How much is Health Insurance in California

How much is health insurance in California? The standard rate of monthly health insurance for the year 2020 is $576 for 40 years old. California’s citizens can anticipate paying a standard of $200.3 per person for a crucial medical individual health insurance plan, installment can be lessened if your health is good.

What is health insurance

Health insurance is the protection given by health companies which pay for medical, surgical, prescription drug, and some times dental charges for the insured. Health insurance can compensate the insured for expenses experiences from illness or injury or accidents, or pay to the hospitals(where insured seeking medical treatment) directly.
Sometimes your workplace benefits you with a health insurance plan which is called an employer-sponsored program, with installments usually paid by them or paying a huge part by them, then the employees receive tax-free health benefits. If you don’t have an employ-sponsor plan then you should go marketplace or private health insurers to buy your plan.

Health insurance is the amount you pay in monthly or yearly installments for your un-expected days like an accident, injuries, other health issues. Health insurance helps you to defend yourself against disastrous expenses because your insurance pays your medical bills if you seek medical help.

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How much is health insurance

Different monthly and yearly installments are being paid by Americans across the USA, but want to know the exact answer of how much is health insurance then you must know that the annual installments for a family of four are $20,576 and 71% of that picked by employers in the year 2019, In the year 2020, the highest standard plan for 27 years old is Wyoming’s $723 and Mexico has the lowest at $282.

annual installment for the family of four is $20,576. the highest standard plan for 27 years old is Wyoming’s $723 and the lowest at $282 in Mexico.

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Types of health insurance 2020

There are four types of health insurance which are listed below:

1 . Health Maintenance Organization(HMO).
2.Indemnity type of plan.
3.Preferred Provider Organizations(PPO).
4.Point Of Service(POS).

Name of top health insurance companies in California

The first state which stood up with a health insurance marketplace as a command with the Affordable care act (ACA) was California. It served 11 different health insurance companies to provide Obama care health plans for 2017 and 2018, individual and family health .insurance was being provided by all 11 carriers.

IF we are talking about the top health insurance companies of California, must have to know the names first which are:

  1. Anthem Blue Cross

  2. Blue Shield Of California

  3. Kaiser Permanente Of CA

  4. Molina Health Care

  5. Oscar Health Plan Of California

  6. Sharp Health Plan

  7. Sutter Health Plus

  8. Western Health Advantage

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Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross is the largest health insurance company in California founded in 2004 by the union of Wellpoint (located in California) and Anthem (located in Indianapolis) after both companies obtain many health insurance companies. Anthem provides us plans with installments as low as $0. These programs unite health insurance and drug prescription coverage in one suitable and low-cost plan you will also feel an inner calm in hearings, visions, and dental advantages written in the plan which are not covered in original Medicare.

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Blue Shield Of California

Blue Shield Of California is a health insurance company which was founded on 2 February 1939, it is mainly located in Oakland, California, providing health plans to 4 million members and almost 65,000 physicians throughout the state. It was founded by California Medical Association. It is an HMO(health Maintainance organization) mad PDP(prescription drug plan) with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in this health insurance company is based on the renewal of your contract, you must pay Medicare Part B installment.

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Kaiser Permanente Of CA

Kaiser Permanente a health insurance company founded on July 21, 1945, by Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney R. Garfield, it is one of the top 3 option provided on the California State Exchange, 24% of enrollees are covered by California Kaiser plans with the California state exchange. California Kaiser plans have covered all of California’s estimated regions.

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Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is an MCO(managed care organization) founded by C. David Molina. The company furnishes health insurance plans to a person through government programs Medicaid and Medicare. It is considered by the unearned and lower-income circle who use it.

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Oscar Health Plan of California

Oscar’s health plan of California is the first health insurance company made to build health care simple. Oscar’s availability is open for companies that have employees in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Oscar in an Exclusive Provider Organization(EPO), which means you can only use doctors, drugs, labs if it’s covered by Oscar plan, or you have a real medical emergency.

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Sharp Health Plan

The sharp health plan was founded in 1992 by Melissa Hayden Cook. Its point-of-service (POS) provides you the best of a health maintenance organization(HMO) plan along with the preferred provider organization(PPO) plan. Members have to select a primary care physician(PCP) within their network (Tier 1) under their (POS) plan.

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Sutter Health Plus

Sutter health plus founded in 1921 named after John Sutter. It is a non-profit health delivery system, it controls 24 critical care hospitals and more than 200 clinics in northern California. Sutter health plus is an in-expensive HMO(health maintenance organization) plan it gives people entrance to many of northern California’s most admired health care providers.

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Western Health Advantage

Western health advantage was founded in 1995 whose CEO is Garry Maisel. It is a not-for-profit company that was established by a group of doctors and health care providers. It offers small business and individual health insurance plan which suit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are added to understand the article more easily.

Do you need health insurance in California 2020?

California,s citizens must be eligible for health insurance coverage in 2020, or they have to pay a fine when arranging a tax return or take a release to have coverage demand.

How much money can you have in the bank and still qualify for MediCal?

You should have up to $2,000 assets in value ($3,000 for a couple), some of your benefits like a car, home are not listed in this plan.

How much is health insurance a month for a single person in California?

Group Health Insurance Cost vs. Individual Health Insurance Cost

Individual health plan Family health plan
One person $388/month $574/month
family $1,520/month $1,634/month

How do I purchase health insurance in California?

If you are not eligible for a government enrollment plan then you have to buy it all by yourself through private companies with these 3 steps. can buy it directly from an insurance company
2.Through a broker or an insurance agent
3.with the help of an online insurance seller.

How many Californians have no health insurance?

After the implementation of the Affordable Care Act(ACA) in 2014 California dropped its uninsured rate up to half, from 16% in 2013 to 9% in 2015 but 2.9 million Californians remain uninsured.


According to the information given in this article, California is the first state which stood up for health insurance with the Affordable Care Act(ACA) and served 11 health insurance companies to provide Obama care health plans in 2017 and 2018. Here we talked about different health insurance companies which offer the highest and lowest health insurance plans through which both high and low category citizens can get their health insurance plans very easily, so if you ask how much is health insurance in California the information in this article can guide you from start to end.