Definition of Newsletter:

  1. A bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization.

  2. Small, printed (generally on letter-size paper), or published through other means, newspaper or digest aimed for a select audience on a narrow subject, or for circulation within an organization.

Synonyms of Newsletter

Book, Volume, Hardback, Paperback, Title, Work, Tome, Opus, Treatise, Manual, Register, Almanac, Yearbook, Compendium, Pastoral Epistle, Advice, Aerogram, Air letter, Airgraph, Billet-doux, Broadcast journalism, Bull, Chain letter, Dead letter, Dimissorial, Dimissory letter, Drop letter, Encyclical, Fan letter, Form letter, Information, Intelligence, Journalism, Letter of credit, Letter of introduction, Letters credential, Letters of marque, Letters of request, Letters overt, Letters patent, Letters rogatory, Love letter, Monitory, News, News agency, News medium, News service, Newsiness, Newsmagazine, Newspaper, Newsworthiness, Nixie, Open letter, Pastoral letter, Poison-pen letter, Press association, Radio, Reportage, Round robin, Telegraph agency, Television, The fourth estate, The press, Tidings, Wire service, Word

How to use Newsletter in a sentence?

  1. These thoughts are prompted by a quarterly newsletter issued by my accountants.
  2. The newsletter communicated value information pertaining the new changes and updates in the industry which made our readers quite content.
  3. I wanted to know more information about a subscription services I signed up for, but they did not have a website for me to visit, instead they offered a subscription to their newsletter which I would have to have mailed to me on a monthly basis.
  4. I signed up for the newsletter and would be receiving it in the mail within the net couple of weeks.

Meaning of Newsletter & Newsletter Definition