Allmeds EHR Software: Everything You Need To Know!


Allmeds Software was founded in 1987 with the main motive of improving the quality of care everywhere. AllMeds Specialty EHR is a medical practice company offering practice management and revenue cycle management solutions. AllMeds EHR Software is used by surgical specialties across the United States and is designed for small to medium-sized practices.

EHR Software
AllMeds EHR was designed to dramatically improve practice workflows and efficiency, reduce the amount of administration and documentation, and improve practice profitability. Functionalities include e-prescription, billing, reporting, collection management, and processing of insurance claims.

AllMeds EHR offers specialty-focused Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management (PM), and Revenue Cycle Management/Billing and Collections (RCM) solutions. How are these helpful? EHR software has become very important for all medical specialties. Electronic Health Records help get rid of paperwork, make work easy and quick, and simplifies patient engagement. Revenue Cycle Management improves financial performance and workflow efficiencies. Practice Management provides advanced workflow solutions and business intelligence tools. Integrated medical billing & payment processing optimizes every step of practices’ revenue flows. Patient-data collection is optimized before, during, and after appointments.

AllMeds EHR features

AllMeds is an on-premise modular-based EHR system. The system offers a variety of integrations and support services, including an EHR replacement service.

Appointment Management, Clinical Workflow, Billing Management, Reporting and Analytics, Lab Integration, Patients Portal, and Medical templates are some of Allmeds EHR features. These features help improve the quality of care and help achieve high efficiency. Productivity at work rapidly increases after the installation of this software. Patients Portal allows doctors to keep a track of their patients’ diagnosis and treatment history.

Everything is saved and managed through these portals. Lab testing features are very important and this EHR Software allows lab tests to be ordered directly from the EHR System and the results can be checked through the EHR portal online. This helps keep a track of patients’ progress and makes sure that everything is done super efficiently.

Practice Management

Practice management software helps to streamline major tasks in your organization. For example, it saves time when checking on patients’ insurance eligibility and scheduling appointments. It reduces the effort involved in managing denied claims and in generating reports for staff meetings. Once installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got by, managing your practice without it. Allmeds Practice management software (PM software) is designed to help medical offices of any size run more efficiently.

Typically, small and medium-size practices use practice management software to manage daily operations like financial and administrative functions; some offices use it to connect with electronic medical records. Some of the major tasks performed by Practice management are Entering and tracking Patients, Recording Patients demographics, Generating reports for staff members, Processing payments, etc.

With the help of Allmeds practice management, you will have easier access to electronic health records because PM software maintains documents and data online, it streamlines operations within a practice, including the ability to search EHR documents. It will help save time as it’s designed to improve efficiency and reduce several office tasks. It also helps to eliminate as many errors as possible since all the tasks are done automatically.

Allmeds RCM/Billing and Collection

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial process, utilizing medical billing software, that healthcare facilities use to track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance. Allmeds RCM helps unify the business and clinical sides of healthcare by coupling administrative data, such as a patient’s name, insurance provider, and other personal information, with the treatment a patient receives and their healthcare data. Revenue Cycle includes Coding, Claim submission, charge capture, etc.

Allmeds RCM system can also save healthcare organizations time by automating duties that were previously handled by employees. These duties include administrative tasks, such as informing patients of upcoming appointments, reminding payers and patients of an existing balance, and reaching out to insurers with specific questions when a claim is denied.


You can look for Allmeds EHR reviews on our website Software Finder. Many healthcare providers have given their feedback which will help you make a decision. Moving on to Allmeds EHR pricing. Allmeds EHR pricing starts from $5000, it’s a one-time payment, per user. They do not offer a free version. Talking about Allmeds EHR demo, you can get a free demo but they do not offer a free trial.