Definition of Blockbusting:

  1. The practice of persuading owners to sell property cheaply because of the fear of people of another race or class moving into the neighborhood, and thus profiting by reselling at a higher price.

  2. Very successful commercially.

  3. The illegal and discriminatory practice of helping ethnic or minority individuals into predominantly non-ethnic or minority-dominated areas, and then using scare tactics to force current neighborhood residents to sell their homes at depressed prices. For example, a real estate broker would tell the current residents of an area that once the new, minority tenants move in that housing prices will tumble and crime will increase, even if this is not necessarily true. The broker will then buy up the cheaper homes at reduced prices.

How to use Blockbusting in a sentence?

  1. His blockbusting novel.
  2. If you find out that anyone is involved in blockbusting you should report them immediately so that they will stop.
  3. The blockbusting was the antithesis of gentrification but it represented a real problem for the elderly residents in the area.
  4. Neither were neighborhoods victimized by blockbusting.
  5. I didnt like the couple because I know in the past they practiced blockbusting and really hurt a lot of families.

Meaning of Blockbusting & Blockbusting Definition