How Microsoft Plans Big Windows 10 UI Refresh In 2021?

Windows 10: you expect an It is no secret. The Windows 10 software interface signed by Microsoft would be subject to more or less profound changes during the year 2021. And for several months, leaks have been expected. A graphic overhaul known by the code name Sun Valley is, for example, in the program, through optimizations targeting the Start menu, tablet mode, or the file explorer.


The Redmond firm goes even further and is currently preparing a brand new version of its operating system. I named Windows 10 X. As such, android has already been able to try an almost final version before its expected release in the current first half of 2021. On the menu: an interface that departs from the fundamentals. significant interface change for 2021

The Windows 10 operating system will undergo several profound changes during the year 2021, from its new Sun Valley interface to Windows 10X, including the arrival of Android applications and the Microsoft xCloud cloud gaming service. What novelties are you most waiting for? This is what we were asking you recently.

The year 2021 will also give pride to Android applications, which could indeed land on Windows 10. Like the Google Play Store, also confirmed by Digital Marketing Agency Pakistan. This novelty would be a kind of response to the integration of iOS applications by Apple on macOS. The point is that the project often comes to the fore in the media and seems very real.


Last novelty, and not the least: the arrival of the Microsoft xCloud cloud gaming service. This one has already been in test on Windows 10 since the beginning of 2020 and should show its nose in the next few months. This is why we asked you last week, among all these expected novelties, which one makes you want the most for this 2021 vintage.

Overall, it is very clearly the new interface for Windows 10 that wins the vote with more than half of the options. In the comments, Windigo explains, for example, that it expects “an organization of the configuration menus and the start menu less clutter.” For his part, the clicker hopes to see a system of tabs appear in the file explorer.


Several comments also suggest other novelties. Therefore, El Cidius is in favor of a system that uses less RAM when Fabien Tresamini wants better system optimization, or even an ARM processor specially designed for Windows 10 PCs.