Cheapest Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

There are huge savings to be obtained on monthly cell phone bills among the several reductions available to seniors. Every major carrier — AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile — has special deals for older customers, some of which are better than others. Consumer Cellular and GreatCall are also worth considering for their senior-friendly phone choice and customizable plans (not everyone needs unlimited everything).

The ideal plan for you may not be the cheapest mobile phone plan for seniors overall, but it may provide the most savings on the minutes, texts, data, and other services you use. Senior or retirees also can avail discounts (It is provided by Verizon). It’s also worth noting that cheap service for seniors may not include some of the amenities available with conventional plans, such as free Netflix, Hulu, or music streaming.

Seniors’ Favorite Unlimited Cell Phone Data Plans.
Special Senior Service Plans
Other Ways to Save on Cell Phone Bills

Seniors’ Favorite Unlimited Cell Phone Data Plans

T-Mobile has the most unlimited plan alternatives for seniors who use smartphones with a lot of data. There are three in total, and their prices are the most affordable among the big-name carriers. T-lowest Mobile’s senior cell phone plan begins at $40 each month (with autopay) and is accessible to anybody 55 and over, with no particular passing necessities. Seniors looking for a cheaper unlimited plan from Verizon Wireless or AT&T (each provides only one) should budget an extra $20 per month for a single line. And there’s a major snag:

Both of these companies exclusively provide unlimited senior mobile phone plans to residents of Florida. Seniors who live outside of Florida are not eligible to apply, and current customers who relocate to colder climates will be required to switch plans once their billing address crosses state boundaries.

To its fair, AT&T does provide an AARP discount on “qualifying plans,” but only on the top-tier AT&T Unlimited Elite service.

To be fair, this plan has a lot to offer — unlimited call, text, and internet (100GB at highest speed), 30GB of mobile hotspot data, and HBO Max tossed in — but at $85 a month for a single line and $150 for two, the $10-per-line savings provided by AARP membership appears to be, well, not a lot. And it takes a remarkable amount of fine-print reading and intricate computation to even begin to grasp how the corporation arrived at the stated price it advises members to anticipate to pay once all reductions have finally kicked in, which might take up to two months.

Best and cheapest cell phone plans for seniors

While AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile prefer to focus their senior discounts on unlimited everything cell phone plans, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, you may purchase a cell phone plan with no data included at all. AT&T provides a low-cost senior package targeted for basic phone users. The company’s Senior Nation plan is designed for non-smartphone adopters over the age of 65 who don’t need data and simply a limited amount of speak time. It is the lowest senior mobile phone plan offered from any of the big four companies, costing only $29.99 a month.

However, it is not the finest basic phone plan from a major carrier: for a cent extra, Verizon’s 500MB Basic Phone Plan includes unlimited speak and texting, as well as 500MB of Internet. That plan is open to people of all ages (with good enough credit, of course).

Seniors who sign up for Consumer Cellular service do not receive any special discounts unless they are AARP members, but the low-cost plans offered by the senior-focused brand are incredibly inexpensive even without discounts. An unlimited talk, text, and data plan may be had for as cheap as $20 per month (or $19 with a 5% AARP credit). That’s up to 37% less expensive than AT&T’s “low-cost” Senior Nation plan and Verizon’s “even better” basic phone plan, plus you’ll never have to worry about surpassing your talk time.

Consumer Cellular offers a 250-minute talk-only plan for $15 per month for consumers who want to make sure they’re not paying for more than they need. Then, for $17.50 per month, you may upgrade to a plan with 250 minutes of call time, unlimited texting, and 500MB of data, with incremental increments up to unlimited data for $35 per month. Plans with unlimited talk-text data start at $20 for 500MB of data and go up to $37.50 for unlimited talk-text-data.

Did we mention that the company’s AARP savings are applicable to any plan? Consumer Cellular’s uncomplicated, hassle-free, customer-centric approach has earned it a favorite among young and elderly customers alike: In the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2019-2020 report on wireless phone service providers, the carrier placed top for value.

Special Senior Service Plans

GreatCall has received accolades from customers and reviewers for its medical alert services, which can be accessed via chosen mobile phones and wearables to help with elder care. However, its moderately cost wireless service options should appeal to thrifty retirees on their own. Unlimited talk, text, and data plans are available for $59.99, which is comparable to AT&T and Verizon Wireless’ unlimited senior plan prices, and GreatCall offers discounted rates with its “Health & Safety Packages.” Like Consumer Cellular, the company offers users several plans to suit their individual usage.

If you use GreatCall’s health and safety services, the cost of an unlimited talk, text, and data plan reduces to $40. The 33% discount is barely enough to cover the cost of a Basic Health & Safety Package ($19.99), which gives 24/7 access to 5Star urgent response agents in the event that you or an elderly family member requires rapid medical care.

Preferred ($24.99) and Ultimate ($34.99) subscriptions include phone consultations and prescription refills from medical specialists, as well as access to GreatLink app services, which allow family members to get medical warnings, monitor appointment schedules and activities, and track subscribers’ locations, among other benefits.

Other Ways to Save on Cell Phone Bills

Seniors who wish to lower their monthly costs to a bare minimum might consider switching to a prepaid mobile phone plan. Our analysis found that prepaid plans, which are available even from major carriers, may dramatically cut expenses, with monthly expenses sometimes being much lower than conventional postpaid plans. A no-contract unlimited plan from AT&T Prepaid, for example, may be acquired for as little as $50 per month with autopay registration. That’s $15 cheaper than AT&T’s most affordable regular plan and $10 cheaper than AT&T’s Unlimited 55+ plan with a single line. There is also no requirement for a minimum age or Florida residence.

Consumers who are prepared to go beyond the major brands will discover even better deals with smaller prepaid carriers. Companies like Visible provide unlimited speak and data plans for as cheap as $40 per month. US Mobile’s unlimited talk and text service starts at $10 per month for users who don’t need any data at all. US Mobile’s build-your-own plans begin at a lowly $2 for 75 minutes of call time.

If you’re looking for a low-cost mobile phone plan for an elderly relative, adding them to a family plan might be a particularly cost-effective method to give mobile phone coverage. While all of the specialized senior mobile phone plans we reviewed allow for a limit of two lines, most carriers offer bargains on multi-line family mobile plans that give greater discounts as more family members are added to the mix.

Finally, those on a fixed income, who qualify for Medicaid, or who participate in the Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit program (among other federal assistance programs) may be eligible for government-subsidized mobile phone plans. Check the Lifeline website, which is maintained by the Federal Communications Commission, for eligibility requirements and further information. Some Lifeline service providers give free phones as well as free cell phone service to seniors who qualify.

Cheapest cell phone plans for seniors 2018

Whether you’re a senior looking to simplify your job with a clamshell phone or a tech expert, posting on social media and video chatting with grandchildren has a calling plan for you.

Many carriers offer full-featured cell service plans with various senior discounts. Here is a list of the best senior mobile phones that will suit your needs regardless of the type.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Consumer Cellular: Best for the Cost
T-Mobile: Best for unlimited plans.
GreatCall: Best Health and Safety Features
Verizon: Best Network

Unlimited consumers, voice and text + 3 GB data plan.


:iphone: Cheap plan

:iphone: Customize your chat, messaging and data needs.


:iphone: Network coverage may be interrupted.

:iphone: Excess data can be expensive.

T-Mobile: Best For Its Unlimited Plan


:iphone: Unlimited speech, text and data with international advantages.

:iphone: Good network coverage


:iphone: The single line price is slightly more expensive than other senior plans.

GreatCall: Best Features for Health

Unique inclusive privileges put more emphasis on the health and safety of seniors.


:iphone: The package includes a medical alert and an integrated Road Sharing service.

:iphone: Supported phones are very easy to use.


:iphone: The smartphone is not compatible with the plan.

:iphone: Most plans are audio only, while text and data are premium.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What is the most expensive cell phone plan?

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans 2021 (Under $ 40 Per Month)

:telephone_receiver: Best Value: Mint Mobile

:telephone_receiver: Cheapest: Tello.

:telephone_receiver: Best coverage: Verizon

:telephone_receiver: Lowest price unlimited: visible

:telephone_receiver: The best value from major operators: T-Mobile.

Q: What is the Verizon 65 Plus plan?

The Verizon 65 plus plan is one of the Verizon Wireless plans for seniors. This is a two-year contract plan and is applicable to customers over 65.The Verizon 65+ plan comes with long distance domestic calling and includes unlimited mobile to local pocket calls for Verizon mobility customers.

Q: What Cell Phones Does AARP Recommend for Seniors?

AARP Phone Plans For Seniors 2020

Consumer Cellular offers senior-optimized cell phone plans that fit the needs of seniors and start at as little as $ 15 per month. Flip Phone Doro 7050.

Q: How much is the T-Mobile 55 Plus Plan?

Unlimited Magenta Unlimited earns just $ 70 per month with 55 two lines of credit, 24 months billing and two free smartphones, unlimited speech, text and data, plus access to more than 55 customers in all 50 states. All 5G in the network

Q: Does the T-Mobile 55+ plan include 5G?

The new Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan is available for two customers or 55 years for $ 90-45 per month per line with automatic payments, taxes and fees. The new plans include unlimited 5G and 4G premium data, 40 gigabytes of hotspot data, free 4K video streams, and Netflix per line.

Q: Which carriers offer toll-free phones?

Verizon offers four free phones with a 24-month commitment to new phone lines:

:phone: Apple iPhone 7.

:phone: Samsung Galaxy A10e

:phone: Nokia 3 V.

:phone: Motorola moto e6


Seniors also want cheap cell phone plans so that they can get in contact with their friends and talk with them all day long. Senior people are retired from their jobs and have nothing to do so they can pick up their phones and talk with their favorite person without worrying about the rates because there are some service providers who are offering cheap rates. This article includes everything about the cell phone plans so read it you will get all the information under one roof.

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