Healthcare open enrollment dates

Healthcare open enrollment dates (starts from November 1, ends on December 15)If you missed these dates, you still have a chance to enroll for health insurance from marketplace, if you are eligible for a special enrollment period.

Healthcare plans

  • If your health plans are affiliated with your job then your open enrollment periods may be different. Check with your employer.

  • You can apply and enroll any time in the year in MEDICAID or children’s health insurance program (CHIP).

When is open enrollment for health insurance

When you decide to have health insurance for yourself or the whole family the first question come to mind is when is open enrollment for health insurance so everybody should know the government-provided health insurance date will start from November 1 and will end on December 15 if you enroll yourself between these dates then you are eligible for government-provided health insurance program, but if you missed it then you have to buy it on private bases.

The government has provided a health insurance plan which has a specific time limit that will start from November 1 and will end on December 15, if you do not enroll between a given time limit then you have to buy private health insurance all by yourself.

About Market Place

The marketplace is a spot where from where we get the assistance that helps us to know what is health insuranceand how to enroll for it. The health insurance marketplace is controlled by the federal government.
After knowing about marketplace you should know that are you eligible to use market place?.To be qualified to enroll in health insurance coverage by the market place you:

  • Make sure you live in the United States.

  • Only if you are a U.S. citizen or national.

  • Can’t be imprisoned.

If you are associated with Medicare coverage you are not qualified to utilize market place to have a health or dental plan.

Quality Health Insurance Options

On account of acceptance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s a day for millions of Americans who gain from the entrance to quality, affordable health plans by the health insurance marketplace under the new law protection.

Budget-friendly Health Insurance Plans

The most important thing is your health plan, everyone has individual requirements as well as differing financial conditions, health insurance center permits you to get several estimates from reliable carriers that are close to you, giving you the power to select the best fusion of price and coverage.

Multiple Health Insurance choice and Huge Save

By your research, you will notice the ongoing individual healthcare market place provides various similar alternatives to group plans which includes:

  • HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) generally limits you to doctors, other healthcare sources, or hospitals on the list of the plan and normally they will not cover out-of-network care unless its an emergency. The plan may need you to live or work in a particular area to be qualified for coverage.

  • PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) this type of plan has an agreement with medical providers, like hospitals, and doctors to make a web of “participating providers”. Mostly your payments being reduced if you use doctors, hospitals and further health care providers which are under plan network and you have to pay more if you go outside.

  • POS (Point Of Service) through this service you have to pay less when you use hospitals, doctors, and further health services under this plan’s web.

Your special health and prescriptions medical needs, monthly estimate, and doctor/service choice will help you to decide which plan is better for you.


Open enrollment health insurance date is the time period which is given by the government to ease their citizens to enroll themselves and meet their requirements, but if you missed the dates then you have to go marketplace to buy personal insurance or contact private insurers to have your own health insurance plan.

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