Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies are the correct place where you have to buy your coverage if your company is not offering you an employee-benefit program. Before buying private health insurance you should know the top companies of your state.

Reasons: When you need to buy Private Health Insurance

There are some reasons where you need to buy your own health insurance.

26 years of age or older

According to the Affordable Care Act(ACA), young children are covered as dependents on their parents, unless they turn 26 years of age, after that they need to buy their own individual health insurance.

Without a job

If you have lost your job, maybe you are still eligible to maintain your coverage through the employee-benefit program with the help of a program called Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). COBRA helps qualified employees and their dependents to continue health insurance coverage in case of losing their job or reduction of work hours.

COBRA can maintain health coverage for up to 36 months, cost of COBRA is very high because the affected employer has to pay the whole cost of health insurance by himself instead of paying a portion of installment under the employee-sponsor program.

Part-time worker

The part-time worker usually doesn’t have the benefit of the employee-sponsor plan because part-time employers work a lower number of hours almost 40 hours per week, if you are a part-time worker you need to buy your own health insurance.


Freelancers or self-employed work for their own business. A self-employed person can be qualified for health insurance if he/she is married and can get their insurance through a spouse’s health plan, in case they are not married then need to buy individual health insurance.

Started a business and has employees

If you have recently started a business and hiring employees you may require a health insurance plan for them. Although it is not necessary to offer them, if you want to be a competitive employer who can fascinate highly qualified candidates, then you need to purchase a group plan for your employees.

If You or your Spouse/Parent retires

You are no longer a part of the employee-sponsor program after your retirement, if your age is less then 65, you need to buy individual health insurance for yourself, after turning 65 you will be eligible for Medicare. Medigap and MedicareAdvantage can also be good options for retirees.

But you have to keep in mind all three of these companies do not offer insurance to your dependants than men’s when you retire your family need to buy their own individual health insurance.

If your existing insurer dropped you

The Affordable Care Act(ACA) doesn’t allow insurers to cancel your coverage or rejects your coverage due to making a mistake in your application, but there are certain circumstances where your coverage can be canceled. This is also possible you find your insurance expenses and drop them.

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Tips: How to buy health insurance through companies

Buying your own health insurance is not that much simple as an employee-sponsor program, here are some guidelines to be followed while purchasing your own health insurance through private companies.

  1. When you turn 26 and still unemployed, self-employed, part-time worker, starting your own business has employees or recently retired, you may need to buy your individual health plan.

  2. If your employers do not offer you an employee-benefit health plan, then the best place to have your own coverage is the health insurance marketplace which was started by the Affordable Care Act(ACA) in 2014.

  3. If you are recently retired then Medigap, Medicare, or MedicareAdvantages is the best option for you if you are eligible.

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List of Top Health Insurance Companies

The top 25 US health insurance companies are listed below, they are listed by the size of the share in the market. Mentioned in descending order, this data was collected at the end of 2018.

  1. UnitedHealth

  2. Kaiser Foundation

  3. Anthem Inc.

  4. Humana

  5. CVS

  6. Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

  7. Centene Corp

  8. Cigna Health

  9. Wellcare

  10. Molina Healthcare Inc.

  11. Guidewell Mut Holding

  12. California Physicians Service

  13. Independence Health Group Inc.

  14. Blue Cross of California

  15. Highmark Group

  16. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  17. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

  18. Caresource

  19. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

  20. Carefirst Inc.

  21. Health Net of California, Inc.

  22. UPMC Health System

  23. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

  24. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

  25. Metropolitan

1. UnitedHealth

United health is the topmost health insurance company in the US founded in 1977 by Richard T Burke. It is an American profit-making health insurance company situated in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It provides insurance services and healthcare products.


  1. It has a big MNC to work with.
  2. A nice working environment.
  3. Many teams working on different projects.
  4. The company encourages learning new skills, and for workshop training.


  1. Employees are not allowed to approach managers for any problem.
  2. They offer low salaries.
  3. Presentations twice a week reduced from time spend on collecting our intern project and doing work.
  4. The environment is anti friendly, stressful, and put your head down and focus on work type.

2. Kaiser foundation

Kaiser foundation also is known as the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, is America’s non-profit organization which headquarter is in San Francisco, California founded on December 4, 1948, in Oakland California United States. The company was originated for shipyard and steel mill workers.


  1. They provide an excellent salary package.
  2. Provide healthcare and different benefits.
  3. Departments and facilities are very interconnected.


  1. Their public appearance and real functions are occasionally at odds with each other.
  2. Stressful and political atmosphere.
  3. The call center is weak.
  4. The electronic medical record is not good.

3. Anthem Inc

Anthem Inc and Wellpoint Health Network Inc merged in 2004 to built the nation’s ruling health benefits company, it is one of the biggest health insurance companies in the US. The company specialized in legacy like life and disability insurance benefits, vision, dental and behavioral benefits as well.


  1. Improvement and work at home facilities.
  2. Incentive bonus.
  3. Significant benefits and supportive training.
  4. Supportive management.


  1. Tough to balance work-life.
  2. Fewer benefit options.
  3. Guidelines are always changing.
  4. Typical call center.

4. Humana

Humana is a profit-making health insurance company in the US founded in 1961, by Louisville Kentucky attorney’s Wendell Cherry and David A. Jones, it became the nation’s largest nursing home operator in a very short period. Humana is a healthcare company that provides a vast variety of insurance products and health care services that includes a non-segregated approach to well being for lifelong.


  1. Focused attitude.

  2. Good salary package.

  3. Great place with a friendly atmosphere.

  4. Good benefits and life balance.


  1. Detachment between offices.

  2. Weak leadership in sensitive areas.

  3. Back-breaking culture.

5. CVS

CVS is a health insurance company founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts by two brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and Scandinavian American Ralph Hoagland. It is a health insurance company that owns CVS pharmacy, named CVS Caremark. Their mission is to improve health and creativity for high-quality health and pharmacy service.


  1. Good salary package.

  2. Possible yearly raise and promotion.

  3. expeditiously, work to do every time.

  4. Learning environment.


  1. Unpredictable scheduling.

  2. Excessive work hours.

  3. Undecided slavery to be successful.

6.Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

Health Care Service Corporation founded in 1936, provides its services to more than 15 million members covering 5 states and has more than 20,000 employs in all 60 offices. It’s a mutual legal reserved company it also provides coverage for heart, bone marrow transplant, leukemia, and cancer treatments.


  1. Tuition, child care, and promotions payment.

  2. Bonuses in year or quarter.

  3. Legal advice and counseling for free,

  4. Great benefit options.


  1. Regular changing, stressful.

  2. Nonprofessionalism.

  3. Not so good management.

7. Centene Corp

Centene Corp founded in 1984 by a former hospital bookkeeper Elizabeth Betty Brinn it is a non-profit Medicaid plan.
The company supplies the documents of services to the government-financed health insurance program, concentrating on under-insured and non-insured individuals. managed care and specialty service are two operating segments of the company.


  1. Intelligent coworkers.

  2. Compulsive industry.

  3. Excellent benefits.

  4. Promotes work-life balance.


  1. Take several years to get a growth opportunity.

  2. Freezed decision making management.

  3. Pressured at times.

8. Cigna Health

Cigna was founded in 1792, it is a global health service company supplying customized solutions to upgrade the physical health and mental well being, of individuals and families. Cigna has more than 500,000 physicians and 8,000 hospitals in its network and customers can select various plans including low-cost plans.


  1. Low monthly installments.

  2. Free of tax spending account.


  1. Hign deductibles.

  2. Out of budget medical expenses.


Wellcare founded in 1985, in Tampa, came up as a Medicaid provider in Florida, with the transit of stabilized financial plan of 1997. Wellcare offers private health insurance plans to Medicaid beneficiaries.


  1. Smart coworkers.

  2. Munificent amount of PTO.

  3. Room for improvement.

  4. Huge benefits.


  1. Pressured environment.

  2. Excessive working hours.

  3. Dull and displease corporate surroundings.

  4. Typical administration of huge companies.

10.Molina Healthcare Inc.

Molina Healthcare was created in 1980, by Dr, C. David Molina in Long Beach California, this company was basically formed for low-income patients. It is a government-paid healthcare based program such as SCHIP and Medicaid after it became a health maintenance organization in 1985.


  1. Healthy environment.

  2. Flexible worktime.

  3. Look forward to employees’ professional career improvement and skills increment.


  1. Outdated processing.

  2. Not so efficient.

11. Guidewell Mut Holding

Guidewall is a non-profit health insurance company founded on April 27, 1944, in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. The company has a dedication towards helping people and communities to get good health, it is a frontline of the growth of healthcare.


  1. Good place to take a start in learning technologies.

  2. Healthy work and life balance with great opportunities.

  3. Great growth chances and benefits.


  1. Need more locations.

  2. Flooded contractor work.

12. California Physicians Service

California Physicians Service was once known as Blue Sheild of California was founded on December 18, 1939, it was manufactured by California Medical Association. It is one of the four biggest insurance companies which supplies health insurance products and services to more than 4 million members.


  1. Growing company.

  2. Encouraging work environment.

  3. Good leadership skills.


  1. Some company and administration issues.

  2. Less training and more work expectations.

  3. Toxic environment.

13. Independence Health Group Inc

Independence Health Group Inc founded in 2014, located in the PA United States. The company has 9,500 employees over all of its branches, has 29 companies in the independent health group corporate family.


  1. a nice place to work.

  2. Positive surroundings.

  3. Growth in the job.

  4. Emolument for traveling.


  1. Lots of traveling.

14. Blue Cross of California

Blue Cross of California trade by the name of Anthem Blue Cross they are independently licensed by the Blue Cross Association, the company earned a score of 81.41 in the survey this year for the best health insurance consumer. Secured 14th place in the ranking in rating factor.


  1. Excellent benefits.

  2. Considerable time for off.

  3. Various and comprehensive culture.

  4. Huge training opportunities.


  1. Stressful job.

  2. Firing occurs in routine.

  3. Unorganized.

15. Highmark Group

Highmark was founded in 1977, under the license of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association-Pennsylvania. . It is a huge individual non-profit health insurance company which controls many beneficial branches.


  1. Good management.

  2. Offers benefits.

  3. Offers paid personal times off.


  1. Furious customers.

  2. Favours and partiality.

16. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Blue cross blue shield(Michigan) was founded in 1929, the company initially built for low paid members, especially for teachers, above 1,000 teachers paid $6 to get 21 days of hospital care in a year.


  1. Well built company.

  2. Secure job.

  3. Pension and cheap installments for health insurance.


  1. Job is like short training.

  2. Disorganized.

  3. Rude behavior.

17. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Blue Cross Blue Sheild of New Jersey was founded in 1939, it is an almost licensed association plan in New Jersey, providing health insurance coverage to more than 3.2 million members all over New Jersey. It is a major Medicaid family care plan backed by Horizon BCBSNJ.


  1. Daycare and gym facilities.

  2. Great benefits.

  3. Humble environment.


  1. Extra charges for parking.

  2. Pressured job.

  3. Complicated at times.

18. Caresource

Caresource founded in 1989, in Dayton, Ohio United States by Pamela B. Morris, it is a non-profit company that started to serve Medicaid members through a managed health care plan. Now it provides health care programs which include Medicare, Medicare, and Marketplace, it is the second-largest Medicaid plan in the United States.


  1. Fair monthly installments.

  2. Reasonable copays.

  3. No charges for prescriptions.


  1. Fewer options for family physicians.

19. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

The company was founded in 1933, it is a completely taxed non-profit company that has more than 4,700 employees and provides service to more than 3.89 million customers. The company offers superb quality health insurance at a concerning price to its customers.


  1. Pleasant atmosphere.

  2. Options to work from home.

  3. Communicative team.

  4. Intelligent management.


  1. No work-life balance.

  2. Fast reduction in benefits.

  3. Lots of everyday meetings.

20. Carefirst Inc

The company was founded in 1934, by a hospital association in Washington D.C. It is a non-profit health insurance company that provides health insurance to up to 3.4 million individuals and groups by the comprehensive range of health insurance products in the Washington Metropolitan and Maryland area.


  1. Proper work-life balance.

  2. Good benefits and on time check payments.

  3. Professionalism and care.


  1. Unfriendly and aggressive atmosphere.

  2. Overtime with no payments.

  3. Poor management.

21. Health Net of California, Inc

The company was founded in 1977 as a non-profit company in California, In 1992 it converted to a for-profit company with the permission of the state of California. It provides a huge variety of Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement products in calculated geological service areas.


  1. Handsome amount of salary.

  2. Instant supervision.

  3. Great management.


  1. Too much over time.

  2. Long hours.

  3. System server issues.

22. UPMC Health System

UPMC founded in 1893 by Louis Lyle wife of a Presbyterian minister, was legally incorporated by Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh later it owned by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center a world-well-known healthcare supplier as an essential part of the health care delivery system, it’s devoted to supplying its members better health.


  1. Numerous satellites available for hospital work.

  2. Several great benefits.

  3. Good work culture.


  1. Long hours and shifts.

  2. No breaks and payment for lunch.

23. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is a state-authorized private health insurance company owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association in Boston. It is a non-profit health insurance company that has 2.8 million policyholders this is the biggest number of insurers in Massachusetts.


  1. Exceptional benefits.

  2. Helpful team with lots of amazing projects.

  3. Good work-life balance.


  1. Reference-based hiring.

  2. competition in promotions.

24. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

It is the largest non-profit health benefits company in Tennessee, it’s an independent organization ruled by its own board of directors.


  1. Great management.

  2. Outstanding bonuses and benefits.

  3. Lesser moving up opportunities.


  1. Move up opportunity unavailable.

  2. Lot of nepotism.

25. Metropolitan

Metropolitan was found in 1875, in the affiliation of Homeopathic medical college New York, it is the largest global provider of insurance, pension, and employee benefit programs, serving 90 million customers in over 60 countries.


  1. Large company with strong support.

  2. Good identification in Marketplace.

  3. Great benefits.


  1. Repetitive work.

  2. No additional pays.

  3. Confusing supple transformation.

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Frequently asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions about health insurance companies are mention below:

1. What’s the best private health insurance?

Some of the best private health insurance companies are listed below:

  • ahm, Health Insurance.
  • APIA.
  • Australian Unity Health Limited.
  • Budget Direct.
  • Bupa.
  • CBHS Corporate.
  • CDH Benefits Fund.
  • CUA Health Limited.

2. Is United Healthcare better than Blue Cross?

In the winning battle of United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield winner would be United Healthcare because of its genuine nationwide network.

3.What is Aetna called now?

Atena is now affiliated with United Healthcare, it’s starting a new era as a health and financial service company, it’s now called Atena Healthcare Company.

4.What health insurance is most accepted?

Usually, most accepted health insurance companies are:

  • Medicare
  • MultiPlan PHCS.
  • Parkview Signature Care PPO.
  • Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)
  • Sagamore Health Network.
  • Southern Indiana Health Organization (SIHO)
  • UnitedHealthCare.
  • UnitedHealthCare, Medicare Advantage HMO/POS/PPO.

5. Which Medicare insurance is the best?

Professional Analysis Company
1 Huge Coverage United Medicare Advisors
2 Great cheers Humana
3 Huge Network Cigna
4 Great guidance Mutual of Omaha


In the USA there are many health insurance companies but amongst them, we have talked about 25 topmost companies and their pros and cons, also have guidance for readers about reasons when you need to buy private health insurance and tips on how to buy health insurance.