon Price at Walmart Price on Roku Website
Roku 3 $149.99 NA $99.99
Roku 2 $92.89 $79.99
Roku 4 $60.00 $129.99
Roku Ultra $66.01 $66.01 $69.99
Roku Express 4K+ $39.99 $28.98 $39.99
Roku Streaming Stick 4K $39.99 $39.00 $49.99
Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ $39.99 $47.50 $69.99

What Is The Price Of A Roku Express Box?

The Roku Express Box is a cost-effective Roku streaming device that offers high-definition video. It is compatible with almost all televisions. The packaging includes an HDMI cable and a remote control. You can get a Roku Express for $19.99 directly from Roku or for $19.00 directly from Amazon.

Is there a cost associated with activating Roku?

No. Roku does not charge for device activation. You only need to establish a free Roku account and attach it to your Roku device.

Additionally, Roku will request your payment information during the activation process in order for you to pay for a channel subscription using your Roku.

Again, be cautious of fraudulent and scam websites charging for Roku activation. Numerous Roku TV customers often report encountering similar frauds while activating their devices. As a result, avoid providing personal information or making financial transactions on unfamiliar websites.

Which Roku Channels Are Free?

The nicest feature of Roku is that you are not need to acquire expensive subscriptions in order to view shows. Roku offers a diverse selection of free channels that broadcast material relating to sports, news, movies, and television series.

Therefore, if you are unwilling to spend your hard-earned money on subscription channels, free channels might provide you with the same level of entertainment. Additionally, premium Roku channels provide free trials or free copies of their content to Roku TV customers.

Is It Free To Have A Roku Account?

Certainly not! It’s completely free to create a Roku account. Simply visit the official Roku website and register for a free Roku account by submitting your personal information.

Following account creation, you may connect as many Roku streaming devices as you want to your single Roku account. This enables you to synchronise the settings across several Roku devices (if you own more than one Roku).

However, Roku requests payment information such as credit card information in order to enable you to pay for channel subscriptions directly via Roku pay.

How Much Do Roku Channels Cost?

If you want more entertainment and complete access to the premium services of Roku streaming channels, you can subscribe to paid Roku channels. The fee for these streaming services varies per channel.

Certain channels require a one-time subscription fee, while others require a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual fee. If you’re looking to stream content similar to that found on cable television, streaming channels such as Hulu, Sling TV, and FuboTV may be a good option. These channels start at $5 per month and go up from there.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in watching movies, sports, or television shows, you can subscribe to channels such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, or Cinemax. The cost of subscribing to these channels starts at $5.99 per month and can go as high as $9.99 per month.

What Is The Price Of A Roku Remote Control?

When you purchase a new Roku device, you receive a free Roku remote. After pairing, you can use this remote to control your Roku device. However, if your remote is lost or damaged, or you simply want a replacement for your Roku, you can purchase one of the following Roku remotes:

  • Roku Simple Remote – Compatible with most Roku devices and comes at $14.99.

  • Roku Voice Remote – Comes with voice control features and costs $19.99.

  • Roku Voice Remote Pro – Comes with rechargeable batteries and lost remote finder functionality. It costs $29.99.

How Much Does Roku TV Cost?

The price of Roku TVs varies depending on the brand and model. You can get a basic Roku TV for $500 or the latest model for up to $1000 or above. However, it is worth noting that the features like display quality, size, sound quality, etc., will also vary depending on the price.

Roku TV models like TCL S-series that cost around $1000 or less might be a good option if you are on a budget. And if you are flexible with the budget, the TCL Roku 8K TV costing between $2199 to $2999 might interest you.

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Roku To Use It?

You don’t have to pay any monthly fee to use any Roku device. You only need to purchase the Roku streaming player by paying its one-time charge. But, if you have subscribed to any channel that requires monthly charges, you will need to pay for it. This monthly subscription fee will vary depending on the channel.

Premium channels are available for one-time purchase or as part of a subscription via the Roku Channel Store. Roku streaming players start at $29.99. Professional players will have to shell up a few hundred dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask many questions about How much does Roku cost per month?. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Is Netflix free on Roku?

The Netflix app itself is free to download on Roku but will require a subscription fee in order to view TV shows. … Let’s take a look at your options for watching Netflix on Roku, as well as what you get for free with your Roku device and what you will need a subscription for.

2. Can you watch normal TV on a Roku TV?

You can get local channels on Roku via the Roku Channel Store, third-party apps, or even an antenna. The Roku Channel Store is a good place to start looking for local channels. If you have a cable subscription, you can watch local channels on your Roku via the service’s app.

3. Is Roku really worth?

Roku is my #1 streaming player recommendation for cable-cutters looking for an easy way to watch content from the Internet on their TVs. While Amazon Fire TV is also great, Roku is probably the best choice for most people.

4. Is Roku or Firestick better?

Roku is a better choice overall because it has more features and device options, and it has more channels/apps overall, including free content. However, it only works with Google and Alexa. Firestick is a better choice for Amazon Prime members and those who have Amazon Smart devices.

5. Can you get ABC NBC and CBS on Roku?

Yes, there are live broadcast channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, HGTV and Fox. … If you have Roku TV, you can also connect an antenna to access live and local broadcast TV over the air.

6. Is Roku cheaper than cable?

The average US household spends $109 a month on cable or satellite TV. If you go all-in with free streaming channels, like The Roku Channel and Tubi, you could save $1300+ each year. Roku users save an average of over $70 each month over cable according to a recent survey.

7. Do you need WIFI for Roku?

You will need to connect your Roku player to Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port to access online content. Without a new internet connection, you can use your Roku device to play content on your TV from local or external storage. You can also use the screen mirroring feature to view the content directly from your smartphone.

8. Why are Roku TVs so cheap?

Roku TV provides a range of high-quality yet affordable smart TVs that enable cord-cutters to watch their favourite streaming services directly through their TV set. The devices feature Roku’s technology and OS, which tends to make them more affordable than other smart TVs on the market.

9. Is XUMO free on Roku?

XUMO is your destination for free LIVE and on-demand streaming entertainment. With over 190 different channels to choose from, you won’t get bored. Tune in for newly launched movie channels, breaking news, epic fails, stand-up comedy, sports, news coverage, and more.

10. What does Roku have that Firestick doesn t?

Roku is our favourite overall platform, but the Fire TV Stick Lite delivers more capabilities at the starting level than the similarly cost Roku Express. The Fire TV Stick Lite features a voice remote, but the Roku doesn’t enable voice instructions through the remote.

Well, that’s all there is to know about Roku devices and their payment plans, and hopefully, it has cleared your mind regarding your plan for purchasing a new Roku streaming device.

An important thing to keep in mind while making your purchase is that Roku never asks for a “activation fee” or “account creation fee” from its users.

These are well-known scams, and hence if you receive a call, email, or message requesting you to make one of these payments, make sure you don’t waste your money and report them to the concerned authorities if possible.

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